Do you…?


Do you ever just wish

You had someone to talk to each and every day

Someone who would always be there

To chase those gray clouds and pesky cobwebs away


Do you ever just dream

Of someone who wouldn’t be afraid to hold your hand

Perhaps they’d fly away with you

To some distant faraway land


Do you ever just yearn

For someone to stay close by your side

To have someone to laugh with

And perhaps even for moments to cry


Do you ever just wonder

If someone like this really does exist

Seems like if they did

They’d be very hard to resist


Written by, Michelle Cook

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8 responses to “Do you…?

  1. yes yes and more yes
    unfortunately people do not stay around as long as you hope

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  2. No they don’t… Sadly, everybody gets so caught up in their own lives.

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  3. absolutely
    hows the fam doing?

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  4. We’re doing alright… how’s everything going with you?

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  5. 🙂 that’s good to hear
    nothing’s changed, except I got a raise this week

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  6. That’s great news! I bet that came as a wonderful surprise! 😉

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