Reality is a hard pill to swallow…


In our world today

It’s hard to be pleased

So many are often unhappy

Almost none are appeased

Countless people believe

They deserve to have it all

Reality finally hits them

In that last fateful fall


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post Prompt – Pleased

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7 responses to “Reality is a hard pill to swallow…

  1. Wonderfully written. I do believe firmly in the preamble about what we deserve – Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That’s all that’s guaranteed.

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  2. Thanks Rob… It’s a sad state were in these days, when people expect so much more….

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  3. You make excellent points, Michelle.

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  4. Thank you Tonya. 😉

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  5. mumsthewordblog1

    I loved this. So true, everybody wants it all and want it yesterday 😃🐻

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  6. Yes they do! 😉

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