This one’s for you…


For the one who’s imprisoned in so much darkness that they can’t see through.

For the one who’s lost in a sea of emptiness trying their very best to make do.

For the one who is laughed at and ridiculed daily, and long ago withdrew.

For the one who feels alone because heartfelt loving words are long overdue.

For the one who feels worthless and ashamed because of a life of blame, it’s untrue.

For the one who feels unloved and unaccepted and just wants someone to run to.

For the one who’s dying inside and desperately hoping that God is really true.

For the one who has hopes and dreams and is just waiting for a chance to breakthrough.

This one’s for you…

Never give up and never forget that you are worth so much more than you could ever imagine.

God loves you more in a single moment, than anyone else could love you in a lifetime.

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: January 15, 2016

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18 responses to “This one’s for you…

  1. Beautiful message. Very nice work Michelle

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  2. A lovely message of hope and faith 🙂

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  3. Thanks D… I really hope it will speak to the hearts of those that need to hear these words.

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  4. I needed this, thank you Michelle 🙂 ❤

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  5. You’re so welcome Clarissa… this one was spirit led for sure… glad it spoke to you. 😉

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    This One Is For You, by Michelle Cook. How inspiring and uplifting. Thank you Michelle.


  8. Thank you for sharing this!

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  9. My pleasure Michelle!!! ❤️

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  13. Lol…. ☺️

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  14. Thanks D. 😉

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