Justin Bieber – Purpose


Feeling like I’m breathing my last breath
Feeling like I’m walking my last steps
Look at all of these tears I’ve wept
Look at all the promises that I’ve kept

I put my all into your hands
Here’s my soul to keep
I let you in with all that I can
You’re not hard to reach

And you bless me with the best gift
That I’ve ever known
You give me purpose
Yeah, you’ve given me purpose

Thinking my journey’s come to an end
Sending out a farewell to my friends, for inner peace
Ask you to forgive me for my sins, oh would you please?
I’m more than grateful for the time we spent, my spirit’s at ease

I put my heart into your hands
Learn the lessons you teach
No matter when, wherever I am
You’re not hard to reach

And you’ve given me the best gift
That I’ve ever known
You give me purpose everyday
You give me purpose in every way

Oh, you are my everything
Oh, you are my everything

I don’t know if this is wrong, because someone else is telling me that it’s wrong. But I feel this so let me just like try my best not to let this happen again. We weren’t necessarily put in the best position to make the best decisions

You can’t be hard on yourself for it, these are the cards you were given so you have to understand that’s not who you are. You know you’re trying to be the best you can be, but that’s all you can do. If you don’t give it all you got, you’re only cheating yourself give it all you got but if it ends up happening, it ends up happening

That’s what happening with me, it’s like “God, I’m giving it all I’ve got, sometimes I’m weak and I’m going to do it.” And it’s like I’m not giving myself grace, I’m just like understanding that’s how it is

A Heart for the Fashion and Entertainment Industry

What is your opinion of celebrities?  How do you view them?  Are they as worthy as you, to receive God and all that He has to offer them? Do you think they pray?  Do they ask God for help?  Is it wrong to assume that because some celebrities are caught up in sex, drugs, and alcohol, that they couldn’t possibly matter to God?  That they shouldn’t matter to anyone?  What do you think?  Don’t orphans and homeless people deserve Christian love, more than someone who blatantly chooses a life of sin?  And who defines what sin really is?  Don’t all of us sin, even if just in our minds alone?  If we could all read each others minds, what would we really think of one another?  Have you hated somebody without ever even meeting them face-to-face?  Have you taken what the media offers, as full and complete proof that somebody is essentially worthless?

Many of you probably don’t know this, but I have a 21yr old daughter who is a full-time missionary.  She works mostly with models, actors, celebrities, and skateboarders.

I wanted to share this video with all of you that she recently put together.  Some of the video footage is from places that she has visited on her many missionary travels, while other parts are simply clips found on YouTube.

She originally created this video for a prayer session that she was asked to lead.  I was really touched by her words, and felt the need to share this video with the world.  I am hoping by sharing this, that it might help others see the entertainment industry in a different light.

Everyone always asks my daughter why she works with the kind of people that she does.  People matter to God, no matter where they come from or who they are. This video shares the reasons why she feels called to this type of missionary work.

I hope that you will be blessed as I have been, through this story that comes from her heart.