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Meet me in my dreams…


Meet me in dreamland
We’ll fly to the moon and back
Our playground awaits


Originally posted: December 9, 2015

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The Silent Scream


The forest was thick with the smell of pine and screech owls glided overhead. Patches of thick heavy fog hung low to the ground and left her feeling vulnerable. She was careful not to walk too fast, as she couldn’t quite see where she was going or what she was stepping upon. The ground was soft and squishy and with each step she took, her boots sunk deeper into the boggy terrain. She wrapped her parka tighter around her chilled body and hoped that it wouldn’t be too long before she found her way back to the cabin.

The day had been unusually warm for this time of year and so she had decided to go for a nice long walk in the woods. She didn’t really think about where she was planning on going and ended up letting her imagination flood her mind and in the process ended up leaving her good judgement behind. Eventually, she realized that she had lost her sense of direction and had been wandering around the forest for several hours. She tried desperately to find her way back, but was quite sure that she was just walking around in circles.

The trees were so tall in this part of the forest, that she could barely see the sky through the canopy of endless evergreen pine needles. She did the only thing that she could think to do and just kept walking. She walked deeper into the forest and noticed that the terrain was quickly changing. The day was fading fast and the forest had become eerily quiet. Every twig she stepped upon, echoed in the cool night air and dark shadows formed all around her, causing the forest to turn into a frightful and foreboding place.

She pressed on though and searched for an open place where she could at least sit down and rest and hopefully be lucky enough to capture a glimpse of the North Star to help her find her way. As she continued on, the ground only became more difficult to navigate and soon she was so deep into the marshland, that she could barely lift her feet at all. She wanted to turn back, but she couldn’t remember from which way she had come.

The screech owls were back again, their frightful cries caused her to shiver and tremble in fear. Suddenly she heard a twig snap from behind her and she whirled herself around as fast as she could. To her surprise and great relief, it was only a raccoon and so she continued to trudge through the soggy soil as best she could.

A little while later, she heard another twig snap and figured that her little friend must be back, but as she turned around, she discovered a man instead. He was nearly twice her size and his cold hard stare caused her to stumble backwards. His eyes were black as coal and he wore a long dark trench coat that was covered in mud and torn in several places. In one lengthy step he closed the gap between them.

She tried to scream, but no sound came. She felt her body begin to plummet into a black hole of oblivion. The last thing she saw before she broke free of his evil gaze, was the edge of a silver blade, saturated in a thick red substance, which was trickling down upon the watery ground below. The droplets pulsed through the murky waters and formed beautiful patterns that glistened in the moonlight.

Startled awake by this haunting dream, she woke up in a cold sweat and wondered where she was. She sat upright, trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness and breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that everything had all just been a crazy dream. She laid back down and tried to fall back to sleep, unaware of the screech owl perched on a low hanging branch just outside her window and the large muddy footprints on the floor just outside of her bedroom.

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: November 6, 2015

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Shattered Innocence

Black and white grunge image of a beautiful teenage girl sitting

Shattered Innocence

You seemed really nice
I hardly expected that your heart was made of ice
I bought your lies
Never thought I could be just some prize
Oh but you had your fun
And left me ruined when you were done
Unannounced you came like a thief in the night
You lured me in and consumed my sight
I walked helplessly unaware
Void of every thought or care
My head was spinning
Unfettered emotions were beginning
Then you twisted my heart
I should have run from the start
Every ounce of my being
Told me to run away screaming
I should have listened to that inner voice
Never making such a regretful choice
You took advantage of my innocent nature
You were nothing but a two-timing player
Wish I would have been wiser back then
And stayed away from such evil men
Years later my heart is still such a mess
By a man who confused the word “No” with yes


Written by, Michelle Cook


Dedicated to all who have endured such abuse.  My heart reaches out to you with empathy and love.  You are a survivor for sure and this one was written for you.  We can’t take back the hurt they caused us, but together we can help each other regain our dignity and strength.  ~M

Originally posted: December 14, 2015

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The heart of freedom…


Desperately needing
Ever wanting
Always hoping
Forever longing
Constantly seeking
Lovingly searching
Finally finding
Unabashed freedom

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally Posted: December 11, 2015

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Man of God…


The strength of your heart shows in your demeanor
The meaning behind your words always runs deeper

A true man of God your spirit is contagious
And by his love you’ve been made strong and courageous

Your positive energy brings warmth to my heart
Your kind and caring ways set you apart

I could tell from the beginning that you were someone I could trust
I know without a doubt that you would never be unjust

A man of fine character is hard to find these days
And it’s always such a blessing to meet somebody who prays

The compassion you exude is found in so few
The world is a much better place because of you


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: December 8, 2015

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I’ll meet you there…


I’ll meet you there under a splendid moonlit sky
Where lightning bugs play
And the clouds drift lazily by

I’ll meet you there under the watchful eye
Of the old spotted owl
Who calls from a glen nearby

I’ll meet you there under the ancient willow tree
Her soft tendrils reach out to embrace us
And then lazily recede to set us free

I’ll meet you there under the shimmering stars
Their comforting winks warm us
And smile down on us from afar

I’ll meet you there under the shadow of the hill
Her rugged terrain is blanketed for the eve
And her shadowy presence stands gloriously still

I’ll meet you there under the watchful gaze of the hidden gazelle
Their quiet presence is felt, but never seen
It’s a magical place here in which they dwell

I’ll meet you there under the cool breeze of the night
As the good Lord looks down upon us
And guides us with his glorious light

I’ll meet you there…

Written by, Michelle Cook

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You are a rare gift that I treasure more with every passing day

Sometimes I trip and fall over the words that you say

Some days I can hardly believe how close I feel to you

And then other days I am left wondering if what you say is true

I have never felt this way about anyone before

You are the only one that I have ever truly adored

Like an angel looking out for me you came along

And when I think of you I am reminded of my favorite song

The way you’ve treated me has always been with utmost respect

And because of this we’ve been able to completely connect

I will forever cherish the love that you have shown to me

Beloved you are my treasure and always will be

Written by, Michelle Cook


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My Bubbly Baby

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” ~Leo J. Burke

My daughter is turning 8 today, so I thought I’d repost this cute video of her when she was a baby.  Happy Birthday Autumn Rose!

For the Writing 101 class we were asked to share a quote and then write something below the quote.  I decided to share this video of my daughter instead.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  This video, even though it is of poor quality, is sure to make you laugh.  Notice the foot long drool at the end!  Priceless moments like these make life worth living!  🙂

Another potential goodbye…


Farewell to the days of the past

The days when consistency seemed to last

Looking to the future now

Not quite sure the way or how

There’s got to be a way

For you to be convinced to stay

Goodbyes can be so hard

But I can’t let down my guard

I’ve got to take each day as it comes

Despite what life may become

You know I’ll stick with you

There’s got to be a way to get through

It never gets any easier though

And I really don’t want to see you go

Say you’ll change your mind

Or we might end up realigned

I don’t want to take that chance

Can’t you hold out for a better advance?


Written by, Michelle Cook



Trying to fit in with the regular crowd
She hides her emotions with an invisible shroud
Barely able to surmise the will to go
She catches herself hesitating to attend the show
Being shy has never been easy
She always feels a little bit queasy
She has learned to cover her anxiety quite well
It hardly seems anyone can ever really tell
She camouflages herself with a convincing smile
Secretly scared to death all the while
One day maybe she’ll be more certain
And be able to come out from behind the curtain

Written by, Michelle Cook



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Gigantic and Gaudy

Radical meets Rivalry

Abstract to Adventuresome

Features often Fading

Fantasy meets Frivolity

Insight or Imagination

Template for Talents

Ignites the Illogical


Written By, Michelle Cook



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Her hero…


Seconds become hours…
Hours become days…
As she waits in eager anticipation for his regular call

Seconds become hours…
Hours become days…
As she waits in hopeful expectancy for any word at all

Seconds become hours…
Hours become days…
As she waits in frantic foresight of what she presumes will be told

Seconds become hours…
Hours become days…
As she waits in distressing prediction of what others already know

Seconds become hours…
Hours become days…
As she waits in mournful acceptance of the truth that now holds her captive

Seconds become hours…
Hours become days…
Days become years…
No longer waiting… she rushes into his outstretched arms

Written by, Michelle Cook

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Extending Grace


“Grace is the face of love when it meets imperfection.”  ~Scott Ridout

I recently heard a sermon given by Scott Ridout.  I found what he was saying to be very thought provoking and so I wanted to share what he said with all of you.  Scott began to  talk about what the biggest problem with Christians is and I immediately sat up and listened.  He said Christians don’t know what to do with Non-Christians who may sin differently than they do and went on to say that Christians often forget that they are sinners too.  He also said, that this is where grace comes in and just as Christ provides grace for all of us, Christians should extend grace to others as well.  Christians are not supreme beings over others that don’t believe in Christ.  Even though many of them would like to think they are.  The only difference is, that a true Christian believes that they are saved by faith in Christ Jesus and that it is only through Christ, that they will inherit eternal life.  Christians are still sinners and they always will be.  Thank goodness for God’s grace and His amazing love that He extends to us.  What are your thoughts?  Do you struggle with extending grace towards others?  If so, why do you think that is?

Ephesians 2:8 says…   For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.

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The Secret


The Secret

Part of her soul died that cold dark day
And now she kept a tragic secret
That would never go away

She wondered for years what people would think
Would they blame her
For this terrible mistake?

So many times she cried in silence
Hoping and praying
For some sort of guidance

She blamed herself for being in the wrong place
And felt like a complete
And utter disgrace

She wanted to be free of this burden she kept
Weary and tired
She wept and wept

As the years passed by she tried to forget
But the pain and the suffering
Just wouldn’t relent

Heartbroken from this pain that another had inflicted
Her mind was a mess
And deeply conflicted

One day her sorrows were just too much to bear
And she just couldn’t face
Another cold stare

She had looked so many places seeking comfort and hope
And now she was at
The end of her rope

In the darkness of the night she cried out for a friend
And to her great relief
Somebody entered in

She felt His presence all around
As she continued to weep
On the cold hard ground

Lifting her eyes she spotted a light
Glowing brightly in the darkness
Almost hindering her sight

It was the brightest light she had ever seen
And she felt as if
She were in a real life dream

Shielding her face from what looked like a bright star
She heard a gentle voice
Whispering from afar

His comforting words gave her new hope
And left her feeling
As if she could now cope

Wrapped in the warmth of a loving embrace
She now knew
There was something called grace

He loved her regardless of her terrible choices
And freed her from the pain
And the deceitful voices

Finally able to break free from the past
She relinquished the enemies hold
And moved forward at last

Now she is happy and faces each day
Those terrible memories
Have finally faded away

Written by, Michelle Cook

Ten things I’ve learned or realized in the last week…


Ten things I’ve learned or realized in the last week:

1. I need to switch to regular coffee instead of decaf, if I’m ever going to finish NaNoWriMo successfully.

2. Barometric pressure has a negative impact on my body and I am starting to feel the effects of this as the weather begins to change from one season to the next.

3. My house will never be as clean as I wish it could be.

4. Sandwiches serve as a quick easy meal when writing is consuming one’s soul.

5. There are actually moments when I really don’t want to write, but I do it anyway to reach my goal.

6. Even walking through a neighborhood can be a wonderful adventure.

7. Stamping real flowers into ink can create beautifully painted pictures.

8. True friends are closer than I once thought.

9. It’s okay to make mistakes and I need to allow myself a little more grace.

10. I am obsessed with candy Nerds and need to ease up before my tongue turns a permanent shade of pink or purple.