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#MidnightMadness – 5/20/2017

Autumn with berry

Certain discoveries were made today at the lunch table…

“Look mom!  A head with a hat!”

~Autumn Cook (Age 8)

I never knew blueberries and raspberries could look like people.  Lol…  😉

#MidnightMadness – 5/18/2017


Well… have you?  Lol… If so, what did you try and what have you discovered?  😉

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Spring Frolic



Calm and gentle blows the breeze

Lovers walk amongst the trees

Blue skies smile down from above

Radiating sunshine on those in love

Perfume splendor fills the air

Blossoming beauties wave their fair

Children scamper to and fro

Gaily laughing off they go

Cheerful pleasantries fill the day

As we go on our merry way

Days like this are never a bore

And leave us wanting all the more


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: March 20, 2016

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Tiny glowing embers

Flitting about in the dark


Love blossoming

With each little bursting spark


Flickering phosphorescent lights

Illuminate the rugged terrain


As whimsical thoughts enrapture

And dare to entertain


Written by, Michelle Cook


Originally posted: April 5, 2016

Photo found at:  pinterest.com

We’d be free… free just to be.


I wish I had a friend who would pretend with me once more

Masquerading away the day, we’d be silly and free

Free to be a princess, a pirate, or even a superhero

Regardless of whomever we wanted to be

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be five once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would ride bikes with me all day

Riding around the neighborhood, we’d be silly and free

Free to explore the park, the zoo, or even the beach

Regardless of wherever we wanted to go

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be ten once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would spend some time with me

Bumming around together, we’d be silly and free

Free to hang out at the arcade, go bowling, or even catch a movie

Regardless of whatever we decided to do

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be fifteen once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who could understand what I’m going through

Never-ending late night talks, we’d be silly and free

Free to discover who we are, speak honestly, and become forever friends

Regardless of whatever we discovered about each other

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be twenty once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would help me make tough decisions

Coming alongside me, we’d be silly and free

Free to dream, think, and consider the future

Regardless of whatever we planned

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be twenty-five once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would help me be a better parent

Giving me some guidance, we’d be silly and free

Free to learn how to cope, adjust, and love unconditionally

Regardless of whatever we learned

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be thirty once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who could help me fix my marriage

Lending me their shoulder, we’d be silly and free

Free to face problems together, comfort one another, and show compassion

Regardless of whatever we experienced

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be thirty-five once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would make me feel young again

Through words of reassurance, we’d be silly and free

Free to laugh at ourselves, cry at times, and encourage one another

Regardless of our age

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be forty once again…

To feel alive again…


To be continued when I’m older… ❤



Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 13, 2016

Treasured gifts


I have a lovely treasure box
It’s full of many special notes
And in that special treasure box
Are an abundance of lovely quotes
There are treasured memories of all kinds
Even some that are hand drawn designs
There are also lots of encouraging phrases
And oh so many thoughtful praises
There are special Mother’s Day wishes
An absurd amount of written hugs and kisses
Dozens of scribbly pictures on little bits of paper
Each little piece is something I thoughtfully savor
These simple treasures are made with heartfelt love
Remembrances only a mother is sure to be proud of
Out of all the things I have ever been given
My most favorite gifts are the ones handwritten


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: January 1, 2016

Photo credit: livingpeacefullywithchildren.com

#MidnightMadness – 5/5/2017


One night, my youngest daughter Autumn (who was about 5 yrs. old at the time) was visited by the tooth fairy.  The next morning I asked her if the tooth fairy had come.  She nodded yes and had a very glum look on her face.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me to come see for myself.  After following her into her bedroom, she pulled out a one dollar bill from under her pillow and said, “See… this is what she gave me!”  I said, “Oh, a dollar!  That’s exciting!  She shook her head in disagreement and said, “Well, the last time I got a whole quarter!”

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Purity Squandered


Inexperienced and naive
She was a beautiful open book
Until she was coerced
By a boy who greedily took

Her innocent pages were read
By an attractive impostor
Her trusting heart was shattered
Love had certainly cost her

She completely believed
This handsome seductive stranger
Deep down she’d known
The plausible imminent danger

Wide-eyed and intrigued
Her veiled eyes clouded her intuition
She made the choice to dance freely
And ignore all thoughts of suspicion

It didn’t take long for him
To rip apart the pages of her abiding soul
Soon she was left lifeless
And broken apart by what he abruptly stole

Now abandoned by her deceiver
She is left with teary-eyed creases
The pages of her lovely book
Have been torn into a million pieces

Only time will mend the hurt
The dark stranger so casually inflicted
If only she had realized sooner
What others would have objectively predicted

Strength will carry her through the storm
Of this she certainly has no doubt
It’s just the waiting that’s so hard
When she can’t see an obvious way out

Apparently this is another of life’s hard lessons
Clearly trying to teach her how to fly
Gaining valuable knowledge from this experience
Next time she’ll know how to just say good bye


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: February 18, 2016

Photo credit: favim.com

Summertime Fun

Photo credit:  mysplashpad.net

Splash pad with Autumn

Water works fun
In the blazing sun
Screams of delight
Water in flight
Prancing around
Smiles abound
Faint breeze blows
Children come and go
Peals of laughter
Memories I’ve captured
Running to and fro
It’s soon time to go
Leaving behind new friends
We vow to come again


By, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: June 15, 2015

Photo credit: mysplashpad.net

Irresistible Words

Love letters

Charming words danced around her head like raindrops in slow motion

The breeze collected her thoughts and suspended them in mid-air

Time stood still in those surreal moments and blooming hearts entwined

Distance could not break the surge of electricity that permeated

Neither the vast sea nor the highest mountain could freeze the pull

Bound by dreams and visions and enraptured by similar ambition

The intense response was undeniably authentic and captivating

The utterance of words so elementary and yet so unbelievably profound

Heartfelt declarations sealed their eternal fate and love blossomed


Written by, Michelle Cook


My husband and I were separated from each other for the first two years of our marriage.  We were both in the military at the time.  He was stationed in Korea, while I was in California and Kentucky.  During those couple of years, the only way we could talk to each other was by writing letters.  The internet did not exist back then and phone calls were too expensive.  I wrote him every day for two years and he wrote me at least once a week.  We still have all of those old love letters and they are always fun to read. 

Those years don’t seem all that long ago to me and yet it has been over 20 years now.  In a way, I miss those days.  We really got to know each other on a much deeper level through all of those letters.  There’s something about receiving a handwritten letter, which really speaks to my heart.  I think this is something that this generation is desperately in need of, and unfortunately, I think handwritten letters have almost become a thing of the past. 

If you really want to touch somebody’s heart, take the time to write them a letter.  You could even seal it with a lipstick kiss and a bit of perfume.  I think my hubby liked those ones the best.  Sometimes I would even fill up the envelopes with glitter hearts.  We still find those hearts every now and then and it brings back such great memories.  So write a letter to someone special.  I promise you… it’s one of the sweetest gifts you can possibly give to anyone.  ~M

Originally posted: March 14, 2016

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Me – age 5


Hidden away

In the recesses

Of a forgotten room

There lies a young

Misplaced soul

Fair and bright-eyed

With an angelic smile

She awaits

An unexpected admirer

Sheer panels

Of wispy white fabric

Flow fluidly

From a bare window

Gently reassuring her

That the breeze

Has not abandoned her

Tiny elbows rest firmly

On a desk made

Especially for her

Small delicate hands

Tuck up under

A brave little chin

She sits in seclusion

While the world

Ignores her plight

Memories of her

Once eager presence

Have long been erased

The days

Of her childhood

A far distant memory

Captured long ago

In a well-posed portrait

Now the only

Living testament

Of her short-lived existence

The remainder

Of her days

Now spent resting

On a dusty ledge

Few remembering

Her delightful carefree spirit

As the years

Pass silently by

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: September 16, 2016

Featured Writer – Autumn Cook


My daughters… Autumn (8)  Brianna (15)

World of Sweets

Taffy to candy corn

Cookies and brownies


What to choose?

Caramel apples?

I don’t know…

What to have,

In the world of sweets?

I guess candy is too sweet to eat,

In a world of sweets.

So I’m having it all!

Written by, Autumn Cook (Age 8)

A Sonnet – #RomanticTuesday


You won this heart of mine, my dearest one

Love wafted me away to be enslaved

The battle was not fierce nor very long

My heart was ravaged by your love and craved

More of your blessed tender gentleness

Gushing from the depths of your soul’s own heart

A love that flowed, empowered by loves sweetness

Lodging and growing in my soul as part

Of my being and this new spirit

Consumed my heart in its entirety

Leaving a red hot glowing ember lit

To burn in constant faith eternally

A love that will not die nor can be quenched

The night I travel deaths dark shadowed trench

By, Charles S. Smead (1909-1972)

*Charles is my great uncle, who died the very same year I was born.  I recently acquired his book of poems, which I am really enjoying.  I will probably continue to share more of his poetry from time to time.  After reading the entire book, I can now see where my love of poetry must have come from.  His words really speak to my heart.  So in honor of my Great Uncle Charlie, I really hope all of you will enjoy this poem too.

#MidnightMadness – 4/8/2017


I am the oldest of three and grew up with a sister who is seven years younger than me.  I can still remember the very first time our mother served my sister a chicken leg for dinner.  She was probably about four years old, and she looked up at our mother, with her innocent baby blue eyes, and in her teeny tiny voice she said,

“Mommy, do I hold it by the handle?” 

Everyone promptly burst out laughing and it’s been something which none of us have ever forgotten.  I really wish I would have written down more of the things my own girls have said over the years.  There were a ton of funny things, but sadly I can’t remember the majority of them anymore.

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A place of wonder throughout the years


A sea of emerald green

Crystallized and pristine

Saturates my thirsty skin

Elevating my sinking chin

Each pulsating wave

Gently tugs and pulls

Affirming how the sea

Is tethered to my soul

Boosted up upon each surge

Then dragged easily back down

I endeavor to be buoyant

Since the fallout is to drown

The ocean feels alive

Splashing against my bones

Lifting me effortlessly up

I float freely on its sparkling throne

The refreshment of each wave

Quenches my playful desire

And soon the tide rushes in

Raising me even higher

The sound of the churning foam

Rings loudly within my ears

Speaking softly to my heart

A place of wonder throughout the years

 Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com