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Featured Writer – Heidi Baker



Fully Their Own

Laundry can wait for morning.

Sleet bouncing on the rooftop is for pajamas,

yawning, soft music, letting legos in their piles

be uniquely organized floor ornaments.

I gather another brownie,

a second cup of coffee, my breath in one large motion

before curling up beside the space heater,

snug in a crocheted blanket.

Dark comes early, whispering, “Slow down, listen,

look up and see the children grow

a little more amazing

every minute.”

I stare so long each one asks, “Mom, what?”

I smile, just barely remembering we once shared a body,

then lightning-aware that these children

are fully their own.


Written by, Heidi Baker


To read more of Heidi’s lovely words, please visit her website at: http://heidibethbaker.weebly.com/

And you can also purchase her book on Amazon by clicking, here.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

#MidnightMadness – 5/14/2017

Happy Mother’s Day!


Photo credit: https://some.ly/1um0mjC/

Weak but unbroken…


Our bodies

Frail and strong


But unbroken

We look on our bodies past

The young women who carried

The heavy loads

And fired the rifles

Of fearlessness

At any who told us

Girls were weak

Not as good

We take these bodies

Turn them into hosts

For new girls to carry on

Changing and molding us



In different ways


And we whisper in their ears

As they fall asleep

Oh child of mine

You are your mother’s child

You are unstoppable


We lift them up with our words

And silently whisper prayers

To whatever deity is listening

Protect her from those

Who would shoot her down

Who would keep her

From soaring ever higher


These heartfelt words were recently given to me, by a faithful old friend of mine who served in the military with me.  Thank you M…. aka (Rugger Ducky)  You really made my day…  ❤