My Beloved


My beloved…

When I think of you
I know I will make it through

Whenever we’re kept apart
A well of anguish consumes my heart

You’re the one who lights the way
At the end of a long hard day

Only you beloved can make me feel complete
Without you here my life is bittersweet

I cannot even fathom not having you in my life
The pain I feel when you’re away only brings me strife

Now that I’ve found you never let me go
Tell me that you’ll always love me so


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: March 16, 2016

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14 responses to “My Beloved

  1. A very loving and heartfelt poem. How beautiful!

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  2. Great post it was ….. I could relate myself in this …..

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  3. This is a beautiful sentiment to love, and what it means to BE in love.:)

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  4. Thanks Dustin… Love is something we must never take for granted. 😊

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  5. No, we cannot, for we never know when/if we’ll never see that person again. That’s why Tanya and I never forget to tell each other “I love you,” and we say it often. Maybe a little more than necessary, but I’d rather keep saying than not say it at all. You know?

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  6. I completely agree. This is why I never let Brian leave without saying goodbye & I wait up for him, so that I can tell him I love him when he gets home. It will always be the last thing I say to him and the first thing I say to him. 😊


  7. onthecusp2017

    Having someone in your life and being there for them is priceless.

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  8. So true…


  9. Thank you D. Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

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  10. Thanks! 🙂

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