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The window swung open

Not a breath of wind in the stale air

And golden tresses cascaded

Over ivory shoulders cold and bare


Her thoughts were deeply rooted

In the splash of blue of her faraway stare

And her heart stood there broken

Lost in a dream which was far from there


The crash of waves interrupted

Her lonely despairing thoughts

And her mind fought to refocus

On what the new day had brought


But at last her mental clarity

Betrayed her once more

As she stumbled and fell dead

Against the unconcerned floor


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: The window swung open, not a breath of wind in the air

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You saved me


So close was I

To giving up

A crushed spirit

So abrupt


Flashes of death

Crossed my mind

Images of

The disastrous kind


Then you came along

And enlightened my soul

Freeing my bindings

From life’s long toll


Simple words of comfort

Cast their spell

And I found myself

Instantaneously well


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Absence of Motivation


Oh motivation where have you gone?
Will you come back soon to where you belong?

Oh motivation where can you be?
Are you lost in the vastness of the wide open sea?

Oh motivation do you really exist?
I honestly need to know, I must insist!

Oh motivation will you give me a sign?
Can you please help me to free my mind?

Oh motivation what is your goal?
Are you lost in the mind of a tired old soul?

Oh motivation can you please tell me the truth?
Are you ever coming back to me, or have you moved to Duluth?

Oh motivation am I being too impatient?
What should I do, wait until I’m ancient?

Oh motivation are you really as important as you seem?
Are you really of any value, or just a fanciful dream?

Oh motivation are you really gone?
Don’t you know that without you I am not very strong?

Oh motivation can’t you see?
Without you, I am not being me.

By, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: August 27, 2015

Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Searching for you…


I’ve been searching for you

In the gloominess of the day

I can’t see your face

Don’t seem to hear what you say


It’s as if you’ve evaporated

Right before my very eyes

So I call out to you

Reaching up toward the skies


And still your sweet voice

Is missing from my day

An empty kind of feeling

Surrounds me as I pray


My heart feels quite heavy

Barely feel you anymore

I want to see your glory

It’s you I implore


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: August 16, 2016

Photo found at: beyondhorizon-poonam.blogspot.com

This one’s for you…


For the one who’s imprisoned in so much darkness that they can’t see through.

For the one who’s lost in a sea of emptiness trying their very best to make do.

For the one who is laughed at and ridiculed daily, and long ago withdrew.

For the one who feels alone because heartfelt loving words are long overdue.

For the one who feels worthless and ashamed because of a life of blame, it’s untrue.

For the one who feels unloved and unaccepted and just wants someone to run to.

For the one who’s dying inside and desperately hoping that God is really true.

For the one who has hopes and dreams and is just waiting for a chance to breakthrough.

This one’s for you…

Never give up and never forget that you are worth so much more than you could ever imagine.

God loves you more in a single moment, than anyone else could love you in a lifetime.

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: January 15, 2016

Photo credit:  http://www.successandfailure.net

Losing faith…



When we lose sight of faith, this is where we end up…

Always waiting
Always feeling hopeless
Expectations never come

Always crying
Always feeling broken
Healing never comes

Always hurting
Always feeling pain
Relief never comes

Always sighing
Always feeling defeated
Victory never comes

Always lost
Always feeling abandoned
Support never comes

Always searching
Always feeling frustrated
Answers never come

Always exhausted
Always feeling powerless
Strength never comes

Find Him…

Written by, Michelle Cook


And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. ~Matthew 17:20




*I’m smiling right now because as I said earlier, I’ve been feeling exhausted; which is why I’m reposting these older blog posts of mine instead of writing new ones.  Well, as most of you have seen, I have a “read a random post” button, at the top of my blog.  I decided to randomly pick my reposts by clicking on that button.  Surprise… surprise… as to what came up first, this blog post of course!  God must be speaking to me, lol….  He always knows… 😉

Originally posted, December 2015

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#MidnightMadness – 3/24/2017


The phone call after the writer has just poured out all of their deep-seated emotions and posted them on their blog.


Caller- “Hey, are you ok?”

Writer- “Yeah, why?”

Caller- “Well, I just read your blog post.”

Writer- “And?”

Caller- “Well you sounded sort of depressed.”

Writer- “Yeah, so?”

Caller- “Well it just sort of worried me.”

Writer- “Why?”

Caller- “Well, because you sounded so sad.”

Writer- “Can I ask you a question?”

Caller- “Sure, ask away…”

Writer- “When’s the last time you released all of your inner angst and just let it go.”

Caller- “Oh me? I never do that.”

Writer- “And how do you feel keeping all of those emotions bottled up inside of you?”

Caller- “Well, not too good I suppose.”

Writer- “Well then, shouldn’t I be more worried about you at the moment than you are about me?”

Caller- “Hmmm, yes I suppose… probably.”

Writer- “Well then, I think you’ve answered your question. Godspeed my good friend. Hope you’ll be okay.”

Caller- “Oh yeah… right, hmmm….. goodbye.”

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An unrequired life


Here in the shadow of a room

Where my broken heart

Yearns to mend

I felt the veil today

Its shimmery substance

Moved smoothly

Against the palm of my hand

It was cold and fluid like

Ethereal in its movement

Captivating my mind

Calling for my soul

I longed to press through

To finally see my maker

Wanted desperately to leave

So that I could instead

Sit beside my blessed king

The thought of leaving

This bleak frightful world

Fascinated my mind

This place where I reside

Has only left me

Covered in battle scars

Too numerous to count

Such a pity nobody can erase

These constant reminders

Of such sorrow and pain

Not even time herself

Can seem to fade these flaws

So I sat there

Lost in deep thought

Pondering a life beyond

This blink of an eye

When suddenly my mind

Was brought back into focus

By the pitter patter

Of small footsteps

The veil then quickly faded

Disappearing completely

Leaving me once again

To carry on with a life

Which seems to need me

More often than I require it

And so I continue on

Trudging through

The muck of life

A soldier lost

In the middle of a battlefield

Waiting for the day

When I’m officially given the word

To leave this dismal place

And return to my heavenly home


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Trying to forget…


Done with the explosive pity party

She drags herself from the bed

Ready to face another day

Forgetting monsters in her head

She’s tired of these gloomy walls

And insists they must be cheery

Yet everything around her

Still seems cold dark and dreary


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Love isn’t for the fainthearted



All I could think of

Were depressive thoughts

My stomach was completely

Tied up in knots

I hadn’t eaten anything

In a zillion days

I laid there on my bed

In complete malaise

The absence of him

Was more than I could bear

All I could do

Was lay there and stare

My body felt heavy

I just couldn’t move

I knew that without him

I would never improve

The minutes felt like days

And the days felt like years

And I found myself crying

An insane amount of tears

The earth completely shattered

On the day he departed

I now realize that love

Isn’t for the fainthearted


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Repairing a troubled heart…


“We cannot begin to repair a troubled heart, until we first diagnose where the actual pain is coming from.” ~M

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A voice of recognition…


Through the horrific

Screams of fright

A voice of recognition

Whispered in the night

Face now pale

And eyes quite wide

Whimpering and terrified

From the voices inside

A dim yet growing light

Began to fill the expanse

An alluring view

A sight which entranced

Abruptly her fear

Began to subside

As she questioned her life

Wondering if she had died

The vision she beheld

Was stunning in appearance

And she held her breath

Resigned to see its disappearance

And yet the presence instead

Came quite near

Suddenly reaching out

Wiping away all of her tears

The ethereal being

Began to cry too

And she was unsure

Of what she should do

Confusion marked

Her questioning face

As she looked upon a being

Of infinite love and grace

And as she gazed

She finally knew

This was her king

Most magnificent and true

Her heart soared

And a slight smile appeared

As the voices inside

Had completely disappeared

Her healer had come

To set her free from the pain

And forever in her life

She now knew he’d remain

Written by, Michelle Cook

*Dedicated to my daughter Amy who suffers from mental illness.  I am forever grateful to God, for blessing me with a daughter as wonderful as you.  You have helped strengthen my own faith, through the depth of your own.  ❤️Love always and forever, ~Mom xoxo

The Daily Post – Recognize

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Holding on to saving grace


There’s days when we simply feel

Completely downtrodden and worthless

Dismal days when our past afflictions

Easily break through to the surface

And it seems nothing can contain

A heart which is full of despair

Sometimes it just needs to be freed

Perhaps find a breath of fresh air

There’s times when we successfully manage

To break free of our private pain

And those days eventually help us to overcome

The times when we’re mentally strained

It’s all about looking back to the moments

When we’ve found a bit of saving grace

And carrying those memories with us

So that we always have them just in case

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com



Not a single person seemed to notice

The poor lad who was losing his will to fight

For the vast majority of the world

Was simply lost in their own plight


He felt completely rejected and alone

And because nobody seemed to care

He became tragically caught up

In the enemies sly and evil snare


Feeling certain of his unimportance

He gave up on his passions and dreams

And the world lost an amazing person

Never noticing he had come loose at the seams


And nobody will ever know now

What greatness his life could have brought

Because everyone was too consumed with their own lives

Never giving the poor lad a second thought


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Oversight

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Good morning disappointment!


Good morning disappointment,

So nice to see your face!

And depression you get back here,

We have a meeting with disgrace!


Worry, please make the coffee

And remind Mistake to join us too.

Regret, you bring the cookies

And bring more than just a few!


Anguish, I hope you sent the email,

Reminding everyone else to be here.

And Woe, have you been introduced

To our new employee whose name is Fear?


If so, could you please bring her to me?

While I finish this paperwork with Dread.

I need to get all of this done quickly

So we can all meet, then move ahead.


Oh hello there Fear, you’re such a dear

I’d like to welcome you to your very first day.

Let me know if there’s anything you need

There’s a meeting soon and I invite you to stay.


Alright everyone, gather round

We’ve got so much to review!

I’ve got great things to tell you

Before I bid you all adieu!


Confusion, I’m counting on you to take notes

While I sit here next to Distraction.

I can’t wait to tell you this wonderful news,

And I’m so excited to see your reactions!


I really am glad that our friend Hope,

Called in sick today.

Because the rest of you, are all fired!!!

So now be gone on your merry way!


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com