The heart of freedom…


Desperately needing
Ever wanting
Always hoping
Forever longing
Constantly seeking
Lovingly searching
Finally finding
Unabashed freedom

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally Posted: December 11, 2015

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15 responses to “The heart of freedom…

  1. Beautifully say

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  2. One of the great things about living here – the freedom to be who we are, not who others think we should be. A value that requires vigilance 🙂 Powerful poem, Michelle.

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  3. Thanks D and thank you for sharing my other poem on Twitter. You are so blessed to be able to live off the grid… Hope your flooding has receded enough for you to get back into town. Although I’m sure you are in no hurry… 😉

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  4. We took a trip to town this morning. Leaves and debris and gigantic ponds everywhere, but no one hurt. And you are welcome. I love your writing ❤

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  5. Thank goodness everyone is okay… You are so sweet D… Thanks for your compliments, they mean so much coming from such an amazing writer as yourself…

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  6. This speaks to my heart, every word is how I feel when I think about love.

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  7. Ahh… then we are very like minded indeed! 😉 Hope you’re having a great weekend Clarissa!

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  8. I am, hope you are! Read this poem again today and love it even more 🙂 Have a great weekend, Michelle 😀

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  9. Aww… you’re so sweet to say that… 😉


  10. I love this and how each line stacks together to form the freedom you’re after.

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  11. Thank you Melinda! This hits close to home…

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  12. You’re welcome. I wondered that; the lyric power of the poem suggested a close connection but I didn’t want to assume.

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  13. Deep and widely wonderful. Michelle…thanks for sharing 🙂

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  14. Aww… thanks for reading. ☺️

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