Seduced – #RomanticTuesday

Her silence was interrupted

By the touch of his lips

And he smothered her mouth

With a warm luscious kiss


A sudden crushing embrace

Left her head spinning

Leaving her speechless

And inwardly grinning


Hands began frantically

To grab and tear clothes

This sudden turn of events

Left her quite literally exposed


Consumed by desire

For his sudden affections

She succumbed to his needs

Without any objections


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: Her silence was interrupted by the touch of his lips.

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4 responses to “Seduced – #RomanticTuesday

  1. You were consumed, you succumbed and you surrendered. Sounds like a D/s relationship.

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  2. Actually I believe I seduced him, but I let him think he seduced me. Lol…. I’m the instigator 99% of the time. Lol…. 😉

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  3. I love the tale you created and how nicely you told it in rhyme and verse!

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  4. Thank you Katya… this was a fun one to write. 😉


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