If I was there…


If I was there…

If I was there I’d hold your hand
I’d tell you that I understand

If I was there I’d give you a hug
I’d tell you to sweep your woes under a rug

If I was there I’d dry your tears
I’d tell you that you need not fear

If I was there I’d kiss your cheek
I’d tell you that it’s God you must seek

If I was there I’d never let you go
I’d tell you that I love you so


Written By, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: November 17, 2015

Quote found at: pinterest.com

8 responses to “If I was there…

  1. A very nice poem, Michelle. We so need this in the world today with so much evil overwhelming the good things done every day.

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  2. Thank you Randstein, Haven’t talked to you in forever… how are things going? Hope you’re still liking the new job! 😉

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  3. Hi Michelle! I don’t get out to visit my WordPress friends much anymore due to my work hours but I just had to drop by to say hello because it has been too long! The job is wonderful and they pay me to have fun which is always a good thing. And, how have you been these days?

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  4. Well I’m glad to hear that you’re still loving your job. I’m doing great, thanks for asking! Just been really busy this month trying to keep up with everything. Take care! 🙂

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  5. Lovely sentiment Michelle

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  6. Thank you ☺️

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  7. I like that poem – felt like it was for me

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