Treasured gifts


I have a lovely treasure box
It’s full of many special notes
And in that special treasure box
Are an abundance of lovely quotes
There are treasured memories of all kinds
Even some that are hand drawn designs
There are also lots of encouraging phrases
And oh so many thoughtful praises
There are special Mother’s Day wishes
An absurd amount of written hugs and kisses
Dozens of scribbly pictures on little bits of paper
Each little piece is something I thoughtfully savor
These simple treasures are made with heartfelt love
Remembrances only a mother is sure to be proud of
Out of all the things I have ever been given
My most favorite gifts are the ones handwritten


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: January 1, 2016

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17 responses to “Treasured gifts

  1. Wonderful poem. 🙂

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  2. Lovely and so true. I’ve a mother’s treasure box too. Nothing in it is cast in gold, but every item is precious beyond words. 🙂

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  3. Aren’t they though… 😉

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  4. There is nothing to compare to hand-made gifts that come from the heart! I know you’ll treasure them forever.:)

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  5. I thought you got these:

    – Gold Bars
    – Key to locker with bank loot cash
    – Unmarked treasury bonds paper.
    – Nigerian king death deed original one, not the one which we often received in the email about it.
    – Key to one classic Ferrari.
    – World Tour ticket.
    – Free supply of popcorn and French fries.
    – Fully paid maid for each person plus for cleaning.
    Rest let me use my memory what it could be.


  6. No no no…. you’ve got it all wrong! Lol….. I got a bookmark covered in hearts today and plastic purple flowers from my 8 year old. She couldn’t wait to give them to me for Mother’s Day. Priceless gifts indeed! Lol…. 😉

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  7. Was just kidding, sorry to ruin your post.

    I can understand all this. Her joy will be quite a bit.

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  8. You didn’t ruin anything… lol…. She is full of joy today! Giving is the best! 😉

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  9. Okay I give you all the above as gift to you 😊

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  10. Lol….. Guess I’d better hire a body guard then…. everyone’s gonna want what I’ve got. 😉

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  11. Yes Kevin Costner will do the bodyguard work 😉

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  12. Lol…. too funny. 😋


  13. reallygreatgiftideas

    Written gifts are always the best gifts, are they not?

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  14. Yes they are! 😉


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