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Pushing the limit…


Pedal to the cold hard metal

In an attempt to elude the police

He hadn’t a care in the world

As his speed drastically increased


120….. 130…..

He lived for the obnoxious thrill

Gaining great momentum

He continued to floor it down the hill


Determined to push it to the limit

Willing his baby to see what she could do

He forged ahead with a vengeance

Even as the city came into view


His mischievous ways were nothing new

And he took his first red light

Blowing right through the crowded street

He gave the world a considerable fright


Again and again he stoked her

The spitfire engine roared in reply

He was filled with the drink

And had brimstone in his eye


His comedic souped-up ride

Pumped out ludicrous unearthly vibes

Calling out to all the others

Who were part of his hubristic tribe


Just as he rounded an innocent bend

The beast came to a squealing halt

And taking to foot he ran away

Like a cat hit by a fiery thunderbolt


Without his blazing trusty steed

His momentum was burning out quick

And as the cops emerged with their colts drawn

He soon realized he wasn’t so slick


Pulling out a semi-automatic pistol

He began to empty his load to keep them at bay

And those surly cops just kept a comin

There was nothing that could keep them away


But at last our villain he was nailed

By a crazed stray bullet of his own

So much for his hotshot behavior

As he died on that pavement all alone


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: 120….. 130….. he was going to push it to the limit.

Photo credit: pixabay.com