Males who’s philosophy

Revolves mostly around sports

As if there’s nothing better to do

Except watch the game of course

This behavior often frustrates me

And leaves me out of sorts

Sorry but I really do loathe

Most of the popular sports

Wouldn’t you rather

Be outdoors hiking away

In a fantastical forest

Where elves sometimes play

Or maybe get completely lost

In a really good book

If you’d only try it once

I’m sure you’d be hooked

This is just my girly rant

For this rather dull day

The only thing I felt like

I really wanted to say

Please don’t be offended

If you’re this kind of guy

I understand you love sports

I just can’t comprehend why


Written by, Michelle Cook

*Please don’t hate me for this…  I give all of you permission to make fun of my mystical forest fantasies and my crazy obsession with books.  Can we still be friends?  And yes, if I was a guy, that would be me in the aquamarine shirt holding the books.  Lol…  😉

Originally posted: June 12, 2016

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28 responses to “Jocks

  1. Is it OK to like both? Lol

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  2. Depends on who it is…. Lol… 😉

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  3. This poem brought smile to my face….you portrayed it very creatively! 🙂

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  4. Thank you…. Hope I don’t lose any of my sports fan friends over it! 🙂

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  5. No question of loosing! Rather, you might have won many with your beautiful poetry! 🙂

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  6. Thanks… I don’t know… Not too many likes today. 🙂

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  7. They might be busy watching some sport, I guess….lol

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  8. Haha… I’m sure they are! It is Sunday after all. 😉

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  9. Great poem, Michelle. It reminded me to be grateful for a husband who loves books and forests as much as I do. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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  10. Thanks Wendy! Mine loves books and forests, but most of all sports. I just leave him alone when he’s in the “sports zone” Lol….

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  11. Wise woman. I leave my husband alone when he’s working on his Toyota Landcruiser. I hate grease. 🙂

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  12. Oh I’m glad he doesn’t involve himself with grease. If something needs fixed around here, there’s no way either one of us are fixing it. Unless it’s something fairly simple. 🙂

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  13. Ok Michelle I have to disagree and agree if that makes any sense. I happen to love watching certain types of sports, really only two. I like watching Baseball but only if the Chicago Cubs are playing – Sorry Brewers fans but I was born in Illinois and grew up a Cubs fan. Also, I am a football fan-in this case I will watch any football team. I just like watching football-the team I grew up a fan of hasn’t been very good for a number of years so I just “wing it” when watching.

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  14. It’s ok Kristie…. Sports fan or not, I’ll always love you my dear friend. ❤️

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  15. Thanks 💜 I love you too, always

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  16. I was laughing while reading it. Well done, Michelle! I do like watching football on Sundays in the fall. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

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  17. It’s ok Rob, I forgive you… Lol… 😉

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  18. Can I have my beer and chips back, please? 😀

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  19. Yeah, I’m on a strict diet anyway…. Lol…. 😉

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  20. Haha haha I have a big smile on my face reading it.

    The issue is simple, the men loves it because they see someone of their kind, excelling in a way they wish they could. So they are not jealous like ladies, as to why they someone looks more pretty or hot or skinny or slim or beautiful than them.

    We men just love that someone is doing much better than them. And they enjoyed it 😀 😀 😀

    Had this not the case, than they will be watching the same sport with female competing. But it’s not that fun lol

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  21. A pure sports lover who has been playing since class 1 till now 😀

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  22. So that’s the inside scoop! I always wondered what this strange mentality was behind all the crazy madness. Lol… 🙂

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  23. See you understand now, we men are so simple 😛 😀

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  24. I actually do those during the week, but when football is on, leave me alone cause ‘m watching from one p.m. until the night game is over.

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  25. Lol…. sounds like a lot of other people I know. 🙂

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