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The Girl Who Had Everything – Writing 201: Poetry (Day 8 – Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio)


The Girl Who Had Everything

She was the flavor of the day
The talk of the town
When she came into sight
Everyone crowded around
She was a girl who had everything
Going her way
It was a shame it all had to end
On that one frightful day
Beauty and ambition left her
In the blink of an eye
She had been the life of the party
And left without saying goodbye
Then one bad decision
Left her in a collision
Her life now just a blur
Caused quite a stir
Many couldn’t believe
That she was now gone
A girl that had everything
And seemed so strong
Fate dealt her a poor hand
That terrible tragic day
And these sad memories
Will probably never go away
Reflecting back on her life
Many now say
They miss her and wonder
Why did she pay
Unfortunately so often
We reap what we sow
God bestows us with choices
And then lets us go
We can’t really question
The hows and the whys
It’s unfortunate for sure
When somebody we love must die
But we need to remember
The choices that we make
Can often lead us
To disastrous mistakes
We live and we learn
And get smarter each day
Hopefully before
We are taken away

Written by,  Michelle Cook

Originally posted: October 13, 2015

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Words of every flavor…



Regal red

Lines the top

Of my paper

And there’s a puncture mark

In the upper corner

Left by an unconventional

Looking stapler



Colors of blue

Line the simple

Neatly spaced rows

Patiently awaiting

The pen

To show off

All it knows



Pearly white

Leaves much

To the imagination

As a blank sheet

Of paper

Begs to be filled

With inspiration



Black blots

Are haphazardly

Scattered throughout


A random pattern

For someone

To figure out


A rainbow

Of colors

Floods the tip

Of the pen


The essence

Of the writer

From within



Turn to golds

As the seasons


And pinks

Turn to purple


The dusty plains


Then there’s

The roses

Which are almost

Always red

And the violets

Normally blue

Changed to purple

Now instead


Because as the writer


He is likely to change

His point of view

And during the process

Of writing

He may often change

To a different hue



Of every flavor

Now fill

The voided space

A brilliant

Beautiful story

Which can never

Be erased



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit. tpzj.com