Beyond Comprehension


Silky smooth waters drift along
A maneuvering of currents is the waters song
Beneath the murky and sultry waters lie
An abundance of treasure which captivates the eye
Glistening peaks bring about endless pleasure
As gales of windswept waves grow in measure
The water reflects the emotions of the sky
And brings with it glimpses of days gone by
The minds perception is simply an illusion
Because beneath the surface is dire confusion
Just as is true in the daunting days of life
We don’t always recognize the causes of our strife
Underneath there is always something more
Perilous and ugly lurking in the depths of the oceans floor

By, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: September 1, 2015

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11 responses to “Beyond Comprehension

  1. Now that’s poetry. So beautiful and then haunting. Gorgeous metaphors.

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  2. Thanks D! Your thoughtful words mean so much to me. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful, Michelle!! I will always look at the ocean with different eyes now. This gave me goose bumps.

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  4. Thanks Dorinda! Nature inspires like nothing else.

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  5. Oh yes, it certainly does!!

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  6. Wow! Deep, beautiful poetry.

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  7. Thank you Jennie… 😉

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  8. Beautiful poem! 🙂

    Also… Since I’m new to WordPress I’m not sure if I tagged you correctly in my post… but I nominated your blog for the Versatile blog award! Here’s my post about it:

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  9. You are welcome, Michelle. 🙂

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  10. Aww….. thank you. I didn’t see it before. I will take a look 😉

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