Intricately woven

Threads finely spun

Delicate yet deadly

Plotting now begun


Written by,  Michelle Cook

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16 responses to “Bellatrix

  1. Ah yes, the female warrior laying her trap. Lovely writing to make one imagine, or hope. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Lol… It isn’t what you’re imagining at all…. 😉 I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and one night as I was going out onto my back porch to take my dogs outside, I came face to face with an enormous garden spider who had spun her web in the corner of my door. I nearly got tangled in her web! So she got the name Bellatrix from Harry Potter and I of course had to write a poem about her. I took some pictures of her that night, but have no idea where they are. This poems been in my draft folder for ages. I think I wrote this last fall, so those pictures could be anywhere now. Lol…

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  3. We used to have one who would always set up camp in the corner of our porch. Haven’t seen her this year, but the summer is still young 😉🕸🕷

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  4. Oh… she’ll be back… 😉Lol… To be truthful, spiders have always fascinated me, and I do look forward to their amazing web designs in my backyard. However, when they decide to leave the outdoors and come inside, I’m up on the counters in a panic, screaming for help! Lol…

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  5. Oh shucks, (snaps fingers) lol But it’s ok, because I can imagine whatever I want 🙂 ❤

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  6. Lol… that’s true. 😋


  7. LOL. I’m the same way. I always call my daughter to rescue me!🤣

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  8. Lol… same here, only they’re more afraid than I am. 😀

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  9. Insha Syed

    the moment i read the title ‘harry potter’ popped in my head

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  10. She’s one of my favorite characters…. the books wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful without her. Lol… 😉

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  11. Oh no! Lys just gives that “really mom?” look and takes care of it. Usually the spider is smaller than dust LOL

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  12. Oh that’s funny…. I can handle the baby ones, it’s all the rest that scare the heck out of me. I’ve had too many close encounters with black widow spiders in my life. So now I’m paranoid! lol… 😉

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  13. Yikes! I’m with you!

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  14. Ooh? I donno much but i think tom had a bit of crush on her, i think XD

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  15. Lol… think you may be right…. 😉


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