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Defining Character


Her worn hands were tired

And so was her weary mind

She spent her days working

For the spoiled and unkind


Her days were long

And her nights were short

Yet through all the struggles

She remained a good sport


She tried her best

To satisfy every need

Of her rich employer

Who was laden with greed


Through the years

She remained faithful and kind

And everyone missed her

On the day she resigned


She still has not been forgotten

As she was loved for her gentle ways

Seems it’s our character which defines us

Even beyond our earthly days


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: Tired hands and mind.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

Man of God…


The strength of your heart shows in your demeanor
The meaning behind your words always runs deeper

A true man of God your spirit is contagious
And by his love you’ve been made strong and courageous

Your positive energy brings warmth to my heart
Your kind and caring ways set you apart

I could tell from the beginning that you were someone I could trust
I know without a doubt that you would never be unjust

A man of fine character is hard to find these days
And it’s always such a blessing to meet somebody who prays

The compassion you exude is found in so few
The world is a much better place because of you


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: December 8, 2015

Photo credit:  pinterest.com