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Masquerader – Writing 201: Poetry, Day 4 (Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment)



Look into my soul and there you’ll find

An imperfect soul

An imperfect mind

This ugly abyss deficient and flawed is secretly a place of



Though I struggle to be good my twisted heart


I wrestle with myself to no easy


I wonder…

Can my heart be redesigned?

Or is this the way…

I’ll forever be defined…


Originally posted: October 8, 2015

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Old Glory – Writing 201: Poetry, Day 5 (Map, Ode, Metaphor)


Old Glory

Bravely she stands
Tall and proud
Never speaking
Hardly making a sound

A symbol of unity
She bonds and ties
A separate people
Who all march by her side

She honors the dead
By her warm embrace
And fills a room with love
As she smiles from her case

She’ll even stand
In vigilant delight
In the harshest of conditions
Rain, snow, or plight

Upon her mighty pedestal
She doth wave
Proud of her strong men
The free and the brave

She uplifts all
Who gaze upon her glory
She’s a real woman
With a painful story

She’s a pillar
In the community
And stands for
The ultimate victory

Her virtue and innocence
Shine all through the night
In the trailing’s of her threads
We all stand and fight

She gives us hope
For a better tomorrow
And brings back memories
Of deep buried sorrow

By her truth
All will come to see
How we will forever remain
The home of the free

Written By, Michelle Cook

The Gifted Ones – Writing 201: Poetry (Day 2 – Gift, Acrostic, Simile)


The Gifted Ones

Gallant Gymnasts
Olympic Achievers Over-worked
Open-minded Sensational Legends
Delightfully Dazzling


P.S. Can you find the hidden message?