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Pure imagination

seeps from his mind.

Thoughts and words

flowing overtime.


Brilliant writings

in every shape and form.

All meant to bless,

comfort, and warm.


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Brown Eyes

His brown eyes
Just won’t leave me
That stare of his
Nothing short of dreamy
Another look
My thoughts run deeper
Unsure of what to do
My heart races back to you
Feeling compelled now
I can’t look away
In the depths of his eyes
I’ve completely run astray
I’m lost now
It can’t be denied
Ruined forever
From these feelings inside
Time stands still
As I watch him come near
My old thoughts and dreams
Replaced now with fear
I jolt for the door
Resisting the urge
I’ve got to escape
These feelings that surge
Running in haste
Leaving brown eyes a blur
I succeed for the moment
Not causing much stir
Anxiously hoping
All is not lost
From an enraptured moment
That will come with a cost
Finding myself in another room
He enters in quietly
And I’m filled with doom
He reaches out his hand
As a gesture of kindness
All I can think of is
Immoral, unrighteous
Not trying to seem
All but ungracious
I reach out my hand
And dream of embraces
His brilliant brown eyes
Reach down to my soul
Tempting me from realms
Completely foreign and unknown
Thank God for the truth
When I finally awaken
It’s all just a dream
My earth is not shaken

Written by, Michelle Cook

The clouds are falling…



The clouds begin to slump

Against the piercing blue sky

Capturing my attention

They begin to gather and cry


Soon their tears encompass

The radiant unsuspecting land

Saturating the meadows

With the swipe of an invisible hand


Lightening appears

And the ground begins to shudder

Frozen from the icy cold

I soon begin to stutter


Nothing can distract me

From what my eyes behold

As the blueness of the sky

Changes to an angry sort of gold


Even the glint of an approaching bolt

Cannot sway my decision

And the storm begins to mock me

With near perfect precision


Compelled by unknown forces

I stand in awe of the illuminating sight

Bewitched by the spectacular view

I gaze in pure delight


The stunning light finally reaches me

Left unconscious by the fateful blow

Carried off to an impressive heavenly realm

To a place one can never outgrow


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com