September Writing Prompts


As many of you have probably noticed, I often create writing prompts for myself and try to incorporate those prompts into my daily writing.  So this month, I decided to create some writing prompts for all of you to use as well.  I plan to try and use as many of these as I can myself.  I will be posting the results of my writing efforts on my other blog.  And for those of you who have not visited my new blog yet, here’s the link.  Please tag me in your post if you decide to participate.  I’d love to see what you’ve written.  Have a very blessed September!  ~M xoxo

Writing Prompts September 2017

  1. I tried to say goodbye
  2. Meadows of light
  3. The crack in the corner
  4. Silly putty
  5. Creases of the heart
  6. Orange dumplings
  7. Willy nilly
  8. Looming chaos
  9. Paper stars
  10. Empty Promises
  11. Cigars and bourbon
  12. A feathery kiss
  13. Illusionary dreams
  14. Once a treasure
  15. Splintered fragments
  16. A marked discovery
  17. Perceptions of life
  18. A generous portion
  19. Tragedy spelled misery
  20. Applesauce pie
  21. Sprinkled with love
  22. Fountain of fizz
  23. Blanketed in bliss
  24. Profound destiny
  25. A pinch of happiness
  26. Peppered pickles
  27. The silvery substance
  28. The embers erupted
  29. Between the lines
  30. Scattered rose petals

188 responses to “September Writing Prompts

  1. Silly putty. Fun. M, am I supposed to be linking here when I post my entry? I think I’m linking to yours correctly.

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  7. devereaux frazier

    Reblogged this on Creative Writing Reblogged and commented:
    This sounds like fun

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  12. Good morning, Michelle. I’ve posted “Meadows in Light.” Thanks.

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  14. I’m in today, M.
    Sorry I didn’t mention you today. I try to do that next time, along with your link. Thanks. You sure came up with a wide variety of topics. 😀

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  15. You’re awesome! 🙂

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  17. I might try one or two, although I’m not very good at prompts.

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  18. You are so organized.

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  21. Love this! I’m definitely participating! Link to your new site or this one?

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  22. Ooo a whole month of writing prompts! I’ve just finished my job and have a few weeks of nothing so this should keep my occupied 😛 Thank you, this is awesome!

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