Purity Squandered


Inexperienced and naive
She was a beautiful open book
Until she was coerced
By a boy who greedily took

Her innocent pages were read
By an attractive impostor
Her trusting heart was shattered
Love had certainly cost her

She completely believed
This handsome seductive stranger
Deep down she’d known
The plausible imminent danger

Wide-eyed and intrigued
Her veiled eyes clouded her intuition
She made the choice to dance freely
And ignore all thoughts of suspicion

It didn’t take long for him
To rip apart the pages of her abiding soul
Soon she was left lifeless
And broken apart by what he abruptly stole

Now abandoned by her deceiver
She is left with teary-eyed creases
The pages of her lovely book
Have been torn into a million pieces

Only time will mend the hurt
The dark stranger so casually inflicted
If only she had realized sooner
What others would have objectively predicted

Strength will carry her through the storm
Of this she certainly has no doubt
It’s just the waiting that’s so hard
When she can’t see an obvious way out

Apparently this is another of life’s hard lessons
Clearly trying to teach her how to fly
Gaining valuable knowledge from this experience
Next time she’ll know how to just say good bye


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: February 18, 2016

Photo credit: favim.com

17 responses to “Purity Squandered

  1. Advanced Research Technology

    If only we had better access to our own soul in these moments. The voice inside speaks plainly afterwards. What it would mean though… to get ahead of it.

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  2. I think we just ignore the voice even before. Nobody likes to be told what to do. Then we realize later that we should have listened.

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  3. Advanced Research Technology

    Yeah, it’s funny, like saying I don’t want to listen now, but I’m going to get myself in a situation where I’ll be forced to listen later.
    Human nature is a strange beast.

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  4. So true… I guess that’s what it takes for us to grow spiritually though. We learn through our mistakes.

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  5. Advanced Research Technology

    Often that is the case. Oh, and we get second chances, and thirds too. Life keeps taking us through the garburator until we finally say ouch.
    It is the way we spiritually grow, no doubt. It isn’t too efficient, but it’s understood when it’s all over. 😉

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  6. It’s exhausting for sure!

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  7. Advanced Research Technology

    There’s an easy and efficient way. There’s no need to protect sidesteps. It was right for our learning at the time.
    But if we wanna get wise and get happy, we need to learn and leave those hard lessons behind.
    If we open up to those impressions, knowing that it is the easiest and most efficient way, we haven’t in any way lost anything of ourselves, but we’ve gained something of eternal consequence… the Way.

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  8. Some of life’s hardest lessons are most valued, and hard fought, indeed!

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  9. Way to go, Michelle!!!!😀 This just made my day!

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  10. This touched my heart in many ways. “It’s just the waiting that’s so hard
    When she can’t see an obvious way out.” I especially liked this part. So often the torture of a bad experience is in our impatience to see our way to the end of the healing process. We heal in time and often fail to grant ourselves the time we need.

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  11. I’m so glad this spoke to you. I think so many of us can relate to experiences like these. I completely agree with you…. it takes time to heal and none of us give ourselves enough time for that. We can’t just repress our feelings, it’s better to work through them slowly so that we can fully heal in the end.

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  12. So true.We just have to stay the course and that’s the challenge.

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  13. This is so deep, and painful!

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  14. Deep….poetry that stops your heart cold

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