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Featured Writer – Charlie Hasler


The Prison I Create

There are no bars keeping me in, there is no door without a key in.

All the lights are on without a flicker or dim, my soul free to wonder out or in.

And yet I stay frozen to one spot, unable to get past the lock that is not.

I sit and stare at my loves fading smile, trapped in the memory of when I could hold her for a while.

I curse myself and my internal latch, that I cannot get loose from this imaginary catch.

My hands are sore, my eyes are weak, my internal light ever growing darker and bleak.

The man I once was becoming a ghost in time, locked behind this illusion of mine.

Gone of days when life was a dream to catch, why can I not get past this imaginary latch.

There are no bars, there is no steel, why does my mind command me to kneel.

I have no words, only hate, inside this prison I do create.

I scratch a marking on the wall, to remind me I must obey or face the fall.

And fall I do, further still, into this invisible pit I created by the freedom of my own free will.

The hangman’s noose so appealing, but today is not my time, I remain for the true love of mine.

No illusionists trick, nor jailers whip, will see me lose my iron like grip.

So I will go on inside my imaginary jail and yes there will be a time that I shall prevail.

Written by, Charlie Hasler
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#MidnightMadness – 5/19/2017


The coal black night was dismally cold and damp, and only a flicker of light illuminated the old dusty room.


Now you finish the story… No compty’s please!  Let’s see what you got!  😉

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The earth shattered

Then suddenly rolled away

Leaving her lifeless body

In ruin and decay

A tsunami came

And swept her out to sea

Leaving her to drown

In a deluge of murmured pleas

An inferno of flames

Caught her off guard

Leaving her breathless

Without any regard

Earthquakes erupted

And the world was swallowed whole

Leaving her shaken

In a place now dark and cold

Time soon left

Whirling the galaxy into a spin

Leaving her ruptured

From the chaos felt within


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Light of the world



“The light of the world cannot be extinguished and yet it seems darker than it’s ever been.”  ~M


So keep your light shining!  💫


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