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Pure imagination

seeps from his mind.

Thoughts and words

flowing overtime.


Brilliant writings

in every shape and form.

All meant to bless,

comfort, and warm.


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

MidnightMadness – 5/31/2017


It’s hard to imagine a person, who lacks an imagination. ~M

Photo credit: pixabay.com



“God gave us an imagination because he knew we would eventually need a break from reality.” ~M

Originally posted: December 5, 2015

I Write Because…


I Write Because…

I write to…
Explore hidden realms beyond my reach

I write to…
See the universe in a different light

I write to…
Free myself from the confines of this world

I write to…
Hear my imagination think

I write to…
Escape to other dimensions in time

I write to…
Empower my introverted side

I write to…
Give my soul a much needed rest

I write to…
Pretend that I am someone I’m not

I write to…
Become a happier self

I write to…
Share my innermost thoughts and emotions

I write to…
Give hope to the hopeless

I write to…
Allow myself a few moments of weakness

I write to…
Make people laugh and cry

I write to…
Challenge myself in numerous ways

I write to…
Reach out to the brokenhearted

I write to…
Be daring and free from the chains that imprison me

I write to…
Create stories that I can call my very own

I write to…
Bring creativity into existence

I write to…
Have adventures that would otherwise never take place

I write to…
Acknowledge all that is good and true

I write to…
Perfect my hidden talents and abilities

I write to…
Show myself that I am worth so much more than I think that I am

I write to…
Find comfort in a place that I didn’t even know existed

I write because…
I am a writer.


Written By, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Originally posted: November 2, 2015

Words of every flavor…



Regal red

Lines the top

Of my paper

And there’s a puncture mark

In the upper corner

Left by an unconventional

Looking stapler



Colors of blue

Line the simple

Neatly spaced rows

Patiently awaiting

The pen

To show off

All it knows



Pearly white

Leaves much

To the imagination

As a blank sheet

Of paper

Begs to be filled

With inspiration



Black blots

Are haphazardly

Scattered throughout


A random pattern

For someone

To figure out


A rainbow

Of colors

Floods the tip

Of the pen


The essence

Of the writer

From within



Turn to golds

As the seasons


And pinks

Turn to purple


The dusty plains


Then there’s

The roses

Which are almost

Always red

And the violets

Normally blue

Changed to purple

Now instead


Because as the writer


He is likely to change

His point of view

And during the process

Of writing

He may often change

To a different hue



Of every flavor

Now fill

The voided space

A brilliant

Beautiful story

Which can never

Be erased



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit. tpzj.com

Her Fortress of Solitude


Plagued by daily thoughts

Of disorganized whimsy

She’s forced to relegate to a chair

That’s tattered and flimsy


Shoved into her hand

Is a warm cup of black tea

In the other hand a pen

And a notebook on her knee


Sipping the day away

With an intense look of determination

Sometimes random smiles appear

Others times grimaces of frustration


Secretly she knows

The story which she’s telling

She only hopes that others

Will one day find it compelling


Carried far away

By all of her imaginative thoughts

She fervently scribbles down words

Ever assessing the plot


Biting her lower lip

She stares out the window

Very carefully considering

Who will be her hero


Time ticks away

And she’s oblivious to the passing hours

All she can think of

Is who she’ll entrust with superpowers


Every decision must be impeccable

And scrupulously thought out

She’s knows there cannot be

Even the slightest bit of doubt



Written by, Michelle Cook  ☕


My husband calls my writing chair, my “Fortress of solitude.”  And so this poem was born, with that thought in mind.  

Photo credit:  http://www.gabriellasalmon.com

The Daily Post/Daily Prompt – Solitude



Whimsical spirited intriguing thoughts
Gather momentum in the mind
Creating intense perplexing images
Which resonate most often with the unconfined

Magical meetings and creative greetings
Are at the mercy of the innovative author
Simple pleasures are aligned with the fulfillment of treasures
Sometimes creating passion and overwhelming desire

Sparks often fly and worlds have been known to pass by
All in an attempt to bring unhindered amusement
Even the simplest of words can bring about expectations
Leaving the reader caught up in vigilant anticipation

Hearts are often warmed and then unexpectedly left abandoned
While the writer revels in determining the outcome of the plot
Capturing the essence of the story can be an arduous task
A gratifying fantasy is usually unpredictable and often unsurpassed


Written by, Michelle Cook



Photo found at: therainbowinthestorm.blogspot.com

Calling All Book Nerds

Anyone interested in doing Larps – Live Action Role Play?  Here’s a link to one that is going on in Poland.  This would be the ultimate experience for a true Harry Potter fan, even though the event is not affiliated with J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, or Warner Bros.  This looks like it could be more fun than going to Universal Studios.  For more information and to sign up for updates, go here.