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A true treasure



My love for him

Was like no other

He touched my life

And was as close as a brother


We visited fascinating places

In imaginary worlds

And deeper feelings for him

Were soon unfurled


He was a friend to me

Like I’ve never known

Someone who was there

When I was completely alone


A true treasure of a man

Full of faith and love

Sent to be my devoted friend

From heaven above


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: My love for him was like no other, he touched me in places I never knew…

Photo credit: pixabay.com

What I loved about you…


I loved the random things you used to say

You could always brighten up my day

I loved the crazy connection we had

You made me happy when I was sad

I loved the funny things we shared

You always showed me how much you cared

I loved your dedication to people in need

You were always looking to do a good deed

I loved the passion you had for writing

You wrote words which were incredibly inviting

I loved the way your accent could be heard

You showed off your British side in every word

I loved the way you noticed beauty all around

You saw God’s glory in everything you found

I loved the way you would encourage me

You always saw things which I couldn’t see

I loved the way you became my friend

You were somebody in which I could always depend

I loved all of these things about you and so much more

You were the kind of friend I’d always hoped for


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com


Be my hope…



When I’m lost and far from home

Fill my thoughts with you alone


Remind me daily of who you are

Teach me to never stray too far


Keep my focus ever on you

Show me what is right and true


Stay with me till the bitter end

Be my hope my one true friend



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Fellow blogger down…

Blogging friends,

I have just recently learned that one of our blogging buddies, Teresa Smeigh (Tessa) is facing some serious health issues right now.  She is really in need of our encouraging words and prayers right now, in order to get through everything that she is currently facing.  Would you please send her a note of encouragement and let her know that you are thinking about her?  And if you’re the praying kind… please uplift her in prayer as well.  Thanks everyone! ~M


Here’s her contact info…





Or she has a contact form at :

Always A Writer

What kind of friend are you?


“A true friend meets you at every crossroad.”  ~M


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Goodbye my friend…



Today we say goodbye

To our old faithful friend

The memories of his gentle spirit

Will certainly never end


His smile was contagious

His laughter was adored

It was an honor to know him

His mere presence a reward


Life will surely go on

But it will never be the same

For without our beautiful friend

We will suffer tremendous pain


We miss you so much already

And we will never forget

The love you showed to others

We will forever recollect


You’re in our father’s house now

Somewhere up above

We leave you in his care

And remember you in love


Written by, Michelle Cook


In loving memory of Terry Breuscher.  We will forever love and miss you dear friend.


Photo found at: pixabay.com