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The wonders of a beautiful afternoon


In the stillness of the day

I sit quietly and reflect

On all the wondrous things

I so often tend to neglect


I become fully entranced

By the soft billowy clouds

Which are often forgotten

Amongst the usually oblivious crowds


The flowers captivate me too

Each one smiling at the sun

Seems God’s perfect glory

Can never be outdone


The trees all leisurely sway

To the beat of the zealous breeze

And the bees and the wild things hum

To the rustling of tender leaves


There’s magic in the air

Drifting along on a waft of sweet perfume

And I’m lost once again

To the wonders of a beautiful afternoon


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Where did yesterday go?


The screen alights

His zombie like face

Nothing more to life

Than time to waste


The phone she holds

Has become her only friend

The life they once knew

Has come to an end


Remnants of lost yesterday’s

Pass them by

And bittersweet memories

Have left with a sigh


Why did those happy years

Ever have to go

It seems there’s nobody left

Who will ever know


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Relishing happiness


Today I feel so happy

I’ve felt it all day long

The sun has been shinning

And nothing has gone wrong

Tomorrow may be different

Each day is unlike all the rest

But for now I’m relishing in happiness

Feeling loved and so very blessed


Written by, Michelle Cook

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This is it


This is it

The time has come

A new path

Has most certainly come

I see it clearly

As it comes into view

A color on the horizon

So beautiful and new

I’m excited to see

Where this road leads

I’ve been needing a change

Guess the Lord heard my pleas


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Open my eyes…


I’ve spent my whole life

Trying so hard to be good.

Struggling with all my might

To be how a Christian should.


But the enemy is powerful

And he always seems to win.

I keep believing all his lies

While he laughs at me and grins.


And then I question God

Where is he and why doesn’t he care?

If he’s letting all this happen to me

Is he really even there?


Why God must I continue

To face more suffering and pain?

All this misery and despair

Is only causing me to go insane.


Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Open my eyes and make me see.

Because clearly I’m a broken mess

Who desperately needs to be set free.


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Just look up…



If your day is grey and gloomy

Just look up to the sky

For you’ll find your answers there

As the clouds float gently by

For God in all his glory

Is smiling down on you today

Reaching out for his beloved son

Trying to show him the rightful way


Written by, Michelle Cook

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There’s someone I miss…


There’s someone I miss

Of this there’s no doubt

And my mind and my heart

Are wrestling it out


I sometimes feel lost

Without this person here

Wishing in my heart

That they were ever near


It’s troubling for sure

To feel this way

And it messes with my mind

Day after day


There’s nothing to be done

Just have to pray

That this ache in my heart

Will eventually go away


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Thank you


Thank you for comforting me today

When nobody else would

I don’t always come to you first

And I really always should


You wrap your loving arms around me

Even when I don’t deserve a thing

I’m blessed by your amazing love

Which you forever bring


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Do you…?


Do you ever just wish

You had someone to talk to each and every day

Someone who would always be there

To chase those gray clouds and pesky cobwebs away


Do you ever just dream

Of someone who wouldn’t be afraid to hold your hand

Perhaps they’d fly away with you

To some distant faraway land


Do you ever just yearn

For someone to stay close by your side

To have someone to laugh with

And perhaps even for moments to cry


Do you ever just wonder

If someone like this really does exist

Seems like if they did

They’d be very hard to resist


Written by, Michelle Cook

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You saved me


So close was I

To giving up

A crushed spirit

So abrupt


Flashes of death

Crossed my mind

Images of

The disastrous kind


Then you came along

And enlightened my soul

Freeing my bindings

From life’s long toll


Simple words of comfort

Cast their spell

And I found myself

Instantaneously well


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Dreamy Day


A soft blushing hope

Infiltrates my carefree mind

A million happy thoughts

Of the carnation pink kind


Euphoric lavender lilacs

Float gently on the fragrant air

Lifted up on a billowy cloud

Blissfully content and unaware


There’s nobody who can ruin

Such a pleasant day like today

So unless you want join me

Just please go away


Otherwise let’s relish

In the dreamy state of the day

As lush meadows surround us

Let not a care stand in our way


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Pink

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Love… beyond a shadow of a doubt


I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember

Maybe even more

I’m still not sure how or when it began

But our love has endured

We’ve faced mountains of opposition

And still we continue to hold on

I have loved you beyond reason at times

Even feeling foolish for doing so

There were times when I questioned everything

I cannot forget how you tore my heart in two

Or how you decided to mend it all at once

The patching of it was quite painful

Like a threaded needle piercing my flesh

And yet I wanted you to do it

I figured how else could I ever live

I couldn’t very well survive with a gaping wound

So I gave you a second chance

The opportunity to fix what was broken

There are days now when I hardly even notice the scar

And yet others when it’s still all I can see

You were the one person I could trust

The only one I had ever truly loved

But the inconceivable sins of life crushed us

Both of us were literally smashed into the ground

And normalcy hasn’t been the same since

Perhaps this is progress right here

In these words and in the light of each new day

I’m discovering that I would rather die

Than to let you go from me

The shrapnel is still buried deep within my chest

A burden I will likely take to my grave

Yet I know I have no other choice

Because if I were to try and let you go

My soul would still cling to yours

The bond is too strong and the knot too tight

It’s simply impossible to fully pull away

And so I’m trying desperately to let you back in

To trust you again the way I once did

And love you beyond a shadow of a doubt


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Doubt

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Angel wings


Fluttering softly

To the ground

Wings of angels

Make no sound

But carefree laughter

Of her child

Carries a thought

She hasn’t had in awhile

For the memories of joy

Suddenly enrapture

Bringing a genuine smile

One she’s been after

And pleasantly the day

Now drifts along

With the music in her heart

Of a long lost song


Written by, Michelle Cook

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There’s hope…


There’s hope now

A peace settling in

I’m pulling it out

From somewhere deep within

Ideas are trickling

I’m feeling more assured

Silly old thoughts

Now seem so absurd


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Faith and Trust


I really wanted

To give up today

And for a moment I believed

It was the only way

I couldn’t see past

The end of my own nose

When suddenly a problem

Abruptly arose

And since then

It’s been eating me alive

I just don’t know how

I will ever survive

Yet days like these

Are the ones which make us stronger

So I will try my best

Not to dwell on this any longer

I must hold fast to my faith

For it’s where my heart resides

And trust that the good Lord

Will stay close by my side


Written by, Michelle Cook

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