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Defining Character


Her worn hands were tired

And so was her weary mind

She spent her days working

For the spoiled and unkind


Her days were long

And her nights were short

Yet through all the struggles

She remained a good sport


She tried her best

To satisfy every need

Of her rich employer

Who was laden with greed


Through the years

She remained faithful and kind

And everyone missed her

On the day she resigned


She still has not been forgotten

As she was loved for her gentle ways

Seems it’s our character which defines us

Even beyond our earthly days


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: Tired hands and mind.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

Faith and Trust


I really wanted

To give up today

And for a moment I believed

It was the only way

I couldn’t see past

The end of my own nose

When suddenly a problem

Abruptly arose

And since then

It’s been eating me alive

I just don’t know how

I will ever survive

Yet days like these

Are the ones which make us stronger

So I will try my best

Not to dwell on this any longer

I must hold fast to my faith

For it’s where my heart resides

And trust that the good Lord

Will stay close by my side


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Storm

Photo Credit:  natasjevanniekerk.worpress.com

Ominous clouds fill the sky

Rain begins to splatter

Shards of glass fall to the earth

Ravaging all that’s tender


Gusting winds wild and free

Consume and disfigure

Splintered pieces of broken dreams

Fall deaf upon defiled land


Anger roars from the thunderous sky

Lightening defaces the innocent

Leaving permanent scars

Irreversible damage lays bare


The storm is unrelenting

Unearthly howls shriek of hardships

Sheets of rain pool around the lost

Devastation looms in every corner


The water quickly rises

Flooding the pummeled land

Sweeping away the evidence

Of a storm that never ceases


Hope seems too far to reach

As murky waters threaten

Adjusting tides bring promise

Of shimmering expectations


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 20, 2015 

Photo credit: natasjevanniekerk.wordpress.com




Prisoner of Life

Depressed Man Sitting On The Bench

She sees how tirelessly

He works every single day

She never feels like he takes

Enough time to play

Life is often short

Which both can clearly see

So she wishes she could rid him

Of his chains and set him free

She notices his brilliant mind

Always hopeful for something more

She feels his frequent pain

As he’s confronted by yet another closed door

He doesn’t even realize

How wonderful he really is

Heart of pure gold

He never stops wanting to give


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 20, 2016

Photo found at: tricialottwilliford.com

Let us never forget…


Young and expecting

With you as my trusted friend

We had absolutely no idea

This is how it would end

Yet you saw my situation

And wanted to be there

You seemed the only one

Who really did care

And it didn’t take long

Before I saw something more

Beneath your kind smile

Someone I thoroughly adored

Before we even knew it

We had fallen in love

From morning till night

You were all I thought of

It’s been a million years

Since those fun-filled days

When we would sneak off

To laugh and to play

Those memories we shared

Will never be erased

Yet for a moment in time

They were somehow misplaced

Finding our way back

To those visions of the past

Has reminded us how love

Can be enduringly steadfast

So let us never forget

How far we have come

The battles we’ve faced

The hardships we’ve won

For if we choose to recall

The trials we’ve faced

The perseverance in our marriage

Will never be erased


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo taken at Point Lobos State Reserve, CA (1992) – We hung a camera from the tree and set the timer to get this picture.  No selfies back then!  I was several months pregnant, standing next to my then dear friend Brian, who eventually took pity on me and married me.  Lol…..  I always seemed to be wearing the baggiest clothes I could find.  I guess that was the style back then.  Wish we were still that young!



Far-off Friend


It’s hard to have a friend

Who lives far away

You begin to wonder

What you really can say

And if they’re far enough

They may even be sleeping

Whilst you’re at your desk

Perhaps daydreaming

And so it’s sometimes a challenge

To find time to converse

Especially if you can’t reach them

In this vast universe

It’s an inconvenience for sure

Yet one worth the attempt

For a true bosom friend

Deserves our utmost respect

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

When life seeks to throw us in the pits.



I can’t lie because there’s days

When I want to throw in the towel

And after enough days like those

I wonder how I’ll get through life at all


A battle seems to be forever brewing

Somewhere lurking just out of my reach

Tempting me to give up everything

And forget to practice what I preach


After being out in the battlefield

For any extended length of time

I feel I become another victim

In a string of unnecessary crimes


And it’s hard to bounce back again

When life seeks to throw us in the pits

I have a difficult time climbing out

Which is challenging for me to admit


Yet by and by I get through it all

These struggles I try to keep hidden

Someday I hope I’m strong enough

To just finally say good riddance



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com


The Endless Road



The road is suddenly dusty

My throat feels the effects

It’s getting harder to breath

On this uphill trek


I see somebody waiting

Far up ahead

Yet the road I’m on

Never seems to have an end


The distance is hazy

Only a silhouette can be seen

There’s somebody out there

Who’s waiting anxiously for me


I walk a little faster

Avoiding pitfalls along the way

Never get any closer though

Just seem headed further away



Written by, Michelle Cook




Can you hear the sound of nothingness
Ringing in my ears

Can you see the effect of nothingness
Driving me to tears

Can you feel the pounding of nothingness
Beating against my chest

Can you see the pain of nothingness
Keeping me from rest

Can you grasp the concept of nothingness
Which wears away my soul

Can you understand the destruction of nothingness
It has certainly taken its toll

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: thedublinshield.com