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Defining Character


Her worn hands were tired

And so was her weary mind

She spent her days working

For the spoiled and unkind


Her days were long

And her nights were short

Yet through all the struggles

She remained a good sport


She tried her best

To satisfy every need

Of her rich employer

Who was laden with greed


Through the years

She remained faithful and kind

And everyone missed her

On the day she resigned


She still has not been forgotten

As she was loved for her gentle ways

Seems it’s our character which defines us

Even beyond our earthly days


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: Tired hands and mind.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com



Some are quiet and shy

Though we don’t really know why

Some are loud and abrupt

And we often wish they’d shut up

Some are sad and lonely

Looking mostly lost and homely

Some are vivacious and fun

Living for a life in the blistering sun

Some are lovable and sweet

They’re usually a really rare treat

Some are proper and prim

Never lost by a sudden whim

Some are casual and down to earth

They’ve often been that way since birth

Some are witty and smart

Leaving your head spinning from the start

Some are strange and complex

You never know with them what’s next

Some are gentle and kind

Those are often the hardest to find

So when you think of yourself, what comes to mind?


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Dancer


Pretty and poised

With a sparkling tiara all her own

She danced for the king

As he sat upon his majestic throne


A crystal chandelier

Hovered impressively over head

While princes and princesses

All delighted in her instead


She drew the attention

Of every single eye

And her loveliness caused the ladies

To all start to cry


A rare beauty she was

With a kind heart to match

Which predestined her to be

The most perfect catch


And so without any question

Or further delay

She was chosen to be the new queen

That very same day


Written by, Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: Crystal (Suggested by, Anthony Gorman)

Photo credit: pixabay.com




Your gentle spirit

Makes me smile

You’ve got your own

Unpredictable style


You walk to the beat

Of your own drum

I love to listen to you

Sing and hum


Like a bird in flight

Your spirit soars

The music you compose

Is completely yours


Your artistic skills

Are quite impressive

Through drawing and writing

You’re so very expressive


I’m amazed by your talent

And how gifted you really are

You’re my sweet daughter Brianna

My bright shining star!



Written By, Michelle Cook