Unfair games


Oh the games people play

They are never very much fun

It seems nobody ever wins

After all is said and done


If the games keep up long enough

It’s likely someone will get hurt

And it’s so hard to watch a person

Get dragged through the dirt


The world can certainly be

A bit of a rough playground

And I’ve seen so many people

Completely lost and cast down


It’s often hard to watch

These brutally unfair games

And sitting on the sidelines

I hear nothing but useless blame


I think what often happens

Is that selfishness takes control

Leaving people searching

For really anything at all


And down that darkened road

Compassion goes astray

Leaving an empty bitter heart

To go searching for its prey


And when this happens

Another game begins

A poor innocent bystander

Doesn’t stand a chance to win


The same disastrous plotting

Begins another round

While unsuspecting people

Get plastered to the ground


Such a cruel world we live in

So sad to watch others get hurt

Keeps many people on guard

Trying their best to stay alert


And is this any way to live

Always awaiting our terrible fate

Can’t we just love one another

Do away with so much hate


But the peacemakers are few

A rare bunch in a weary land

If only there were more people

Prepared to take a stand



Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: October 9, 2016

Photo credit: thedailysheeple.com

11 responses to “Unfair games

  1. For your words to God’s ears!! If we do not take a stand, we will surely fall.

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  2. Taking a stand isn’t always painless, but it’s good for the heart and soul 🙂 Lovely poem, Michelle.

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  3. Thanks D! Hope your week is going well. 🙂

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  4. There is too much truth in this poem, Michelle. Didn’t someone say that we don’t need anything else in the world but peacemakers.

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  5. Very poignant.. you just described my childhood. In elementary school I was overweight.. had a lazy eye so I had to wear an eye patch (yarrrrrr!), had braces for really crooked teeth.. I was a walking target! (shudders when thinking about hose days). No peacemakers around back then..

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  6. Oh you should have seen me! Skinny as a rail… frizzy permed hair…. extremely crooked teeth…. and I was so shy, people asked me if I could even speak. Lol….

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  7. Well you sure don’t look like that anymore 🙂

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  8. Lol…. that’s the one good thing about growing up…. we have the ability to finally change things about ourselves. Too bad it has to take so long! I was the most unpopular person in my school. I certainly would never want to go back. Btw…. from what I can tell, you don’t look at all like your old self either. 🙂

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  9. True that.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  10. Yeah, I get like that too sometimes. The slights I feel are mostly imagined, though. 😉

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