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Destined – #RomanticTuesday


Her dress was made of cotton

And smelt of sweet perfume

And her heavenly scent enticed him

On that endearing afternoon


An unfaltering gaze between them

Said everything they couldn’t say

And they laid there with hands clasped

On that bright blue summer day


His smile caused a flutter

And her heart began to soar

Convinced of his love

She wanted to keep him forevermore


Her expression amused him

And her affections gripped his soul

She was the only woman alive

Who had ever made him feel whole


Their connection was unmistakable

They seemed destined from the very start

So they dreamt of a future together

Where nothing would ever keep them apart


Written by, Michelle Cook


Poetry prompt: Her dress was made of cotton and smelt of sweet perfume.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com


Seduced – #RomanticTuesday


Her silence was interrupted

By the touch of his lips

And he smothered her mouth

With a warm luscious kiss


A sudden crushing embrace

Left her head spinning

Leaving her speechless

And inwardly grinning


Hands began frantically

To grab and tear clothes

This sudden turn of events

Left her quite literally exposed


Consumed by desire

For his sudden affections

She succumbed to his needs

Without any objections


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: Her silence was interrupted by the touch of his lips.

Photo credit: Favim.com

A Sonnet – #RomanticTuesday


You won this heart of mine, my dearest one

Love wafted me away to be enslaved

The battle was not fierce nor very long

My heart was ravaged by your love and craved

More of your blessed tender gentleness

Gushing from the depths of your soul’s own heart

A love that flowed, empowered by loves sweetness

Lodging and growing in my soul as part

Of my being and this new spirit

Consumed my heart in its entirety

Leaving a red hot glowing ember lit

To burn in constant faith eternally

A love that will not die nor can be quenched

The night I travel deaths dark shadowed trench

By, Charles S. Smead (1909-1972)

*Charles is my great uncle, who died the very same year I was born.  I recently acquired his book of poems, which I am really enjoying.  I will probably continue to share more of his poetry from time to time.  After reading the entire book, I can now see where my love of poetry must have come from.  His words really speak to my heart.  So in honor of my Great Uncle Charlie, I really hope all of you will enjoy this poem too.

The old porch swing – #RomanticTuesday


Late in the evening

On the old porch swing

After the fireflies glow

And the crickets sing

It’s just you and me

Left to the night

Smitten with each other

Under the stars so bright

Rocking back and forth

On the old porch swing

Trembling from the night air

And the shivers it brings

Nestling closer

Within your loving arms

Noticing your smile

And all your boyish charms

Enjoying every minute

Of our time together

During moments like these

I see our forever


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com


Mediterranean Inspiration – #RomanticTuesday


Lying beside you

On the misty morning beach

Your inviting body

Is just within reach


Your smile is enticing

Encouraging me on

In your arms

Is where I belong


Quick to notice

Your playful eyes

Which now reflect

The coming sunrise


The crispness of

The newfound day

Mixes effectively

With the warm sea spray


Drawn to the warmth

Of your polished skin

Lifting the blankets

You gather me in


Clothing shed

Your body feels amazing

Your smoldering touch

Leaves me blazing


Lost in the moment

Kissing heightens the thrill

And the cool morning air

Now loses its chill


Intimately exploring

Your touch is divine

Under the covers

Our bodies align


Thoroughly enjoying

Every sensuous caress

Legs spread apart

Allowing full access


Hearts beat faster

As emotions rise

Your view now reflecting

The blue in my eyes


The present time escapes

Senses out of control

My heart and my mind

Forever lost in your soul


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Lazy days – #RomanticTuesday


Goosebumps tingle

My satiny skin

Giggling as you

Gather me in

Soft caresses

As we embrace

Against cotton sheets

And silky black lace

Our bodies meld

And unite as one

As we disregard

The fast rising sun

Enjoying each other

In every possible way

Welcoming in

Another lazy day


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Waves of Ecstasy – #RomanticTuesday


Crystal clear waters

Warm and enticing

The oceans current

Serene and inviting


Turquoise blue sea foam

Drifts lazily along the shore

As enthralled young lovers

Undress and explore


The sea beckons softly

And before very long

The happy young couple

Slips into the beyond


Sliding beneath

The temperate swells

Each transfixed

By the other’s hypnotic spell


Now fully overcome

With passion and desire

Discovering a love

Which will never expire


Moving closer together

On the uprising of the tide

She takes him fully

As he slips deep inside


Ecstasy now shown

Upon his charming face

Completely satisfied

In her amorous embrace


Mesmerized by each other

Lost in a dream all their own

Pleased by this rare moment

To be free and all alone


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Immerse

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Summer Surrender – #RomanticTuesday


The moon alights the cloud barren sky

Ripples of sultry waters glide with ease

Lingering beneath her pale breasts


She inches tentatively forward

Approaching his awaiting arms

The desire in his eyes remains clear

His sensuous smirk is playfully inviting


A warm summer mist rises off the lake

The foggy vapor slightly obscures

The arousing chill upon her breasts


He reaches out beneath the cool waters

Capturing her delicate form

Drinking in her illuminated artistry

Memorizing every visible feature


Captivated by what she freely gives

He accepts her affections without hesitation

Reveling in what she lovingly surrenders


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally written, July 2016.  Can you tell I’ve been dreaming of summer?  ❤️

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Sweetest Kiss – #RomanticTuesday


The sweetest kiss ever

Was yours and yours alone

It brought me more happiness

Than I’ve ever really known


The gentle brush of your lips

Willed mine to agreeably part

Affectionately confiscating my mind

And fully capturing my longing heart



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com