Irresistible Words

Love letters

Charming words danced around her head like raindrops in slow motion

The breeze collected her thoughts and suspended them in mid-air

Time stood still in those surreal moments and blooming hearts entwined

Distance could not break the surge of electricity that permeated

Neither the vast sea nor the highest mountain could freeze the pull

Bound by dreams and visions and enraptured by similar ambition

The intense response was undeniably authentic and captivating

The utterance of words so elementary and yet so unbelievably profound

Heartfelt declarations sealed their eternal fate and love blossomed


Written by, Michelle Cook


My husband and I were separated from each other for the first two years of our marriage.  We were both in the military at the time.  He was stationed in Korea, while I was in California and Kentucky.  During those couple of years, the only way we could talk to each other was by writing letters.  The internet did not exist back then and phone calls were too expensive.  I wrote him every day for two years and he wrote me at least once a week.  We still have all of those old love letters and they are always fun to read. 

Those years don’t seem all that long ago to me and yet it has been over 20 years now.  In a way, I miss those days.  We really got to know each other on a much deeper level through all of those letters.  There’s something about receiving a handwritten letter, which really speaks to my heart.  I think this is something that this generation is desperately in need of, and unfortunately, I think handwritten letters have almost become a thing of the past. 

If you really want to touch somebody’s heart, take the time to write them a letter.  You could even seal it with a lipstick kiss and a bit of perfume.  I think my hubby liked those ones the best.  Sometimes I would even fill up the envelopes with glitter hearts.  We still find those hearts every now and then and it brings back such great memories.  So write a letter to someone special.  I promise you… it’s one of the sweetest gifts you can possibly give to anyone.  ~M

Originally posted: March 14, 2016

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9 responses to “Irresistible Words

  1. Beautiful poem, Michelle. And what a lovely note about letter-writing and how those letters of your past still bring smiles. Loved this post. ❤

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  2. Your story! My goodness! So beautiful! Twenty years ago? Now I’m wondering how old you guys are, you look young in your pictures!
    Definitely writing a letter soon! 😀

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  3. Lol….. 45 & 47….. and yes! Write that letter! 😉

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  4. Thank you D. ❤️

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  5. I agree that handwritten letters are an art–and such a delight to receive. Wonderful post, Michelle. We must be around the same age. We’re you born in ’71? 🙂

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  6. Thank you Tonya…. they really are. 🙂 I was born in 72. 😉

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  7. I agree 100% my grandmother kept every single letter and card we ever sent her

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