April Writing Prompt Participants


Hey Everyone,

Hope all of you had a great month of writing.  Sorry I’ve kinda dropped off this month.  Been busy and completely unmotivated to write, which I noticed seems to be a similar trend with many other bloggers as well.

Anyway, May is a new month and with spring finally showing her face again, I think all of us will finally get back into the swing of things.  Thanks to all of you who participated.

Here are the top writing participants for April…

Night Owl Poetry



The Bag Lady

Cactus Haiku


April Writing Prompt Participants

  1. The explosive egg hunt

Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2018/04/01/the-easter-egg-hunt-napowrimo-aprilwriting/

Walt’s Writings – https://waltswritingsonlife.wordpress.com/2018/04/01/a-month-of-april-prompts-in-one-day/

Cosistories – https://cosistories.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/stars-date-04012018-the-hunt-for-the-explosive-egg/

HAVING FUN BLOGGING – https://stc7029.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/hodgepodge/

Afterwards – https://afterwards.blog/2018/04/03/mission-primary-room-101/

The Bag Lady – https://rugby843.blog/2018/04/30/putting-my-feet-in-the-dirt/

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