Natures Memoir


From the perspective of a tree… one who lives in my own backyard.  🙂


She delights in the birds who nestle in her boughs, each one trying tirelessly to escape the unrelenting falling snow.

A single swift breeze courses through her branches, pulling the remainder of her sparsely clinging leaves from her frail limbs.

Her brilliance removed, the fascination of her sunset complexion is erased from the minds of those who once sought her splendor.

A sudden gentle breeze, gives the illusion of a weary friend, reaching out to her with lifeless brittle bones.

Dismayed by the sight, she is ready to embrace once again, those who remember her vibrant beauty from years past.

Shivering in the bitter cold and clinging desperately to the earth below, she eagerly yearns for the warmth of a new found spring.

She holds fast to the prospect of a brand new beginning, which she hopes will bring renewal and abundant life.

Her logical nature reminds her that life is unexpected, and she is resolved to accept her fate in the midst of another cold harsh winter.

She has miraculously survived many wonderful long years and realizes that it will be a miracle if she survives another season.

Looking over, her ultimate destiny is realized, as she spies her long lost friend with whom she spent numerous years alongside.

Her friend’s long-suffering cannot go unnoticed. Withered peeling bark mars her long slender form and she leans decrepitly to one side.

Snowflakes fall silently, burying those who have already fallen. The steady accumulation now blankets the icy woodland.

She misses her friend who was once so lovely. Especially in the way she reached out towards the heavens in worship and adoration.

She realizes that one day soon, she too will fall on deaf ears and her lifeless form will be engulfed by the earth’s decay.

She’ll likely be completely forgotten, with the exception of perhaps a young boy who will see her as a bridge to adventure.

Perhaps this young little lad will laugh and scamper over her weary old bones, intrigued by her mossy covering.

She imagines he’ll kneel down curiously, exploring her hidden depths, seeking to find what isn’t obvious to others.

Intrigued by her, perhaps he’ll look for hidden treasure that has surely camouflaged itself deep inside of her.

She dreams of flooding him with joy as he finds his prize, nestled within the recess of her decaying cavity.

And hopefully, she will lift his young spirit, as he regards her lifeless form as captivating and compellingly magical.

For even in death she hopes she will seem enchanting to him and perhaps he will delight in the curious state of her presence. For one can only hope to be loved, even in death.


By, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: February 12, 2016

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15 responses to “Natures Memoir

  1. Beautiful, Michelle. It brings up memories of The Giving Tree 🙂

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  2. I had just read The Giving Tree to my daughter before writing this. Lol…. funny you picked up on that. 😉

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  3. Advanced Research Technology

    I went to a seminar once and there was presented a skit about how a tree gives. This reminded me of that. Nature is always giving. Perhaps that is why it is so abundant.

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  4. I have always had a fascination with trees. Sounds like an interesting seminar. I think you’re quite right.


  5. Michelle, this is wonderful!!!

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  6. Thank you Dorinda! I’ve still got that craving for Chinese food. Lol…. 🙂

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  7. Wow… you’ve outdone yourself once again, Michelle!!

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  8. Well I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for the compliment, you made my day! 🙂

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  9. Aww, I’m glad!:) You always make mine.

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  10. Very beautifully crafted post. ☺️👌

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