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Who is this I see…

The one

Staring back at me

Blurred picture

Such an ordinary fixture

Quite insignificant

A forgotten participant

Nothing more than normal

Always drab and informal

Easily missed

Does she even exist?

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 16, 2016

Photo found at: pinterest.com

Discover Challenge – Identity

Prisoner of Life

Depressed Man Sitting On The Bench

She sees how tirelessly

He works every single day

She never feels like he takes

Enough time to play

Life is often short

Which both can clearly see

So she wishes she could rid him

Of his chains and set him free

She notices his brilliant mind

Always hopeful for something more

She feels his frequent pain

As he’s confronted by yet another closed door

He doesn’t even realize

How wonderful he really is

Heart of pure gold

He never stops wanting to give


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 20, 2016

Photo found at: tricialottwilliford.com

Featured Writer – Carl Webber


The Journey…

Masquerade through the charade till this pretense starts to fade.

Abound by all that surrounds, told to keep our  feet applied firmly to the ground.

Educated to a standard set by who? Is what is false false and true really true?

What is right is it right and what is wrong is it wrong? Read from the same hymn sheet, sing the same old song.

See you can’t really see, you can’t see the spirit that is within me.

My true identity, my real core being, seeing isn’t always believing.

It’s a notion that people just can’t grasp, are we sent here, here for task?

Questions can mount and cloud our wandering mind, this is a mask you look at but can’t see inside.

Do you think your brain controls your very being? Just because of what it tells you, what you have been told? What matter you are seeing?

Well listen to me now and open your soul to this, your controlled by your spirit and the rest you can dismiss.

For if you had a part removed would you still exist? Yes is the answer is there something that you missed?

We are on a journey through this space and time, but when we die our spirit lives and into our real life’s we entwine.

So open up your spirit and take captive of every thought, all the things you wanted, all the things that you once sought.

Know that love is the only perfect emotion, make the choice and be happy for your true vocation is on its way if you look past all this false commotion.

Written by, Carl Webber


To read Carl’s other inspirational and heartwarming poems, please visit his blog at:  mypoemblog.

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