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Spring Frolic



Calm and gentle blows the breeze

Lovers walk amongst the trees

Blue skies smile down from above

Radiating sunshine on those in love

Perfume splendor fills the air

Blossoming beauties wave their fair

Children scamper to and fro

Gaily laughing off they go

Cheerful pleasantries fill the day

As we go on our merry way

Days like this are never a bore

And leave us wanting all the more


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: March 20, 2016

Photo found at: pinterest.com

#MidnightMadness – 5/16/2017


Blogger friend Trent, from Trent’s World has graciously given us a new word to add to the dictionary.  Compty is the word, and it means… wanting to comment on a blog post but coming up empty when you try.  So here’s a poem I promised to write about it.  And just in case you missed it, this goes along with last night’s Midnight Madness; which you can check out here.



Is a very unique word

One you’ve probably

Never even heard


It’s a word made up

By our blogger friend Trent

Who decided to tell me

What this awesome word meant


So have no fear

This magical word is now here

Its meaning is simple and easy

And won’t leave you feeling queasy


It has to do with

Wanting to comment on a blog

During those frustrating times

When your brain is in a fog


It’s then that you can’t quite

Figure out what to say

So you just end up leaving

And going on your merry way


So thank you Trent

For sharing your word

It really is lovely

And not at all absurd


It’s too bad nobody else

Was brave enough to submit any more

Get with the program all you other bloggers

And don’t be such a bore!  😉


Written by, Michelle Cook


Photo credit: pixabay.com

#MidnightMadness – 5/15/2017


Thought we were sort of due for another question and answer game tonight.  So…

If you could add one word to the dictionary, what would it be and what would it mean?


P.S.  I will choose one of the answers and write a poem about it tomorrow.  So think of a good one!  I can’t wait to see all of your responses.  ~M

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Sweet beautiful rain


Rain sweet beautiful rain

Never go away

Tickle my tongue

As I dance and play


Keep me inspired

As only you can

Such a miraculous gift

In God’s wondrous plan


Sing me your lovely tune

As I snuggle into bed

Never leave me

Want your song in my head


Whisper your wonders

While I drift off to sleep

Cradle me with your lullaby

I’m yours forever to keep


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Summertime Fun

Photo credit:  mysplashpad.net

Splash pad with Autumn

Water works fun
In the blazing sun
Screams of delight
Water in flight
Prancing around
Smiles abound
Faint breeze blows
Children come and go
Peals of laughter
Memories I’ve captured
Running to and fro
It’s soon time to go
Leaving behind new friends
We vow to come again


By, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: June 15, 2015

Photo credit: mysplashpad.net

Featured Writer – Autumn Cook


My daughters… Autumn (8)  Brianna (15)

World of Sweets

Taffy to candy corn

Cookies and brownies


What to choose?

Caramel apples?

I don’t know…

What to have,

In the world of sweets?

I guess candy is too sweet to eat,

In a world of sweets.

So I’m having it all!

Written by, Autumn Cook (Age 8)

#MidnightMadness – 3/18/2017


Photo found at:  theberry.com

#MidnightMadness -2/28/2017


Did you realize that if you spell the word “live” backwards, it spells the word “evil,” and if you spell the word “lived” backwards, it spells the word “devil?”  Is this perhaps the reason, that life is often considered a “living hell?”  ~M

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Warm mittens

Cold snow

Roses go

Leaves fall

That means winter is coming

Get hot cocoa

It’s about to



Written by, Autumn Cook (age 8)


For several months now, my daughter Autumn has been asking me to post this poem she wrote about snow.  Well today, she came running into my bedroom and announced that she had a big surprise for me waiting on my desk.  When I got to my desk, her lovely poem was waiting.  She was all smiles and giggles, as she watched me finally agree to post her poem.  I feel like a terrible mother for not posting this sooner, and yet like the saying goes… “Out of sight, out of mind.”  So today, she made sure to put her poem in a place, where she knew I was sure to see it; and what a wonderful poem it is!  Hope you enjoyed reading her poem, and if you did, please leave her a comment.  I’m sure she would be tickled to know what others think about what she’s written.  😉  Have a very blessed day!  ~M xo

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Memories of a wonderful you…


Sitting here at the kitchen table

I’m reminded of you

As a young boy you’d come over

And we’d talk for a few

You were always so excited

To tell me about your day

I mostly just sat and listened

To all you had to say

We’d sit and color pictures

And you’d tell me about all of your collections

The smiles you wore upon your young face

Are still my most vivid recollections

There was never a dull moment

Whenever you and your sister were around

And in your smiling eyes

The essence of happiness could always be found

Today as I reminisce about your life

I realize you were one of the rare few

Who always kept his light shining

No matter what you were going through

It’s hard to believe you’re gone

We don’t know what we’ll ever do

Life just isn’t the same now

Without sweet wonderful you


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com


Thinking back…


Thinking back

On twenty-three years

I smile through

The awakened tears

Blessed memories

Of my life with you

Hard to believe

All we’ve been through

Recalling the good

And leaving the bad

Years spent apart

Were so terribly sad

It’s been a rough road

Along the way

So glad we both

Had the courage to stay

Together forever

With you by my side

Is where I hope

To always reside


Written by, Michelle Cook




Addictively Alluring

Brilliantly Bright

Colorfully Cute

Delightfully Dainty

Entirely Edible

Flirtatiously Fruity

Generally Gemlike

Handsomely Hard

Impressively Ideal

Juicy Jewels

Kissable Kaleidoscopes

Lavishly Loved

Marvelously Made

Noticeably Noteworthy

Outrageously Orgasmic

Pleasantly Petite

Questionably Quaint

Reasonably Resplendent

Secretly Satisfying

Tangibly Tangy

Unbelievably Unique

Visually Vibrant

Weirdly Wonderful

XoXoXo XoXoXo

Yielding Yumminess

Zealously Zesty



Written by, Michelle Cook

If you’d like to participate in this challenge.  Please choose a favorite food, and come up with your own poem using all the letters of the alphabet.  Link back to this post if you decide to try it.  I would really love to see what all of you come up with!  ~M

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Here’s where I live…

Yes, this is where I live…   Hope you enjoy the tour!  ~M

Certain people…


Isn’t it funny how certain people

Seem to make time stand still

There are just those certain persons

Who can give us quite a thrill

And it’s only every so often

That we meet such a friend

And the boundaries of their love for us

Seem to have no beginning or end

We just sort of mesh

In an amazing kind of way

There is never a single moment

Without something to do or say

And when you have a friend like this

You can’t help but want them near

Because it’s such a rare thing

To find a person this dear


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: getbuttonedup.com

Friends Forever


Little girl

Blond hair blue eyes

Living the happiest

Days of her life


For right beside

Is her very best friend

A young boy

Of almost ten


Dangling their feet

At the end of the pier

Just happy to know

The other is near


Spending each day

Climbing trees

Too much fun

To notice scrapped knees


Riding bikes

All over town

Smiling and happy

Never sharing a frown


Now side by side

Near the river’s edge

Each silently makes

A forever pledge


For he’s her hero

And she’s his muse

Both something to the other

Neither wants to lose


Friends forever

Never to part

Lucky to have each other

From the very start


Written by, Michelle Cook


Writing prompt/MyPoemBlog – Juxtaposed with you.