I’m still laughing…

“I don’t mind having a little bit of flab. I fit right in with everyone else my age.” 😋 ~M

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Beauty within…



“Anyone that truly loves with their heart, mind, and soul must surely know that love is not a shape or shade, but the exquisite sum of who we are when the adornments and image projection are stripped away. To know that beauty in the ones we hold dear, is the greatest gift people can share.” ~Daniel Hinson


Daniel was one of the first bloggers that I met and became friends with here on WordPress.  We’ve collaborated together in the past on “Monotony Free Mondays” which unfortunately didn’t last very long, since I couldn’t get the support needed from enough other bloggers.  I also had the opportunity to share a short bio about Daniel’s life, which can be found here.  He’s an amazing writer, wonderful person, and a treasured friend.  Please visit his blog at: Hyperion Sturm.  I am also especially fond of his series, In the Garden of Darkness and Light.  So check him out!  ~M

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