Death of a clothes dryer…


Oh the poor dryer just went

It was part of a very nice set

But after fourteen years of nonevent

It finally decided to blow a gasket

The heavy loads it underwent

Caused it to rust and dent

And now I must lament

Over the money that must be spent

For there’s no way to circumvent

A dryer which has gone to this extent

Oh why must life be hell bent

In bringing such discontent

I guess I should reinvent

And make a dryer that’s tough as cement

Then maybe I’ll make a few cents

Out of a rather frustrating event

And if this becomes a reoccurring incident

They’ll have to send me to a convent

Where I’ll be forced to repent

For the bad words I’m about to vent


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: October 25, 2016

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11 responses to “Death of a clothes dryer…

  1. Yup. Don’t these moments strike when we least expect them to?

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  2. Sorry about the dryer but you have me laughing over here!! Great write!!

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  3. Thanks Dorinda…. Oh the things that give me inspiration to write! Lol….. 😉

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  4. They always do…. Such a bummer! Oh well…. life happens. 🙂

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  5. Sounds like what I’ve been dealing with. Got to love modern conveniences and all the lovely issues we have with them. Always breaking down when we least need them to. Ah life such a roller coaster of issues. Good luck. 😋

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  6. Thanks SW…. You too? Nothing seems to last as long anymore. It’s those darn plastic parts! 😉

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  7. So true. It is a disposable society we live in.

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  8. Whatever works! lol

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  9. Brilliant! Shame about the dryer, but it made for superb poetry. 😅

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  10. Thanks… it did! Lol…. 🙂

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