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There’s hope…


There’s hope now

A peace settling in

I’m pulling it out

From somewhere deep within

Ideas are trickling

I’m feeling more assured

Silly old thoughts

Now seem so absurd


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

Never Give Up

Rainbow copy for WP

If you find yourself near the end of your rope
Completely helpless and losing hope
Go back to the beginning to find your way
You’ll find the reason there
To live another day


Originally posted: August 4, 2015

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The Girl Who Had Everything – Writing 201: Poetry (Day 8 – Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio)


The Girl Who Had Everything

She was the flavor of the day
The talk of the town
When she came into sight
Everyone crowded around
She was a girl who had everything
Going her way
It was a shame it all had to end
On that one frightful day
Beauty and ambition left her
In the blink of an eye
She had been the life of the party
And left without saying goodbye
Then one bad decision
Left her in a collision
Her life now just a blur
Caused quite a stir
Many couldn’t believe
That she was now gone
A girl that had everything
And seemed so strong
Fate dealt her a poor hand
That terrible tragic day
And these sad memories
Will probably never go away
Reflecting back on her life
Many now say
They miss her and wonder
Why did she pay
Unfortunately so often
We reap what we sow
God bestows us with choices
And then lets us go
We can’t really question
The hows and the whys
It’s unfortunate for sure
When somebody we love must die
But we need to remember
The choices that we make
Can often lead us
To disastrous mistakes
We live and we learn
And get smarter each day
Hopefully before
We are taken away

Written by,  Michelle Cook

Originally posted: October 13, 2015

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Attitude Adjustment


Can you just try to remain positive

For a single solitary day

Or must your mind dwell in places

Where you really shouldn’t stray


Nobody can convince you

To be someone that you aren’t

But don’t you think it’s better

To try and make a brand new start


Life is what you make of it

Of this I am quite certain

So pick yourself up off the ground

And release all of your hurtin


By continuing to act this way

You’re just giving up and admitting defeat

You’re also spreading negativity around

To everyone you meet


Your attitude can have a positive impact

Or a negative one as well

I hope you’ll choose carefully

On which side you decide to dwell


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: March 24, 2016

Photo credit:  mossavi.wordpress.com



“Don’t ever be so overcommitted to something that you pass up the opportunity for something better.” ~M

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Giving into love…


“Giving into love is a risky proposition, but worth every moment when you’re in it.”  ~M

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You have to let go

Of those you love


Sometimes as hard as it is

To say goodbye

It’s really for the better


Sometimes people don’t even realize

How much better off they are without you

Until you allow them the freedom to see it for themselves


Sometimes we selfishly

Hold onto people

Who were never meant to be ours in the first place


Sometimes we forget

That other people are involved

And are getting hurt as well


Sometimes we just have to

Realize our mistakes

And right our wrongs the best we can


Sometimes it hurts

To be brutally honest

With someone we care about


Sometimes you can feel

As if you’ll never be the same

Because your heart is breaking

At the thought of losing somebody

Who was such an important part of your life


Sometimes there’s just no other choice…


Sometimes that’s just the way life is…


Sometimes life can be completely unfair…



Written by, Michelle Cook


Photo credit: pixabay.com

Brokenness Defined


Every beat of your enticing heart

Mesmerized and controlled my spirit

Bound by your enchantments

Your invisible barricade eluded me

Hovering unbeknownst by day

Drifting aimlessly by night

The sting of unrequited love

Tormented my very being

Emptying my soul of emotion

Yet I couldn’t say goodbye

Every ounce of me loved you

With an incredible fierceness

Reaching far beyond the dimensions

Of an ordinary human heart

It was only after you pierced my soul

With the truth of an unforgivable indiscretion

That my spirit could no longer see clearly

Clinging to the scraps of your essence

I had no other alternative but to let you go

My lifeblood now begged to intermingle

With someone who had an honorable disposition

This was the last thought I incurred

Before completely breaking free

Heartbroken I left for another realm

Where love seemed entirely possible

A place where hope seemed to dwell

And you became a fragmented memory

Too sharp to handle anymore


Written by, Michelle Cook

*The outcome of this poem can be found here.

Photo credit:  pixabay.com


Make sure to carry your burdens like stinky old socks.

“Let your burdens be like water and your blessings be like honey.”  ~M

Well today should be considered one of the worst days I’ve had so far this year, and yet I sort of just feel like laughing right now.  And yet earlier in the week, when I couldn’t have had a better day (that’s just how amazing it was), all I wanted to do was cry.

I am really starting to question my sanity at this point.  I have to say though, if what I faced today is really one of the worst days I could have, than I really should be counting my blessings.  So many people are facing much worse issues than I am.  I guess it all just comes down to perspective.  We can either let that bad day get to us, or we can say to ourselves, “It could have been much worse, time to move on…”

So I’ve decided to let the burdens of this day, sort of run off my back.  Yes, they are still here, but I’m choosing to carry them lightly; sort of like you carry a dirty, stinky old sock.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it will be a whole lot better.  I’m choosing to be positive about the things which I cannot change about today.  Hope you are too!

Much love, ~M xoxo

Destiny’s decision



Life isn’t always easy

Often leaves me feeling queasy

And yet what can we really do

This plan isn’t owned by me and you

It may be our journey

Our path, our road

And yet ultimately we have no choice

Just gotta do what we’re told

Our fate, our destiny

Were decided long ago

We have no other options

Some dreams we must forgo


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com



The possibilities are endless

So what holds us back?

With a new year ahead

Can we ever get back on track?

And as I ponder these things

I’m certainly left to wonder

For all I’ve really seen

Is a life filled with blunders

I think…

Can we ever really become

Who we think we would like to be?

And I find myself so often questioning

If this is even a possibility

With all of the mistakes we’ve made

Day after day and year after year

The heartache we continuously go through

And all the many trials and the tears

It’s a wonder sometimes

How we make it through a single solitary day

And I contemplate if it’s truly possible

To ever find our rightful and predestined way

Oh don’t get me wrong

I know some people discover their place

They work hard and often compete

And then they finally win that long awaited race

But not everyone can be

That manly conquering hero

And by this world’s standards

Many of us are just a big fat zero

So considering the fact

That not everyone can be a title-holder

What does that mean for the rest of us?

Must we endeavor to be somewhat bolder?

Will our extra efforts finally gain us

A few accomplishments or a smidgen of success?

Or will we just permanently remain

Living life forever failing to impress?

And why does it matter anyway?

Do we really need to keep up with everyone else?

Isn’t it much more important

To just be happy and be ourselves?

And yet that brings me back to the beginning

Can we really be what we want to be?

Or are we already there

Only just distracted by all that we see?


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at: escapeintolife.com

The power of positivity…


Always turn your negatives into positives.  Life seems to operate better this way.  ~M

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He was lost somewhere in the pages of time
Always searching for what he could not find

The treasure he sought just didn’t exist
Although the ache in his heart would always persist

Years went by and he gave up the fight
Never thinking he would find such a beautiful light

Then one day by random chance
He found his treasure under special circumstance

The sight was brilliant to behold
As precious as the purest of gold

He had waited all of his life to find
The gift that had dwelt in his subconscious mind

Finding the treasure had taken all of his life
Leaving him with undo pain and strife

If only he could have found his prize years ago
Instead of listening to lies and never letting them go

The pain and the suffering he could have foregone
Now haunted him from dusk until dawn

Broken he now had to make a decision
Would he listen to the past or make a revision

His choice could release him from his pain
Or hurt him more than he could ever gain

His choice of forgetting and letting go
Would help him more than he could ever know

Advice by his maker encouraged him to proceed
And by his choices he finally did succeed

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found on: Pinterest



“Choices define us, while mistakes teach us.”  ~M


Photo found at: boredpanda.com




Shall I give up

Finally give in

Never gonna succeed

Certainly never win


Everything seems futile

Nothing seems real

Hopelessly lost

This is how I feel


Tomorrow will come

As it always does

But today I’m different

In what I’ve become


Can’t repair

This broken life

So much unhappiness

Inundated with strife


What to do

A decision to make

May be the last chance

Can’t make a mistake


Giving up seems easy

Giving in seems weak

Could make a difference

Use this time to speak


Choices in life

So hard to decide

Especially when life

Brings an uneasy ride


Change of mindset

Could do the trick

Foolish thoughts

Mustn’t stick


Can’t let everything

Get me down

Life’s too short

To wear a frown



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: iheartinspiration.com