Losing faith…



When we lose sight of faith, this is where we end up…

Always waiting
Always feeling hopeless
Expectations never come

Always crying
Always feeling broken
Healing never comes

Always hurting
Always feeling pain
Relief never comes

Always sighing
Always feeling defeated
Victory never comes

Always lost
Always feeling abandoned
Support never comes

Always searching
Always feeling frustrated
Answers never come

Always exhausted
Always feeling powerless
Strength never comes

Find Him…

Written by, Michelle Cook


And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. ~Matthew 17:20




*I’m smiling right now because as I said earlier, I’ve been feeling exhausted; which is why I’m reposting these older blog posts of mine instead of writing new ones.  Well, as most of you have seen, I have a “read a random post” button, at the top of my blog.  I decided to randomly pick my reposts by clicking on that button.  Surprise… surprise… as to what came up first, this blog post of course!  God must be speaking to me, lol….  He always knows… 😉

Originally posted, December 2015

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12 responses to “Losing faith…

  1. I love the power of the little mustard seed!

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  2. Wow!!!! You speak with much authority, precision and honesty. I needed this today, Michelle. Thank you!

    Find Him, indeed.

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  3. I’m glad it helped you Dustin… that makes it all worth it! 😉 And thanks for sharing this… Hope you’re having a good holiday season… Merry Christmas!

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  4. Thank you. Yes, even if you help just one person or ease their mind, then it is well worth it. I thank the Lord for great friends like you! I feel blessed. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I am enjoying the season so far. We finally got the tree up last night, but still need to decorate it.

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  5. Yes definitely agree with that! We finally put our tree up this week, but it’s down in our basement where we do our homeschooling, so I don’t see it much unless I’m down there. It’s been so hard getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I’m trying to stay positive for the sake of others. I don’t want to add to the depressing atmosphere, but it’s so hard…

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  6. I’m glad.:) Ahhh, that’s sad that you don’t see your tree often. Why don’t you put it in your living room where it can seen more often? It’s been kind of hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit, too, but that’s slowly improving. I’m really excited about Carter’s (my son) experience and how much he will love it. You know?

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  7. We added more furniture to our living room this year and so we really don’t have the space for a tree. Plus our two english mastiffs make it hard for us to have one upstairs. When they get to playing in the living room, everything gets demolished! Lol! 😉 I bet Carter will have a great year… It’s always fun to have young kids in the house at Christmas. This will be my first Christmas without my two oldest girls and so I think that’s why its been a little hard on me. I miss them so much that every time I think about them not being here, I start to get sad.

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  8. Ahh, gotch’ya.:) That would be hard with two Mastiffs around. Those breeds are HUGE! I just know Carter will love it. He started to get excited about opening presents last year, and he loved doing it on his birthday last month. That would be hard not having your two oldest home. How old are they and where do they live? I’m sorry you are sad… 😦

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  9. Yes, they are huge… 175lbs each… Carter is 3 right? Such a great age! He is now old enough to really appreciate a gift from mom and dad. Up to age 2, I think they are more interested in the boxes and bows… 😉 Amy is 19 and lives in New York and Caitlyn is 22 and lives in Los Angeles. Both are missionaries and love what they do! 🙂 I’ll be fine… I just need to keep myself busy and not think about them being so far away.


  10. Wow!! Yes, he just turned three on November ninth. It’s such a fun age and he’s learning SOO much!! He seems to appreciate all or most of his gifts…especially cars, books and puzzles and trains.:) That’s probably true. He still likes the wrapping paper, though. Oh wow, that is AWESOME that they’re both missionaries and love the work they’re doing. Agreed, keeping yourself busy is really helpful.

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