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Hello fellow bloggers,

I haven’t written a personal note in quite a while and thought it was finally time to do so.  First of all, let me apologize for not posting the monthly writing prompts for December.  I have been so caught up in my own little world these days that I completely forgot to post them.  I didn’t even realize I’d forgotten until yesterday, so I thought I’d just do a personal post this month instead.  As all of us know, the past two years have been crazy.  But during the days of covid, my life hasn’t changed too much.

I’ve still been homeschooling as I have been for the last 15 years, and the only big difference is that I’ve moved twice since the pandemic started.  I had to downsize each time I moved and feel lighter now that I don’t have as much stuff weighing me down.  The first move went well, and I ended up in Virginia.  I loved all of the historical aspects of Virginia but hated the traffic that I couldn’t avoid no matter how far down the road I went.

Fortunately, I lived within walking distance to all the stores and businesses that I needed access to, so I never really had to drive anywhere while I was there.  But after 18 months in Virginia, I was glad to break free, and I’ve now ended up in the one place I’ve most wanted to be, and that place is Utah.

Ever since I visited Mt. Zion National Park seven years ago, I’ve wanted to come back here, and I haven’t been disappointed with my decision.  I live within walking distance of some amazing hiking trails, and I’m within a 30 – 60 min drive to several state and national parks.  And that’s what I love most about being here; I’m finally able to enjoy nature and be outside as often as I want to be.  Here are some recent pictures from my hikes.  Isn’t it beautiful here…

20 thoughts on “A quick note

    1. It’s so true, Dave. I’ve found myself in the most beautiful place imaginable. Just this morning, I woke up to snow covered mountains all around for as far as the eye can see. No matter which way one looks, it’s a 360 degree view of mountains. It’s just so lovely here and ohh the trails for biking… you’d love it here. 😃

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  1. Born and raised in Utah, family farm is still there, currently living an hour from the state line. What a coincidence! Hope you enjoy the scenery. Utah has its share of faults, but its scenery is not among them. Some of the most impressive landscapes I’ve ever seen are there (especially in the SE section–Arches, Canyonlands). Hope to see more photos of your adventures! 🙂

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    1. Ohh that is a coincidence! 😃 I don’t think I could’ve picked a nicer place. Everyone is so friendly and I just feel right at home here. What part of Utah did you grow up in?

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      1. I was born and raised in the SE corner. Went to school in Monticello. I’ll have to google some images of your area to see more of the scenery. The family farm is a half-mile from the UT/CO state line. Haven’t been there in more than six years so I have no idea how the farm is faring. I’ve been to Zion Natl. Park many years ago but have never been to Bryce Canyon. Bucket list stuff, you know… 🙂

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        1. Hmmm I’ll have to Google Monticello, doesn’t sound too far away. I’m only a 30 min drive from Zion. Drove up there the other morning to watch the sunrise and it was just amazing to be there. Bryce Canyon is another gorgeous place. You’ve definitely got to go there! I’ve got photos on my blog of some of my old adventures there. I’m sure I’ll go back soon. 😃

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    1. Yeah, it took a ton of planning, and many years to figure out how I was going to get here, but I made it and for that I am forever grateful. 😉 💫


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