She had a dream
Of writing a book
Just one word
Was all it took
“Chosen” happened to be
The word of choice
And then she found
Her inner voice
This one word haunts her
Both day and night
For she struggles to find
The words to write
This tale started
As a wondrous dream
A true vision from God
Or so it seemed
The plot of the story
Is perfectly clear
Though when she begins
The words disappear
She needs motivation
A way to free her mind
Desperate for anything
To help her unwind
She knows in the end
The words will come
For she must finish
What she has begun


Written by, Michelle Cook

Orignially posted: January 9, 2016

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10 responses to “Determined

  1. Jed Jurchenko

    Wishing you joy & success on this writing adventure. What an excellent word, I can’t wait to see what develops!

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  2. Thank you Jed! Only time will tell I suppose.

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  3. I sense this is autobiographical. 🙂 Oh, this writing thing isn’t always easy. Remember that you will have unlimited time to rewrite and edit. When you get stuck, just write. Nothing is set in stone 🙂

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  4. It actually isn’t! Completely fictional… I wish it was my life… Lol… I am in the very early stages and nothing will be polished until the very end. When I get stuck, I write poetry… Lol… See how often I’m stuck! 😉

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  5. Oh good. Well you had me convinced 🙂 You must be a writer! Poetry keeps the creativity flowing!

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  6. Lol… and yes it does!

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  7. Thanks Camie….. ❤️


  8. devereaux frazier

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