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Time can be a blessing and yet sometimes a curse
Time is the essence of life and all that it’s worth
Time can be short-lived or even drag on for years
Time is the epitome of why we cry so many tears
Time can leave a heart feeling empty and lost
Time is the one thing that comes with a cost
Time can stand still when you’re with the right one
Time is the culprit behind most of what we’ve done
Time can point us to discoveries and precious treasure
Time is a provision whose value cannot be measured
Time can be taken for granted or genuinely admired
Time is one of those things that often leaves us tired
Time can be alluring or misleading in various ways
Time is the one thing we rely on to consume all our days
Time can offer us so much and gives us a reason to live
Time is the perfect gift that we should all want to give


Written by, Michelle Cook



Originally posted: January 11, 2016

Photo credit:  iamschan.wordpress.com

Blessings & Curses


“Learn to write your curses in the sand and carve your blessings into stone.”

~Author unknown

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Behind every heartache…



Behind every heartache

There is a reason

For every disappointment

There is a praise

Behind every misunderstanding

There is a lesson

For every setback

There is a benefit

Behind every curse

There is a blessing

For every situation

There is an answer

Behind every problem

There is a God who cares


Written By, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Blessings & Curses



“He hides blessings in his curses, leaving behind perspective after the pain.” ~M


Photo found at: travelsinphotography.com