Featured Artist – Harry Westall

Today I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant musician and blogger; Harry Westall.  Harry is currently in the process of releasing an EP, in order to raise financial support for a UK-based mental health charity called,Mindimage1-1Harry is passionate about helping people through their mental health issues.  He creates music with the hope that he will be able to encourage and inspire others through any troubles they may be facing. Harry blogs about his experiences with mental health, and is an active volunteer in a number of different mental health environments. Harry’s EP is scheduled to be released, March 3rd 2017.  For more information, Harry’s contact information is listed below.  Also, please check out his song, “Clouds in the Sky.”  It’s a wonderful song, which you’re sure to enjoy!

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You have to let go

Of those you love


Sometimes as hard as it is

To say goodbye

It’s really for the better


Sometimes people don’t even realize

How much better off they are without you

Until you allow them the freedom to see it for themselves


Sometimes we selfishly

Hold onto people

Who were never meant to be ours in the first place


Sometimes we forget

That other people are involved

And are getting hurt as well


Sometimes we just have to

Realize our mistakes

And right our wrongs the best we can


Sometimes it hurts

To be brutally honest

With someone we care about


Sometimes you can feel

As if you’ll never be the same

Because your heart is breaking

At the thought of losing somebody

Who was such an important part of your life


Sometimes there’s just no other choice…


Sometimes that’s just the way life is…


Sometimes life can be completely unfair…



Written by, Michelle Cook


Photo credit: pixabay.com


Never gone…


“Even when people try to vanish from our lives without a trace.  Our hearts and minds still hold them and they’ll never be erased.”  ~M

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Happy or sad?


A blurry-eyed mess

Is what I’ve become

Sad and distressed

Really quite glum

I think to myself

Why am I this way

So many happy things

To find in a day

Yet I seem to let the bad

Overpower my spirit

Leaving my heart sad

With no way to cheer it

Magically I wish

I could turn this around

Begin to move forward

Stop wearing a frown

I guess life just isn’t

As simple as I’d hoped

I’ve got to get through

Learn how to cope

Someday I’ll likely

Figure it all out

Can’t keep giving in

To all of this doubt

In time most things

Come to be resolved

We either make it through

Or have nothing left at all

So what I hope for

Is that the good will stick

That everything inside me

Will just finally click

Perhaps I’ll wake up

A cheerful happy mess

Full of fun and laughter

With no signs of distress

It’s a wishful dream

One I don’t foresee

Only time will tell

If I’ll ever be happy me


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Blur

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Magic is real…


“Magic is real, just look at love.”

~A Soldiers Walk

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The rescue of little girl


Yesterday started out a little bit rough for this little girl.  She hit the window of our house flying about a million miles an hour, trying to escape another young lady who was offended by her presence.

After she smacked the window, she dove for the ground; with her aggressive girlfriend following, and the boyfriend trailing close behind.  Little girl cowered against the fence as the young lady attempted to maul her to death.  Jealousy will do that I guess.  The boyfriend tried to intervene, but got a mouthful and a slap in the face.  So he decided it was best to stay as far up in the trees as he possibly could.

After watching the brutal slaying from afar, I just couldn’t stay away any longer; I knew I had to intervene myself.  Upon reaching the fence where the fight was going on, young lady squawked at me and took off, and poor little girl let me pick her up and carry her inside.  She was completely calm and begged me to help her.  I cleaned her wounds the best I could and finished with some healing ointment.  She smiled at me as I readied a nice comfy bed for her and winked at me as I closed the door.

Later that evening, I went to check on her and she told me she was ready to go home.  I carried her to the front door and we said our goodbyes.  She promised to come visit me once and awhile and sing more of her sweet songs to me.  I in turn, promised to have plenty of birdseed on hand for when she visits next.  It turned out to be a great day after all.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Against the Odds

Depiction of Love


Tantalizingly sweet

A real sugary treat

Promising to fulfill

A double-dealing thrill

Juicy and irresistibly ripe

Always living up to the hype

A delicious fanciful token

Depicting a love unspoken

Indicative of affection

Spurring on a connection

Savor one with a friend

You’ll get more than you intend

Temptingly exceptional

Hardly ever objectionable

Almost none will disagree

Relish one and you’ll see


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Juicy

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When your heart is troubled and breaking
Look to a friend to comfort and kiss away the aching

When you’re feeling sad and terribly blue
Remember that there’s others who feel just like you

When you can’t remember the last time you were completely content
Think about the good times and how much they really meant

When the days are long and you lose your way
Find your inner strength and remember to pray

When the day is cold and dreary and fitting for your mood
Stop thinking about the people who have been quite rude

When you’re abandoned once again by that special one
Do something exciting and go have some fun

When you can’t see all the positives waiting for you
Leave your current location and find a new view

When it all seems hopeless and there’s no love in sight
Go find a good friend and hug them real tight

When you’ve tried everything and still can’t find your bliss
Keep trudging along and don’t dwell on the one you miss

When the right time comes, you’ll find an even better catch
Which in time you’ll come to see, is a much better match

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  pixabay.com

Wishing on a star…


Twinkle twinkle little star
Out beyond the world so far
Do you see me standing here?
Reaching out to pull you near?
I’m making a heartfelt wish
Under the flicker of your light
Praying that you’ll stay with me
All through this cold winter night
Send your shimmering love
Straight down here to set me free
Please set it lovingly ablaze
For all the world to see

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Learning to live His way


From where I stand the world seems bleak

From where he stands the world is concrete

And even when I dare not trust his ways

He knows how I’m doing all my days

He cares for me and loves me more than I know

He holds me close beside him even when I try to let go

Never before have I known love like this

Yet sometimes I feel myself still trying to resist

His patience and understanding are more than I deserve

My desire for him alone he’s been trying to preserve

On days when I give in to the pressures of the world

He strengthens my heart and keeps it unfurled

My only hope in life is to love him completely

Every time I push him away I suffer indiscreetly

It’s time for me to stop playing such foolish games

I’ve got to be serious or face terrible shame

His ways are far greater than my own

Which is why he sits on his heavenly throne

Someday I hope to sit close by his side

It’s where I eventually hope to reside

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found on: pixabay.com



I’m finding that my heart

Is ill equipped to deal

With the atrocities

Of daily life

There’s this drowning feeling

Which often takes over

Leaving me unable

To catch my breath

Each day I sink further

Into the murky waters

Unable to see

What’s in front of me

Can’t find my way

Just lost in a current

Which is constantly

Pulling me under

Dragged into a riptide

With no way to escape 

I’ve tried everything

To find a way out

Yet the gravitational pull

Of the funneling waters

Spirals me down further

Far from everything

I’ve ever hoped for

Away from everyone

I’ve ever loved

I feel I may be lost forever

If I’m not rescued soon

And yet there’s nobody

None who can save me

Except for myself

And she’s almost done trying


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com




Warm mittens

Cold snow

Roses go

Leaves fall

That means winter is coming

Get hot cocoa

It’s about to



Written by, Autumn Cook (age 8)


For several months now, my daughter Autumn has been asking me to post this poem she wrote about snow.  Well today, she came running into my bedroom and announced that she had a big surprise for me waiting on my desk.  When I got to my desk, her lovely poem was waiting.  She was all smiles and giggles, as she watched me finally agree to post her poem.  I feel like a terrible mother for not posting this sooner, and yet like the saying goes… “Out of sight, out of mind.”  So today, she made sure to put her poem in a place, where she knew I was sure to see it; and what a wonderful poem it is!  Hope you enjoyed reading her poem, and if you did, please leave her a comment.  I’m sure she would be tickled to know what others think about what she’s written.  😉  Have a very blessed day!  ~M xo

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Young Love


Drawn to each other
By a magnetic force
Their ephemeral love blossomed
And ran its course
Eventually indecision came
Leaving abandoned hearts under a shattered sky
No hope for the future
Two young lovers said goodbye
With ambitions and dreams
Each moved on
Never speaking again
Their love now gone


Written by, Michelle Cook


To my daughters… Love may come and go, but I know eventually you will find your true love.  So don’t lose hope… Instead, have faith and never give up!  Love, ~Mom  😉

*Update!  Funny thing is… I originally posted this poem last February 2016, and since then, my two oldest daughters have gotten married.  If you notice from the statement above, I told them that they would eventually find their true love (at the time, neither one of them were doing very well in the “love” department), and obviously more quickly than any of us could have ever dreamed!  Lol….. ❤️


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The ache in our hearts…


“The pain we feel in our hearts when we lose someone, is just a reminder of how much we truly did love them.  It’s an ache we carry with us for the remainder of our lives, which continues to remind us of just how special they really were.” ~M

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Memories of a wonderful you…


Sitting here at the kitchen table

I’m reminded of you

As a young boy you’d come over

And we’d talk for a few

You were always so excited

To tell me about your day

I mostly just sat and listened

To all you had to say

We’d sit and color pictures

And you’d tell me about all of your collections

The smiles you wore upon your young face

Are still my most vivid recollections

There was never a dull moment

Whenever you and your sister were around

And in your smiling eyes

The essence of happiness could always be found

Today as I reminisce about your life

I realize you were one of the rare few

Who always kept his light shining

No matter what you were going through

It’s hard to believe you’re gone

We don’t know what we’ll ever do

Life just isn’t the same now

Without sweet wonderful you


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com


Lovers Lane


Antique weathered lamp posts

Radiate their warm glowing hue

Each one casting inky shadows

Upon those unobservant few


There’s a slight scent of rain

Hovering on the velvety breeze

While loves pure essence lingers

Amongst the silvery moonlit trees


Lovers stroll along the shadowy pathway

Each captivated by amorous thoughts

Lovingly sharing words of affection

And whispering forget me nots


Emotions surge as fingers are laced

Each one enthralled by the other

Never before have they felt this way

Except towards one another


Written by, Michelle Cook


I have so many memories of long walks with my grandmother, and on every walk, she would sing old songs like this one.  I think the song, Singing in the Rain was her favorite.  I really miss those walks with her.  This particular song came to me while writing this.  Gotta love Doris Day…

Art by: Leonid Afremov

The Daily Post/Daily Prompt – Whisper



Words escape me

As reality sinks in

Can’t stop the pain

From growing within


Gone is the word

For this miserable week

One left to death

The other won’t speak


One a sixteen year old life

The son I wished I’d had

Taken from us tragically

Our hearts now very sad


The other a friend

Closest I’ve ever had

Disappeared completely

I’ve never been so sad


And now I’m left to wonder

If there’s more to come

The sorrows in this life

Just can’t be overcome


Written by, Michelle Cook

Gif credit: giphy.com

Lead Me


Spirit lead me

Like only you can


Help me to listen

And understand


Walk beside me

Through my busy day


Show me how

To find my way


Sometimes I don’t know

What to do or say


I need to remember

You’re just a prayer away


Spirit lead me

Like only you can


Help me to trust

And understand


Walk beside me

As I figure things out


Show me how

To overcome all doubt


Sometimes I don’t know

What to do or say


I need to remember

You’re the only way


Written by,  Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Giving of ourselves


We give of ourselves

Each and every day

Tearing out sizeable pieces

Of own hearts

In order to patch

The wounded hearts

Of our friends

And by doing this routinely

Day after day

Our souls become

Entwined with theirs

For our own hearts

Have now become the pieces

Which bind and hold

Our friends together

And when the day comes

That they decide to leave

They take portions

Of our hearts with them

Leaving behind the remains

Of our once flourishing hearts

Which now anxiously wait

To be mended and cared for

By someone willing to do

What we have done ourselves


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Love isn’t for the fainthearted



All I could think of

Were depressive thoughts

My stomach was completely

Tied up in knots

I hadn’t eaten anything

In a zillion days

I laid there on my bed

In complete malaise

The absence of him

Was more than I could bear

All I could do

Was lay there and stare

My body felt heavy

I just couldn’t move

I knew that without him

I would never improve

The minutes felt like days

And the days felt like years

And I found myself crying

An insane amount of tears

The earth completely shattered

On the day he departed

I now realize that love

Isn’t for the fainthearted


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Feeling the Despondency of Others


The pain and suffering around me continues to stifle the lofty air
I feel it all the way through to my bones as I capture each individual stare

A casually dressed mother sits across from me with sullen hungry eyes
She looks back at me with trepidation flashing a quick smiling disguise

The weight of the room is heavy, sorrow and weariness tighten their grasp
A surge of despairing energy thickens, many inflicted by grief and each one downcast

I cannot let them know I feel their pain, so I sit there watching all alone
Their loss and heartache screams at me and chills me to the bone

Every heart has a secret waiting to be shared, deeply held within
The situation is dire and I know not what to do or even where to begin

The hidden burdens each one keeps, continue to flood my soul
The pounding of each heart races faster and I begin to lose control

Drowning in the heaviness of a thousand afflictions, I run for the door
Escaping by mere seconds, tears now begin to flood the unstable floor

Split apart by emotions, carried endlessly over the cool morning air
I drop to the hard cold ground, full of heartbreak and despair

The gravity of the world, lays raw and bare upon my troubled chest
If only the Lord would be merciful and comfort those oppressed

Shattered by these thoughts, I try to pull myself together and continue on
I find myself restlessly searching for answers until the day is almost gone

Written by, Michelle Cook

We are called to be a light to others, and to show people that there is hope in the midst of adversity.  The weight of others can often burden us and leave us feeling hopeless.  This happens to me so often and it is overwhelming to me.  I hope each of you will find strength and encouragement for today, and perhaps be able to release any burdens, which may be upon your troubled hearts.  ~M

Here are some verses which remind us, that we will never walk in darkness.

John 8:12 – When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 12:46 – I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

1 John 1:6 – If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Repairing a troubled heart…


“We cannot begin to repair a troubled heart, until we first diagnose where the actual pain is coming from.” ~M

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Brokenness Rescinded


Your unavoidable eyes

A sea of cerulean blue and grey

Beckon me lovingly

Back into promise filled arms

My shattered heart

Desperately trying to mend

A thousand broken pieces

Scattered among blood stained sheets

Lost in rose-colored dreams

I lose myself in a wave of forgiveness

Saturated by your enthusiasm

Consumed by your renewed vigor

I yearn for what you are willing to offer

Craving the love which you’ve unburied

Still remaining unquestionably hesitant

Yet finally stripped of the barriers

Which had grown to impossible heights

Your love is now evident on every level

And has stolen away my shaken breath

Forcing my eyes to witness a miracle

You have now become my reality

An impossible prism filled vision

Fulfilled in the wake of a calamitous ordeal

A love ever so gently rekindled and reborn

From the sorrows of a duplicitous life

Unwavering in earnestness

Wholly mending an irreparable heart


Written by, Michelle Cook

*This is the sequel to Brokenness Defined

The Daily Post prompt – Lovingly

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Brokenness Defined


Every beat of your enticing heart

Mesmerized and controlled my spirit

Bound by your enchantments

Your invisible barricade eluded me

Hovering unbeknownst by day

Drifting aimlessly by night

The sting of unrequited love

Tormented my very being

Emptying my soul of emotion

Yet I couldn’t say goodbye

Every ounce of me loved you

With an incredible fierceness

Reaching far beyond the dimensions

Of an ordinary human heart

It was only after you pierced my soul

With the truth of an unforgivable indiscretion

That my spirit could no longer see clearly

Clinging to the scraps of your essence

I had no other alternative but to let you go

My lifeblood now begged to intermingle

With someone who had an honorable disposition

This was the last thought I incurred

Before completely breaking free

Heartbroken I left for another realm

Where love seemed entirely possible

A place where hope seemed to dwell

And you became a fragmented memory

Too sharp to handle anymore


Written by, Michelle Cook

*The outcome of this poem can be found here.

Photo credit:  pixabay.com


Typical married life…

Well I’m back, and made it through the worst vacation ever.  I ended up being sick the entire time, and yet fortunately my husband was with me and took good care of me.  It seems we are completely cursed when it comes to anniversaries. Every year on our anniversary, one of us is either sick or in the hospital; it’s been a running joke now as to who it will end up being.  Why we even try to plan romantic getaways for our anniversary anymore, is beyond me.

In between the mad dashes to the bathroom, my husband kept saying, “Well at least we’re together.”  I just rolled my eyes at him and thought to myself, as sweet as that sounded, he couldn’t possibly mean it; and yet he kept insisting that he really did.  After seeing the look in his eyes, I believe he really meant it.  Being in the military and working for a department that operates 24 x 7, my husband gets very little time off from work.  He also doesn’t get paid overtime, even if he works a 60 hour week; so I just feel awful that he had to spend his only few days off, tending to me.

Anyway, I’m home now and trying not to feel frustrated, and yet I really feel like forces beyond our control, once again cheated us out of quality time together.  As soon as we got home today, we also received some unexpected news.  While we were away, my husband’s unit was trying to reach him; it seems that they have a very special job for him, one that will take him away from me for over a year.  I’m excited for him, because this is exactly the break in his career that he’s been waiting for, but of course I will miss him when he goes.  This is the life of a military family though, and we will get through it just like we always have.



The extent of who she is

Is masked by who she ought to be

Leaving her to remain

In a place far from acceptable


Few know the depths of her heart

And yet others know too much

Leaving her vulnerable

To the prying eyes of everyone


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post/Daily prompt – Depth

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It’s like Groundhog Day all over…


Why do I seem to forget

And why do I sometimes doubt

What your amazing love

Is really all about


I can feel you in the morning

Caressing me with your hands

Yet by nightfall I’ve forgotten

I just don’t understand


Your smile reminds me once more

As soon as I awake

And the reality of your love

Is really what’s at stake


And yet day after day

I place doubt into my mind

I even question my love for you

Waiting for you to remind


It’s like Groundhog Day all over

Remembering all that you’ve said

I hope that someday your promises

Will finally stick inside my head


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

True love…


“Love is when that special someone, makes you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and remembers to cut the crust off the bread and loads it up with a ton of crispy potato chips.”  ~M

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Strong and Determined


There’s a sadness

Which has grown

Though it seems to be

Slowly fading away with time

And yet I yearn

For even just a single day

Without melancholy


I tell myself…


I can fix this…

I can overcome this sense of loss…

I am strong…

I am determined…

I am not a weak frail soul without any hope…


And I know

That I will figure out a way

To be completely happy and content

Without having to pretend

That I’m okay


Because the alternative…

Well…. it isn’t even an option


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at:  pixabay.com

A voice of recognition…


Through the horrific

Screams of fright

A voice of recognition

Whispered in the night

Face now pale

And eyes quite wide

Whimpering and terrified

From the voices inside

A dim yet growing light

Began to fill the expanse

An alluring view

A sight which entranced

Abruptly her fear

Began to subside

As she questioned her life

Wondering if she had died

The vision she beheld

Was stunning in appearance

And she held her breath

Resigned to see its disappearance

And yet the presence instead

Came quite near

Suddenly reaching out

Wiping away all of her tears

The ethereal being

Began to cry too

And she was unsure

Of what she should do

Confusion marked

Her questioning face

As she looked upon a being

Of infinite love and grace

And as she gazed

She finally knew

This was her king

Most magnificent and true

Her heart soared

And a slight smile appeared

As the voices inside

Had completely disappeared

Her healer had come

To set her free from the pain

And forever in her life

She now knew he’d remain

Written by, Michelle Cook

*Dedicated to my daughter Amy who suffers from mental illness.  I am forever grateful to God, for blessing me with a daughter as wonderful as you.  You have helped strengthen my own faith, through the depth of your own.  ❤️Love always and forever, ~Mom xoxo

The Daily Post – Recognize

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Time for a short intermission


Hey everyone,

It’s time for me to take a short break, as I will be out of town for a few days.  In the meantime, I have a few things scheduled to post.  However, I doubt I will have much extra time to read your blogs or answer comments.  Please forgive me, and I promise to be back just as soon as I can.  Hope you have an amazing week!  Much love,  ~M xoxo

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Silly me…

Just picked up my fifteen year old daughter from a Super Bowl party.  I asked her who won and she said, “Oh the Patriots,” I asked her who they played, and she said…“Ummmm, Atlantis?”  I said, “You mean Atlanta?”  She replied, “Oh yeah, silly me… I’m tired.”

And yet for some crazy reason, I feel like I’m the silly one… I actually had no idea who was playing.  Lol…

Can you tell I’m a huge football fan?  😉



“Some people leave impressions on you, while others end up marrying you.”

~ A Soldier’s Walk

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Celebrating you and me… ❤️


I was completely carried away

By the words you dared not say

Yet there you were saying them to me

After a life of always wanting to be free

Something had convinced your heart

To find a way for us to never be apart

And although portions didn’t go as planned

You still offered me your willing hand

We had a very trying and uncertain start

Spending over eighteen months apart

And yet the letters you continued to write

Spoke of love and perseverance despite

Never was there a second thought

Because a forever is what we both sought

And so today we celebrate you and me

Just as happy as we could possibly be

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Thinking back…


Thinking back

On twenty-three years

I smile through

The awakened tears

Blessed memories

Of my life with you

Hard to believe

All we’ve been through

Recalling the good

And leaving the bad

Years spent apart

Were so terribly sad

It’s been a rough road

Along the way

So glad we both

Had the courage to stay

Together forever

With you by my side

Is where I hope

To always reside


Written by, Michelle Cook


Lost words



The ink dries

Before I’ve even begun

There’s nothing left to say

Conversations are done


Beautiful words

Saturated with meaning

Lost on a whim

No longer convening


Writing paper

Aching to be used

Balled up thoughts

Abandoned and abused


Empty ideas

Scattered like rain

Nothing left

Except silence and pain



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Unspoken Revelation


“Sometimes a lack of words reveals so much more than spoken words ever could.”  ~M

Photo credit: pixabay.com

It was the year 2117…

It was the year 2117, and a brand new shiny city had been built in the middle of the rain forest.  Strangely enough, there were hardly any trees left; just a few scattered vines growing haphazardly on some of the buildings.  The Amazon River wound its way through the spacious city and man-made islands could be seen throughout.  Streets were a thing of the past and boats and airplanes were too.  Those who were mentally strong enough, could travel instantaneously through mind control.  Others who lacked this ability, were at the mercy of those who could.

Most of the buildings sat atop wide pedestals and were sporadically spaced throughout the city.  Some were shaped like huge cigars standing on end, while others were shaped like flying saucers atop narrower single columned structures.  There were only a few ordinary looking buildings; and even those were all elevated off the ground.  A maze of passageways existed underneath the crowded city.  Vines crept and clung to the undersides of the buildings and the majority of the passages were dark and vacant.

Most people walked along netted bridges, which had been built high above the city.  These bridges seemed to connect most of the buildings together, so that people never really had to set foot on the ground.  The majority of people were very free with their bodies.  Little clothing was worn and most of the people seemed intoxicated and grungy looking.  There were quite a few structures built of woven bamboo.  These places were used mainly by the lower class citizens.  Many of the buildings did not even have rooftops, and were instead completely open to the elements.  The upper class citizens were mostly found in the taller buildings; which were all constructed of polished metal.

In the heart of the city, was a large open pavilion; and the view from this vantage point was breathtaking.  The pavilion was divided into sections by bamboo woven walls.  Each separate area held feasting tables, which ran the length of the open rooms.  The rooms were crowded and extra seats were nonexistent.  Food was not available for purchase; instead, neon-colored alcoholic beverages were served in shot glasses.  These colored concoctions littered the tables from one end to the next.

The rooms were filled with people, who appeared expressionless and incoherent.  One woman even had her newborn baby lying in front of her on the table.  The baby was malnourished and naked; untouched and unloved, with its umbilical cord still attached.  One of the woman’s breasts, rested along the edge of the table.  Allowing her baby to suckle while she proceeded to get wasted.  A sign above her read “Viewer Discretion Advised.”

Written by, Michelle Cook

Based on a dream… dreamt on February 2, 2017.

Sad day…


I know your heart

Is completely breaking

I see the toll

Your tears are taking

I understand

The pain you feel

A heartache like this

Is unbearably real

Just please realize

That I’m here for you

And let me know

If there’s anything I can do

I know you’re overwhelmed

With grief and despair

This dark cloud upon you

Seems so unfair

My thoughts and prayers

Are with you today

Wish my arms could wrap around you

On this very sad day

Written by, Michelle Cook

With much love to my dear friend who lost his sister today.  I am so very sorry…

May you feel God’s love shinning down upon you, today and always.  ❤️

The Daily Post prompt – Overwhelming

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So many sides to every troubled heart…


I often try to avoid

Those hidden shards of glass

Control what I say

Put on a fake mask


At times pure bliss

Swirls around my head

Can’t get enough

Of everything that’s said


Then there’s the days

Filled with great pain

Left alone standing

Out in the pouring rain


I look forward to moments

Where laughter exists

Yet times like those

Don’t often exist


So many sides

To every troubled heart

Love can either save us

Or rip us apart


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Amorous afternoon


Fresh clean linen

On ivory smooth skin

Upon her face

An amusing grin

A single white rose

Flawless in form

The only thing

Which she adorns

Scent of gardenia

Lingers in the air

Petals now embellishing

Her long auburn hair

Beauty of light

She blushes for him

Instinctively satisfying

His every whim

Pure sweet blessedness

Fills the room

In the quiet hush

Of the amorous afternoon

Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Clean, Scent

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Waves of Emotions



My emotions


From one day

To the next

My mind

Races frequently

And is often



I’ve watched

Sweet chivalry

Come unexpectedly

Then go


A wave of emotions

Swaying haphazardly

To and fro


Some days

Are exciting


Boring and bland


Fires up

At the touch

Of his warm hand



Every option

As he

Explores his own

Hoping In the end

For a place

We’ll both

Call home

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com



I resist the urge

To give up the fight

Understanding that He

Knows my plight

I have to trust

God knows best

Even when life

Leaves me distressed

I remind myself

It will work out

Because He understands

What it’s all about

Still I resist

His sovereign hand

Wanting things to go

As I have planned

Giving up control

Seems all I can do

The only way

I’ll ever get through


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Resist

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The Battle of Love


Oh why can’t we make love instead of war?


Isn’t love supposed to make the world go round?


And if a thing of beauty is a joy forever

Then where is this everlasting joy?


A soft answer surely turns away wrath

But what ends up taking its place?


I’m always hopeful that love will find a way

And yet the journey of a thousand miles must begin with that first step

I wonder… am I really ready to begin that expedition?


I’ve been reminded in recent days of how misery loves company

And a friend in need is a friend indeed

But if opportunity never knocks twice

Then how did I end up here?


Cold hands are supposed to equal a warm heart

So I’ve been looking for the chilliest weather I can find

But I know Rome wasn’t built in a day

And it seems that time is taking its own sweet time


It definitely takes two to tango

And you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

So where in the world does that leave me?


And don’t get me wrong…

I know you can’t win them all

But people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Especially since all is fair in love and war


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: Pixabay.com



The earth shattered

Then suddenly rolled away

Leaving her lifeless body

In ruin and decay

A tsunami came

And swept her out to sea

Leaving her to drown

In a deluge of murmured pleas

An inferno of flames

Caught her off guard

Leaving her breathless

Without any regard

Earthquakes erupted

And the world was swallowed whole

Leaving her shaken

In a place now dark and cold

Time soon left

Whirling the galaxy into a spin

Leaving her ruptured

From the chaos felt within


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Let us never forget…


Young and expecting

With you as my trusted friend

We had absolutely no idea

This is how it would end

Yet you saw my situation

And wanted to be there

You seemed the only one

Who really did care

And it didn’t take long

Before I saw something more

Beneath your kind smile

Someone I thoroughly adored

Before we even knew it

We had fallen in love

From morning till night

You were all I thought of

It’s been a million years

Since those fun-filled days

When we would sneak off

To laugh and to play

Those memories we shared

Will never be erased

Yet for a moment in time

They were somehow misplaced

Finding our way back

To those visions of the past

Has reminded us how love

Can be enduringly steadfast

So let us never forget

How far we have come

The battles we’ve faced

The hardships we’ve won

For if we choose to recall

The trials we’ve faced

The perseverance in our marriage

Will never be erased


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo taken at Point Lobos State Reserve, CA (1992) – We hung a camera from the tree and set the timer to get this picture.  No selfies back then!  I was several months pregnant, standing next to my then dear friend Brian, who eventually took pity on me and married me.  Lol…..  I always seemed to be wearing the baggiest clothes I could find.  I guess that was the style back then.  Wish we were still that young!



Only time knows…


You swept me away

To another place in time

As our lips embraced

And our bodies entwined


Your charm was intoxicating

My mind was a blur

You radiated confidence

And made my heart stir


Never in this life

Had I felt such bliss

Lost in the enchantment

Of your fiery kiss


If only these feelings

Could forever endure

And yet time is the only one

Who can completely assure


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

“A Thousand Years”

Heart beats fast
Colours and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Writer(s): David Hodges, Christina Perri

Dedicated to you…  I have died everyday, waiting for you…
I have loved you for a thousand years, and I’ll love you for a thousand more… ❤️  ~M xoxo

Far-off Friend


It’s hard to have a friend

Who lives far away

You begin to wonder

What you really can say

And if they’re far enough

They may even be sleeping

Whilst you’re at your desk

Perhaps daydreaming

And so it’s sometimes a challenge

To find time to converse

Especially if you can’t reach them

In this vast universe

It’s an inconvenience for sure

Yet one worth the attempt

For a true bosom friend

Deserves our utmost respect

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Crushing on words…


Oh words…

How I love you so

All I can say is

Please never go

I’d be a basket case

If you ever left

I wouldn’t survive

I‘d be completely bereft

I need the passion

Which you exude

You put me in

The best of moods

So promise me

You’ll never leave

I’m begging here

Down on my knees

I swear to make you

Sound real good

If you just visit

Like you should

I’ll even share you

With my friends

Perhaps you can visit

Their creative pens

The world needs you

But especially me

For you’re what makes

My heart soar free


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com




Love is a spontaneous thing
It often follows a dance in the rain
Love cannot be understood
The feeling of its presence overwhelms as it should
Love is a special reminder
Of God’s grace as our provider
Love cannot be mistaken
The heart will always feel as if its been shaken
Love is a light that grows brighter each day
It even shines in the night when there’s nothing left to say
Love of a true kind cannot be broken
The emotions it creates are overwhelming and unspoken
Love is a mysterious wonder
Careful… or it will pull you under

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Flames of affection


Sparks on a wire

Sizzle red hot

Incinerating quickly

Ready or not


Fire on a block

Smolders with ease

Taking its time

Sure to please


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: giphy.com

Him vs. Her – A New Chapter

For the last two years now, I have been very unsure about the future of my marriage.  The past sort of caught up with my husband and the present sort of caught up with me.  Needless to say, we were both at fault in different ways.  About four months ago, I had finally gotten to the point where I decided I was tired of trying.  In my mind, I just sort of gave up and decided it was time to figure out plan B.  I started picturing my life without him.  Wondering what I would do apart from him and where I would go.  We still have two children at home, so that was of course another concern of mine.  What would happen to them if we split up, how would we work it all out?  And yet I could never actually see us getting to the point of divorce.  I really couldn’t even fathom the idea of such a drastic decision.

After admitting to my husband that I didn’t think I could continue on the way things were, he in turn seemed to agree.  And yet divorce was the furthest thing from his mind.  His immediate response was to somehow fix what was broken in our marriage and strengthen the parts which looked salvageable.  For four months now, he has been trying very hard to turn things around.  I have to admit, I haven’t made things easy.  I have fought him every bit of the way, by not really believing any of what he’s been saying.  After years of empty promises, I didn’t want to allow myself to be tricked again.

His first response was to begin by writing me poetry; which is something he had never done in his entire life.  I remember reading the words he wrote during those first few months and thinking to myself… “He can’t really mean any of this.”  I thought… “This is just another one of his schemes to make me believe him, but it’s not going to last.” Over the years he would say he would try harder, but there was never any long lasting changes to support his efforts.  It was mostly just cheap talk and I knew I didn’t want to fall for that again.  I was finally ready to move on and I didn’t want to get sucked back into a life of false hopes.

Well it’s been four months now since he’s started blogging.  And I think the turning point for me was when he wrote this… Heart of Sadness.  Since then, I have begun to believe that he is truly being sincere.  He finally seems to understand and acknowledge how I’ve been feeling.  We tell each other everything, but I had often wondered if he was really hearing me.  I wasn’t sure if he understood that I didn’t feel the same kind of love for him anymore.  I wondered if he could live with that fact, or if it would ultimately destroy our marriage.  Yet the more we talked, the more I knew he understood, and he told me very sweetly that he just wanted me to be happy.

I suppose because he isn’t demanding my love, I am slowly finding my way back to him.  We have been making immense progress, and I am finally accepting that he really is changing for the better.  I’m starting to believe him when he tells me he loves me, and I’m hopeful once more that we can make our marriage work.  We will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary on the 5th of February and I’m excited to get away for a few days and just have some time alone with him.  We’ve literally spent half our lives together now, and both of us know that we can’t just throw all of that away.  I honestly just can’t picture my life without him, and I hope I never can.

So to my husband… aka, SW.  I have hope that we will make it, TTF…… ❤️  Love always, ~Me


I’ll meet you there…


I’ll meet you there under a splendid moonlit sky
Where lightning bugs play
And the clouds drift lazily by

I’ll meet you there under the watchful eye
Of the old spotted owl
Who calls from a glen nearby

I’ll meet you there under the ancient willow tree
Her soft tendrils reach out to embrace us
And then lazily recede to set us free

I’ll meet you there under the shimmering stars
Their comforting winks warm us
And smile down on us from afar

I’ll meet you there under the shadow of the hill
Her rugged terrain is blanketed for the eve
And her shadowy presence stands gloriously still

I’ll meet you there under the watchful gaze of the hidden gazelle
Their quiet presence is felt, but never seen
It’s a magical place here in which they dwell

I’ll meet you there under the cool breeze of the night
As the good Lord looks down upon us
And guides us with his glorious light

I’ll meet you there…

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  pixabay.com

What the He-double-hockey-sticks is going on here?

My daughter’s love books as much as I do, and so to suggest getting rid of any books in the house is strictly forbidden. Well, somehow I forgot this simple rule this morning. I have been trying to declutter our house and the girls have so many books, that some of them are even piled on the floor in their bedroom. So I was merely suggesting to my third born (15), that instead of getting another bookshelf (we have 8 in our house already) that perhaps we might instead, just go through some of the books and get rid of a few.

Well, within about two seconds of uttering those forbidden words, my forth born (8), comes running down the hallway towards the bedroom.  With a complete look of bewilderment upon her face, she stood there in the doorway looking at me and then to her sister.  Then with hands on her hips, she said, “What’s going on here?!?” I’m sure if she’d been older, the word “Hell” would have been included in that question.

Anyway, after seeing the confused looks upon both of their faces, I decided to say nothing more and dropped the subject altogether. I suppose another bookshelf is in order. Sigh… 🙄

The Daily Post prompt – Simple

The creative intellect of the pen…


I love the rush of the pen
As it dives right in
The spark it creates
Never once does it hesitate
The flow of the ink
Creating emotions that speak
A life of its own
Spilling out to set the tone

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  pixabay.com

Make sure to carry your burdens like stinky old socks.

“Let your burdens be like water and your blessings be like honey.”  ~M

Well today should be considered one of the worst days I’ve had so far this year, and yet I sort of just feel like laughing right now.  And yet earlier in the week, when I couldn’t have had a better day (that’s just how amazing it was), all I wanted to do was cry.

I am really starting to question my sanity at this point.  I have to say though, if what I faced today is really one of the worst days I could have, than I really should be counting my blessings.  So many people are facing much worse issues than I am.  I guess it all just comes down to perspective.  We can either let that bad day get to us, or we can say to ourselves, “It could have been much worse, time to move on…”

So I’ve decided to let the burdens of this day, sort of run off my back.  Yes, they are still here, but I’m choosing to carry them lightly; sort of like you carry a dirty, stinky old sock.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it will be a whole lot better.  I’m choosing to be positive about the things which I cannot change about today.  Hope you are too!

Much love, ~M xoxo

Being thankful…


Thank God for our husbands

Who show us their love

Their dedication to us

Is a gift from above

Thank God for our friends

Who show us they care

Even when they can’t always

Be physically there

Thank God for our children

Who are full of blessed cheer

Each house is filled with joy

Whenever they are near

Thank God for our homes

Where we are kept safe at night

Sheltered in His presence

All worries fade from our sight

Thank God for our food

Which He graciously gives

We have hardly a care

Except to be happy and live

Thank God for our lives

Each one is blessed in amazing ways

We have much to be grateful for

Throughout all of our days

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Holding on to saving grace


There’s days when we simply feel

Completely downtrodden and worthless

Dismal days when our past afflictions

Easily break through to the surface

And it seems nothing can contain

A heart which is full of despair

Sometimes it just needs to be freed

Perhaps find a breath of fresh air

There’s times when we successfully manage

To break free of our private pain

And those days eventually help us to overcome

The times when we’re mentally strained

It’s all about looking back to the moments

When we’ve found a bit of saving grace

And carrying those memories with us

So that we always have them just in case

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com




The streets were barren

And the air was stale

She shuddered at the sight

And grew cold and pale

This place she called home

Annihilated by a blast

Erasing the memories

From her now faded past

Left in eerie quiet

No flicker of life found

Fearing the shadows

For what might be around

Stepping lightly

Hardly daring to exhale

Praying with every footstep

That she would prevail

Yet there she was

Alone amongst the ash

The result of many nations

Who undeniably clashed

The aftermath of hostility

Had come with a great cost

She just one of the many

Left broken and lost


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Devastation

Photo credit: pixabay.com


Blue hazy streams of light
Serenely fall
Creating silent shadows
That cascade down my wall

Mysterious flickers
Dance through the night
Permeating the spaces
That are void of light

These magical beams
Cast illuminating hues
Of greens, purples,
And brilliant blues

Amazed and in awe
Of their brilliant show
I am mesmerized by
Their enlightening glow

These surreal tints
Soothe my worn out soul
As events of the year
Have surely taken their toll

Captivated by
This radiant and alluring sight
I am reminded of all
That is resplendent and bright

As the night slowly fades
And the morning draws near
The message the moonlight brings
Is perfectly clear

Even in the darkest of places
Light can filter in
Leaving behind a sense of peace
And happiness within

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at:  pixabay.com



Not a single person seemed to notice

The poor lad who was losing his will to fight

For the vast majority of the world

Was simply lost in their own plight


He felt completely rejected and alone

And because nobody seemed to care

He became tragically caught up

In the enemies sly and evil snare


Feeling certain of his unimportance

He gave up on his passions and dreams

And the world lost an amazing person

Never noticing he had come loose at the seams


And nobody will ever know now

What greatness his life could have brought

Because everyone was too consumed with their own lives

Never giving the poor lad a second thought


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Oversight

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Illusion of Success


The illusion of a strong successful man or woman

Is very easy to fake

He or she just has to be bold in their approach

And dare not hesitate

Unfortunately wearing a tough face

Doesn’t mean someone’s free of issues

For all you know that same man or woman

Could be needing an entire box of tissues

All I’m really trying to say

Is there’s a mask most people wear

So many of us we just don’t see it

Which leaves us misinformed and unaware

So when you look at someone’s exterior

And you think… “They’ve got it all going on”

I sincerely ask you to think again

Because I’m betting you’re entirely wrong


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Successful

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The day truth rained down


She was bathed

In fragrant petals

As his luminous love

Rained down

Glimmering rays

Of flawless light

Began to sprinkle

Across the ground

She was flooded with

Profound wonder

As whispers of truth

Began to descend

And pristine streams

Of unblemished ecstasy

Vowed to carry her

To the triumphant end


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com






I try very hard to hide

Everything inside

Anything to forget

What I dare not admit


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Privacy

Photo credit: pixabay.com

My Rescuer



Angelic White stallion

Blazing blood red

Thunderous gallops

Pounding inside my head

This vision of you

Beautiful and frightening

Steadfast and true

Fast as lightening

I fall to my knees

A disheveled mess

Yet you rescue me

From the pit of distress

Taking my hand

Easily pulling me free

Your hand lifting my face

You’re all I can see

The burdens of this world

Vanish as I say your name

I’m yours now and forever

Life will never be the same


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com



My muse is gone

And life feels all wrong

No words left to say

Since they’re far away

It’s too quiet here

Without them near

Think I need a reprieve

So I can quietly grieve

For my muse is gone

And they’ve taken my song


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com




You’ve kissed away

A thousand tears

And twisted apart

A long chain of fears

Just trying to mend

These broken years

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Technical Difficulties…

I’ve been experiencing some problems since yesterday with WordPress, and the support technicians are working to figure it all out.  Until then, I can’t access any WordPress.com sites while I’m logged into WordPress, not even my own.  For some reason being logged in, prevents me from doing this.  So I’m very sorry, but this means I can’t like or comment on anybody’s blog posts right now.  Hopefully it will all get taken care of soon.  Until then, at least I can still post.  Oh well… life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without these lovely little hiccups.  I can at least be happy that the weekend is nearly here.  Hope all of you have a good one!  ~M

*Update 1/21/2017 – I’m actually now able to get onto a few WordPress sites while logged in, but not all of them.  So strange…. and I still can’t access my own site.

*Update 1/22/2017 – All of this seems to be getting worse.  I can no longer view scheduled posts either.  Haven’t heard a word from the support technicians, but I’m betting it’s because they’re swamped with this same issue affecting other people.

*Update 1/23/2017 – Everything is up and running.  It took support the weekend and a little bit of this morning to fix most of the issues.  Still having some problems with the app on my phone.  Notifications still show up as unread after I’ve read them.  The only fix is to log onto the computer and read them there.  I can at least get by with this problem.  Just so glad I can finally view websites again.



Her dreams of leisure

Quickly fade

As she’s overworked

And underpaid


This nine to five

Has got her beat

And her social life

Is obsolete


She often dreams

Of something more

Yet never finds

An open door


Upon her face

Anxiety shows

A life of chaos

Is all she knows


She prays her burdens

Will someday leave

For she hasn’t the time

To sit and grieve


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Overworked

Photo credit: pixabay.com

You and me…


Your smile brings me happiness

Your eyes make me blush

Your arms force me to slow down

When I find myself in a rush

Your words give me comfort

Your lap makes the perfect seat

Your lips ignite a passion

Before we drift off to sleep

Your laugh makes me feel giddy

Your touch seeks to thrill

Your mouth says you’ll stay

And I believe you always will

Your soul seeks me out

Your embraces draw me near

Your body protects me

So I have nothing to fear

Your faith connects us

Your will has no end

Your devotion to me is something

In which I can always depend

Your gentleness soothes me

Your actions seek to convince my heart

Your kindness persuades me

And I think I’d feel lost if we were apart

Your affection has deepened

Your allegiance conveys the truth

Your love always feels authentic

And I yearn to spend a lifetime with you


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Make me remember…


Today I got up and I did what I wanted to do

And yet I forgot dear Lord to look for you

I was missing something all day long

And for the life of me I didn’t know what was wrong

The day is now coming to its final end

And I’m so tired Lord and my eyes are dim

I’m finally resting in my old familiar chair

And I’ve quieted myself and sense you’re there

I just now realized I was missing you all day

Oh why didn’t I just stop and hear what you wanted to say

I get so busy with my life as a mom

And I forget to ask for your help to make me strong

I try to do everything all on my own

Which only leaves me feeling so very alone

I hope when tomorrow comes I’ll remember you’re there

Please make yourself known to me and make me aware


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  pixabay.com

There’s one good thing…


There’s one good thing

About feeling blue

You begin to do more

Than you ever thought you could do

Because frustration unleashes

Our stubborn side

And we can’t give in

For we must be justified


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Each life impacts another…


You never know what kind of impression you could make on someone

You never understand the impact you may have on a person’s heart

You never see the overall affect you could have on someone’s life

You never completely grasp how your mere existence could change a person’s future

You never foresee the incredible difference you might make for someone

You never contemplate how much a person could eventually need you

You never realize just how important you might end up being to someone

You never really think about the incredible influence you may have on a person’s life

You never perceive how significant your own life is to someone

And yet you have changed and forever altered somebody’s life, just by merely being you

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Invitation



A lipstick sealed letter

Containing a heart so true

Intrigued his wandering mind

Left him wondering what to do


A million exciting thoughts

Permeated his eager young head

Yet the thought of a forever

Filled him with uncertainty instead


He couldn’t fathom the idea

Of being tied to only one

And thus his life of anguish

Began before he’d even begun


Cold as the letter became

He finally accepted the invitation

Yet those words of love grew stale

And eventually lost their motivation


The young man hadn’t realized

That love and devotion can often expire

And in the end he was left

Completely alone and uninspired


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Invitation

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Blessings & Curses


“Learn to write your curses in the sand and carve your blessings into stone.”

~Author unknown

Photo credit: pixabay.com




Everyone gathers
To run the race
Each one hoping
They’ll set a good pace

The chance for glory
Is the vast motivation
Determined faces
Are a familiar indication

Each runner has trained
In hopes of a win
And as they near the finish line
Fans holler and grin

The race isn’t easy
The path is steep
And quite a few participants
Begin to creep

A sudden gust of wind
Encourages each athlete
Pushing them along
The sun beaten concrete

Eventually the end
Draws to a close
For the lucky winner
Now finally shows

There’s still so many others
Following behind
Yet this fortunate runner
Has been given peace of mind

For winning the race
Is the ultimate reward
An honor very few
Have ever adorned

Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Marathon

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Yes, I admit I’m a hermit



Yes I admit I’m a hermit

Some people don’t like it one bit

But I really do enjoy my time alone

So please don’t throw a fit

This recluse life it suits me

For I have not many friends

But there’s one thing I’ve got plenty of

And that’s tons and tons of pens

So though I may be a solitarian

I’m certainly doing just fine

For I’ve got me a load of paper

And plenty of words in which to rhyme

Having company hinders my thinking

The creative process just can’t flow

So if you come by a knocking

I’ll probably just tell you to go


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com



Just pray

These are the words I hear you say

Just hope

These are words which help me cope

Just love

These are the words sent from above

Just trust

These are the words I know I must

Just live

These are the words I need to give

Just try

These are the words which make me sigh

Just be

These are the words which set me free

Just let go

These are the words I still don’t know

Written by, Michelle Cook

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Addictively Alluring

Brilliantly Bright

Colorfully Cute

Delightfully Dainty

Entirely Edible

Flirtatiously Fruity

Generally Gemlike

Handsomely Hard

Impressively Ideal

Juicy Jewels

Kissable Kaleidoscopes

Lavishly Loved

Marvelously Made

Noticeably Noteworthy

Outrageously Orgasmic

Pleasantly Petite

Questionably Quaint

Reasonably Resplendent

Secretly Satisfying

Tangibly Tangy

Unbelievably Unique

Visually Vibrant

Weirdly Wonderful

XoXoXo XoXoXo

Yielding Yumminess

Zealously Zesty



Written by, Michelle Cook

If you’d like to participate in this challenge.  Please choose a favorite food, and come up with your own poem using all the letters of the alphabet.  Link back to this post if you decide to try it.  I would really love to see what all of you come up with!  ~M

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Written by, Michelle Cook

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The Daily Post – Unseen

Here’s where I live…

Yes, this is where I live…   Hope you enjoy the tour!  ~M

Don’t forget to live…


“You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you are.”

  ~Aurora – from movie “Passengers”

A great movie, with an even better underlying message.  Go see it!

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A quick update…

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give all of you a quick update.  Since the start of the new year, I have been trying to figure out a way to make this year better than last.  I know I can’t have a repeat of last year, as it nearly killed me.  So after doing a lot of thinking over the last couple of weeks, I have decided that I really need to focus more of my time on novel writing.  I also want to make some changes here on WordPress.  So you may see me introducing a variety of new and different types of blog posts from here on out.  Another thing is, I am no longer going to be active on social media.  So Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… have all been removed from my phone.  These platforms have just become too much of a distraction for me and I can’t seem to focus on the work that I need to get done because of it.  I may decide to check those accounts once a month if I have some free time, but I definitely won’t be on there more often than that.  Anyway, here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to make some progress this year.  Hope all of you are doing the same.  Love you guys!  ~M  xoxo



Poor little Miss Muffet

Sat on a stray crumpet

After eating her fill for the day

She said “Oh my!”

Then she laughed and she cried

For her gluttony

Only brought her dismay


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com




The ice so thin

I dared not tread

Afraid to step forward

And find you dead

Even a breath

Seemed too much to take

Imagined us both

Winding up in the lake

Suddenly the ice

Began to crack

The noise was deafening

There was no going back

I dared not move

From my place

Still you disappeared

Without a trace

Nothing could save you

Though I tried to help

The ice broke further

Then began to melt

In the very end

It was all too late

Your body was gone

I cried at our fate


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Destiny’s decision



Life isn’t always easy

Often leaves me feeling queasy

And yet what can we really do

This plan isn’t owned by me and you

It may be our journey

Our path, our road

And yet ultimately we have no choice

Just gotta do what we’re told

Our fate, our destiny

Were decided long ago

We have no other options

Some dreams we must forgo


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Behind every heartache…



Behind every heartache

There is a reason

For every disappointment

There is a praise

Behind every misunderstanding

There is a lesson

For every setback

There is a benefit

Behind every curse

There is a blessing

For every situation

There is an answer

Behind every problem

There is a God who cares


Written By, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Fighting back



I’m fighting back

I won’t let go

This is my life

So let it be so

I won’t be miserable

The enemy can’t win

I refuse to be imprisoned

Again and again


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  pixabay.com

For you babe…



Through everything we’ve faced

You’ve stayed by my side

Been willing to let me go

If that’s what I decide

Some days you’re just my friend

Other days a compassionate lover

And we haven’t given up the hope

Of forever being with each other

Thank you for making me smile

For showing me how much you care

Reminiscing about the past today

Reminded me of how much we’ve really shared

I know going forward won’t be easy

Because my heart has been rearranged

Yet I see how much you’re trying

Hopeful that my heart will be willing to change

You know there’s days I don’t want to be here

Days when I refuse to forgive and forget

I often wish we could just go back

And start all over from when we first met

I suppose neither one of us would still be here

If we didn’t believe in something more

I want to find what’s been missing

And truly see the man I used to love and adore


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Is true happiness really achievable?

My goal for 2017 was to bring happiness to others.  We’re only ten days in, and I already feel like the exact opposite has occurred.  It really seemed like such an easy task too.  I thought I could just be more positive, portray an air of happiness, and then everyone else would just follow suit.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?  Lead by example and everyone will follow… am I right?  And yet it hasn’t worked at all.

I know I’m not very good at hiding my true feelings, but I thought I was doing a really good job of at least controlling the negative ones.  I suppose I’ve come to the conclusion, that I can’t fool anyone, least of all myself.  I’m trying desperately to hide behind the positives though.  It’s the only way I can continue to live, without completely drowning in my own sorrows.  Its mind over matter… don’t you think?  Isn’t that the only way any of us can really survive?

We often try to fool ourselves into thinking we’re happy, because that’s what everyone is after.  We all want that wonderful happy life, which is so often fakely displayed everywhere we look.  Do you really believe that smiling family on Facebook, is happily living life free of any problems or issues?  And see this is the problem, we believe everyone else has everything so easy and so perfect, when in actuality, true happiness doesn’t really exist.

We need to realize that we aren’t ever going to be completely happy on this earth, or in this life, because that’s an impossibility.  It’s unfortunate though, because we live with the idea that it’s achievable, which only makes us feel like complete failures when we never obtain a perfectly happy life.  Having hope is one thing, but we’ve got to be realistic as well.

So I’m changing my goal for 2017.  I don’t want to bring happiness to others, but I want to show others how to find slivers of happiness right where they are.  In the misery and agony of our imperfect lives, there are sometimes moments of happiness. Fleeting as they are, we need to hold onto those moments, and bring them back into focus on those particular days, when grief overtakes our sad little lives.  We certainly can’t give up and quit, just because things aren’t going our way.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.  I’m not even sure any of what I’m saying is making any sense.  All I know is, I can’t continue to live my life waiting for perfection.  This is it, this is my God given life; and I’d better make the best of it, or I may not have one left at all.



This is the fun loving side of me

The part the world wants to see

This is how I’m supposed to be

Genuinely happy and always carefree

This is the how it’s supposed to end

With a forgiving heart I am to mend

Living the life which He did intend

Accepting my fate I dare not contend


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The good times and bad…



I thank the good Lord

For the good times and the bad

Although it would be awfully nice

To never have to be sad

And yet it makes me appreciate

Much more of the good

By facing the days sorrows

Miracles can be found and understood

And when we see impossible happenings

Lighting up our darkest days

We begin to see possibilities

In everything we hope for and pray

The Lord can be gracious

When we believe he will answer our requests

It’s such a simple thing to do

And can leave us feeling so wonderfully blessed

Written by, Michelle Cook

Quote found at: pixabay.com

You will always be my treasured friend…


I thought I’d lost someone today.  Someone who has filled a void in my heart, like nobody else ever has.  I can’t imagine going through the rest of my life without this sweet person.  They mean the world to me and have become my closest and most trusted confidant.  I have never had a friend quite like this particular one, and the thought of losing them left me feeling heartbroken. 

I tried to go about my day as usual, but eventually the tears erupted for the millionth time and I could no longer hold back how terrible I felt.  My hubby tried to console me, tried to reassure me that I hadn’t lost them.  And yet I’m still not quite sure where I stand. 

My daughter Autumn came up to me this morning and asked me what she should draw for art class.  Thinking about how happy this friend of mine has always made me feel, I told her to draw what makes her the happiest.  A little while later, she brought back this picture of me and her.  It was the sweetest gesture and a drawing I will always treasure, because happiness to her, means her and me together.   

Happiness is always about having those special people in our lives that mean the most to us.  We cannot even hope for anything better.  So to my dear friend C… If you by chance happen to read this.  You will always be a treasured friend to me and I love you as if you are part of my family.  I prayed my whole life for somebody like you, so please don’t ever forget how much you mean to me. 


Love, ~M  xoxo

When life seeks to throw us in the pits.



I can’t lie because there’s days

When I want to throw in the towel

And after enough days like those

I wonder how I’ll get through life at all


A battle seems to be forever brewing

Somewhere lurking just out of my reach

Tempting me to give up everything

And forget to practice what I preach


After being out in the battlefield

For any extended length of time

I feel I become another victim

In a string of unnecessary crimes


And it’s hard to bounce back again

When life seeks to throw us in the pits

I have a difficult time climbing out

Which is challenging for me to admit


Yet by and by I get through it all

These struggles I try to keep hidden

Someday I hope I’m strong enough

To just finally say good riddance



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com


Stormy weather


High above my head
Is a dark and stormy cloud
But a little bit of rain
Won’t dampen my shroud
Because the sun is peeking
Out from underneath
Just waiting for a chance
To evaporate my grief

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The woes of everyday life…

It was early New Year’s Eve morning.  A knock on my bedroom door, and a small little voice alerted me to the fact that something wasn’t quite right.  The little voice proceeded to make her way into the bedroom, and with a very firm and demanding tone she said, “Mommy, you need to take me to the doctors right now!”

I immediately flung myself out of the bed and ran to my littlest daughter.  I expected blood to be trailing off somewhere, maybe from a missing limb or a fractured skull.  Not seeing the cause for such an alarm, I asked her what was wrong.  She said, “Mommy, come here!  I’ll show you!”  In which she proceeded to drag me to the other side of the house and into the bathroom we went.  “See mommy look!  My poop is all big and messy and I had to sit in here for a whole hour!”

Her eyes were crazy and wild looking, as she seemed to have no concept or recollection of ever having diarrhea in her entire life.  I almost started to laugh, as her demanding little face pleaded with me to help her make some sense of this agonizing experience.  So I began to explain to this child of eight, that she just had a stomach bug, and that she would soon be better.  I ended up giving her some anti-diarrheal medicine, sat her in front of the television, and told her that no matter what, she was not to eat anything until her stomach righted itself.

Well since it was still so early, I decided to go back to bed and see if I could get a few more minutes of shut eye in before enduring further chaos.  Climbing back into bed, my husband proceeded to tell me that she had been throwing up several hours earlier.  I was completely shocked by his statement and I said, “What do you mean?  Where was I? And who cleaned everything up?  He just simply smiled and said, “I took care of it all, I didn’t want to wake you up.”

I was completely dumbfounded by the fact that I had not woken up and even more shocked that my husband had cleaned everything up by himself.  To imagine him enduring that grueling task all by himself, made me feel so very guilty for not being there, and blessed at the same time, for having a husband who would attend to such a mess himself.

Now that a week has passed, I was sure we had sailed that ship, and didn’t expect to see the boat return so quickly.  And yet unfortunately, there was another reoccurrence of the entire event last night.  Only this time, hubby was at work, and I was left to attend to my poor child who was squirting from both ends.

Of course I’ve told all of you before, Autumn is my happy child.  Always smiling, always thankful, and through it all, she was thanking me for helping her, and smiling up at me and snuggling next to me, once the squirting eventually stopped.  This time she seemed like she had a better handle on what was going on, and didn’t seem so eager to rush to the emergency room.

Fortunately, my daughter Autumn is rarely sick, and so the week before had been the very first time in her eight year old life that she had experienced any kind of a flu bug.  I’m guessing that nursing her for the first two years of her life, is the reason behind her incredible immunity to illness.  I nursed her the longest and it really has made a difference when I compare her to my other daughters and how often they were all sick.

Anyway, today I am thankful for a child who can still find something to smile about, despite having the stomach flu, and I am thankful for a husband who surprised me last week, and took on a task that most people would shudder to do.  This time around, I sure was missing his help, and I am so tired today because of being up all night.  Fortunately my daughter is feeling better once more, and I’m just hoping and praying that we don’t have another repeat of this in another week.

Hope all of you are having a fantastic week and starting the New Year off on the right foot.  Remember when things don’t go as planned, tomorrow is a new day.  A chance to start over, another opportunity to get over the many hurdles, and carry on with God’s plan for your life.  It may not always be rosy, and you may face a few battles.  Just don’t ever give up!  Love you guys so much.  Hang in there, the weekend is finally here!  ~M xoxo

I miss you…



Oh I lost a follower today

The internet just whooshed them away

I thought they were here to stay

But at last they went anyway

I never thought I’d see the day

When a follower would go on his way

And now the sky has become dark and gray

Because someone didn’t want to be here and play

I can’t believe they didn’t want to hear me say

How much I’ve really missed them today


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The love He gives…



When the day is long

And the night is short

It is in Him

We must resort

For on our own

We cannot live

We must accept

The love He gives


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Good morning disappointment!


Good morning disappointment,

So nice to see your face!

And depression you get back here,

We have a meeting with disgrace!


Worry, please make the coffee

And remind Mistake to join us too.

Regret, you bring the cookies

And bring more than just a few!


Anguish, I hope you sent the email,

Reminding everyone else to be here.

And Woe, have you been introduced

To our new employee whose name is Fear?


If so, could you please bring her to me?

While I finish this paperwork with Dread.

I need to get all of this done quickly

So we can all meet, then move ahead.


Oh hello there Fear, you’re such a dear

I’d like to welcome you to your very first day.

Let me know if there’s anything you need

There’s a meeting soon and I invite you to stay.


Alright everyone, gather round

We’ve got so much to review!

I’ve got great things to tell you

Before I bid you all adieu!


Confusion, I’m counting on you to take notes

While I sit here next to Distraction.

I can’t wait to tell you this wonderful news,

And I’m so excited to see your reactions!


I really am glad that our friend Hope,

Called in sick today.

Because the rest of you, are all fired!!!

So now be gone on your merry way!


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com






Hope whispered a promise

Quietly in her ear

Reminding her that happiness

Would eventually draw near


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com



Joy can be found

In the most remote places

It can also be seen

On our sweet children’s faces


Joy can be captured

On very rare occasions

Or during the most obvious

Of familiar celebrations


Joy can be felt

In the midst of despair

Although during these times

It is often quite rare


Joy can be critical

To a broken heart

And help us in times

When we need a fresh start


Joy can be forgotten

In moments of great distress

And then suddenly remembered

When anguish becomes less


Joy can be unexpected

And fill our hearts with delight

It can flood our weary thoughts

And make everything turn out right


Joy can be given

By all who are happy to share

It just takes a simple heart

One willing to love and to care


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com





Certain people…


Isn’t it funny how certain people

Seem to make time stand still

There are just those certain persons

Who can give us quite a thrill

And it’s only every so often

That we meet such a friend

And the boundaries of their love for us

Seem to have no beginning or end

We just sort of mesh

In an amazing kind of way

There is never a single moment

Without something to do or say

And when you have a friend like this

You can’t help but want them near

Because it’s such a rare thing

To find a person this dear


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: getbuttonedup.com



The possibilities are endless

So what holds us back?

With a new year ahead

Can we ever get back on track?

And as I ponder these things

I’m certainly left to wonder

For all I’ve really seen

Is a life filled with blunders

I think…

Can we ever really become

Who we think we would like to be?

And I find myself so often questioning

If this is even a possibility

With all of the mistakes we’ve made

Day after day and year after year

The heartache we continuously go through

And all the many trials and the tears

It’s a wonder sometimes

How we make it through a single solitary day

And I contemplate if it’s truly possible

To ever find our rightful and predestined way

Oh don’t get me wrong

I know some people discover their place

They work hard and often compete

And then they finally win that long awaited race

But not everyone can be

That manly conquering hero

And by this world’s standards

Many of us are just a big fat zero

So considering the fact

That not everyone can be a title-holder

What does that mean for the rest of us?

Must we endeavor to be somewhat bolder?

Will our extra efforts finally gain us

A few accomplishments or a smidgen of success?

Or will we just permanently remain

Living life forever failing to impress?

And why does it matter anyway?

Do we really need to keep up with everyone else?

Isn’t it much more important

To just be happy and be ourselves?

And yet that brings me back to the beginning

Can we really be what we want to be?

Or are we already there

Only just distracted by all that we see?


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at: escapeintolife.com

My friend Oneta…


Oh sweet Oneta

You are such a dear

Whenever you’re around

You bring such cheer


I always feel blessed

By everything you say

And the joy you bring to others

Never seems to fade away


You’re a gift from God

A rare gem in this life

Seeking to help others

And take away their strife


Thank you my friend

For showing me God’s love

I truly believe

You were sent from heaven above


Written by, Michelle Cook

*Dedicated to my lovely friend Oneta.  Please visit her amazing blog here.  Love you Oneta!  ❤ xoxo

Photo credit: becuo.com

Leaving the past behind…

Happy New Year!

Leaving behind 2016 is a welcome relief for me.  I would say it was probably one of the worst years of my life, and yet in the midst of the ugliness of it all, there were countless blessings that came out of it.  So looking back, I wouldn’t want 2016 to go any differently than it did.  I realize the pain and heartache had to come, in order for the renewal and blessings to be fulfilled.

I suffered severe depression over the past year, and tried to hide it from my family and friends.  I prayed countless times that God would take me from this world and allow me to escape the suffering which I felt I could no longer face.  I ended up with what doctors thought was perhaps a cancerous tumor.  I thought this is it, this is what I prayed for, and this is how I will die.

Then reality hit me and I thought to myself, what have I been doing?  Why have I been praying to leave my family who obviously needs me right now?  My girls had both announced that they were getting married, and my two youngest were still being home schooled by me.  I felt so selfish and such guilt for asking for such a terrible thing.  I knew I deserved whatever happened to me at that point, and I believe I still do depending on what happens in the future.

For now, my doctors believe that I am fine.  The results of all of my tests look good.  I am supposed to go back this February to have all of the tests repeated to confirm everything is still good.  I am at the point where I don’t even want to have those tests repeated.  I feel good and I just don’t see the need to go through everything again.  I have yet to decide what I will do.

While going through the cancer scare, I felt like I was going through it alone.  I didn’t feel the comfort and love from my husband that I really needed, and because of that, I ended up resenting him even more than I already did.  We had been through so much the year prior and nothing had been resolved.  I thought here’s the time I need you most, and you still aren’t here for me.  I felt like nobody was really there.  Yes, I was having my own little pity party, even though I had prayed for it to happen.  I wonder why we do these things to ourselves.  I look back and shake my head; because realistically, I only had myself to blame.

I think I spent most of 2016, just trying to figure out how to change my frame of mind.  I was tired of being unhappy, tired of being in a marriage where I didn’t feel loved, tired of not having any real friends, and mostly tired of feeling lonely.  I tried to relay how