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#MidnightMadness – 5/19/2017


The coal black night was dismally cold and damp, and only a flicker of light illuminated the old dusty room.


Now you finish the story… No compty’s please!  Let’s see what you got!  😉

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Her Secret Place…


Her Secret Place…

Beneath the silvery moon sky
She kisses all her cares goodbye

Barefoot and free
She races down to the sea

In the soft glow of the night
She dances in pure delight

Her emotions are heightened
Yet she is not frightened

The breezy ocean air
Runs fingers through her hair

The cool salty mist
Gives a soft gentle kiss

She embraces the touch
From this place she loves so much

She is pleased by her endeavor
But knows she cannot stay forever

Her heart is heavy and torn
Creases of it now aged and worn

She reaches down underneath the sand
Capturing the tiny pieces in the palm of her hand

Gently blowing the colored crystals away
She promises to come back another day

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: November 24, 2015

Photo credit: hdw.eweb4.com

Prism of resplendent light



Prism of resplendent light

Rain down on yours truly tonight


You’re ever my stunning delight

Beautifully exquisite and bright


Please clear my forsaken sight

And vivify this lonesome night


Comfort me as I rigorously write

As jumbled thoughts attempt to unite


Notice me under this azure moonlight

And tell me it’s going to be alright


Afford me your wisdom and foresight

And guide me with your luminous starlight


Written by, Michelle Cook

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Featured Writer – B.L.C.


A Dream Land in Which I Wish to Sleep in

Pink firecrackers flash by me with excellent speed

With each and every step

I can hear the cosmos calling my name



A shooting star

A wish

“I wish to dream”

“And to keep going onward”

Downwards to the star gate

And into the fountain of milky ways

It gently pours onto my delicate figure

How sweet the taste

How intoxicating the smell

My senses in a daze

It seems even in my dreams

I’m already half way asleep

My eyes close

I step in

Deep into the ocean of galaxies

Just remember to sing the astronauts goodnight

As I slowly drift away…

Written by, B.L.C.

To read more from this talented new blogger, please visit her site: www.brinkbrinkbreak.wordpress.com

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The old porch swing – #RomanticTuesday


Late in the evening

On the old porch swing

After the fireflies glow

And the crickets sing

It’s just you and me

Left to the night

Smitten with each other

Under the stars so bright

Rocking back and forth

On the old porch swing

Trembling from the night air

And the shivers it brings

Nestling closer

Within your loving arms

Noticing your smile

And all your boyish charms

Enjoying every minute

Of our time together

During moments like these

I see our forever


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com


Betrayed – Part 5


The continuing story… Part 4 can be found here.

Darkness now engulfed her as the wind howled through the trees.  Shivering from the cold, Scarlett sat curled up under a large tree; trying desperately to shield herself from the gusty winds and pelting rains.  The sounds of the forest left her uneasy, and every time she heard a loud noise close to her, she strained her eyes to see what it might be.  Completely worn out from the events of the day, she eventually began to doze off.  She was soon startled awake when a sudden bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree.  Scarlett immediately jumped up, and in her dazed sleepy state, she started running through the forest, scared for her life.   As she ran, another bolt of lightning struck close by.  For a brief moment, she thought she saw the dark figure of a man.  Before she could look again, the light faded and the pitch black forest engulfed her once more.  After being left partially blinded by the sudden flash of light and confused by what she thought she had seen, she promptly tripped over a fallen tree, causing her head to hit an old rotting stump.  From that moment on, her world became a hazy blur.  Her eyes wouldn’t focus any longer, and the sounds of the forest were muffled and faint.  She tried to muster enough strength to pick herself up off the forest floor, but at last her body gave way to her injuries and soon only darkness remained.

To be continued… Part 6 can be found here.

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#MidnightMadness – 3/29/2017


When you wish upon a star, what do you wish for?  ~M

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Summer Surrender – #RomanticTuesday


The moon alights the cloud barren sky

Ripples of sultry waters glide with ease

Lingering beneath her pale breasts


She inches tentatively forward

Approaching his awaiting arms

The desire in his eyes remains clear

His sensuous smirk is playfully inviting


A warm summer mist rises off the lake

The foggy vapor slightly obscures

The arousing chill upon her breasts


He reaches out beneath the cool waters

Capturing her delicate form

Drinking in her illuminated artistry

Memorizing every visible feature


Captivated by what she freely gives

He accepts her affections without hesitation

Reveling in what she lovingly surrenders


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally written, July 2016.  Can you tell I’ve been dreaming of summer?  ❤️

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Photo credit: news.nationalgeographic.com

Photo credit: news.nationalgeographic.com

In the midst of all the insanity we silently wait for hope

The fog has still not lifted,
The faces in the crowds are still much a blur

We can’t quite hear the sad song, twisting and twirling on the cool
night air

But we listen so intently that our hearts begin to bleed

We know the song, its angry notes ringing in the night

It’s a lonesome frightful song that never seems to end

Until we realize the shadows are standing in the corners,
Watching and waiting,
We will never fully understand our fate

The leaves are turning into dust now, sliding across the patent leather
of our shoes

We try to wipe the dust away

But it’s too late,
The damage is done,
And all is lost forever in that twisting twirling breeze from beyond
that which we do not know or seek

We do not hear those cries that scream out in the night,
But oh how we know they are there

Instead, we hide in darkness,
Living and hoping that life will give us one more chance

Praying for mercy,
We never fully understand the wickedness of our ways

Until the end, we shall never know

Our fate lies within the creases of our hearts and our destiny is an
unwritten page

Written By,
Michelle Cook

Dead of Night


Dead of night

Hindered sight

Extraordinary might

Treacherous fight

Wounded knight

Struck with fright

Ghostly white

Perilous plight

Extinguished light

Dead of night


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at: pixabay.com





The moon summons me

To its glistening aura


I’m left rapturously transfixed

By its mesmerizing effects


Blue and purplish hues of brilliance

Send shivers down my spine


Lost in an illumination of colors

Which transcends all reasonable thought


The frontier of this vast realm

Overwhelms and seduces me


Star clusters wink from afar

Knowing and whispering my name


Distant galaxies bewitch me

As cool breezes caress my skin


I’m left distracted and perplexed

My present surroundings blurred


This once tiny speck of a world

Now lost in a forgotten dream


The universe captures and possesses

My ever longing heart


I’m left euphorically flooded

With light and love


Eternal bliss reaches out to me

Then cradles my weary soul


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  http://www.imagenes-tiernas.net

My Poem Blog prompt – The moon summons me to its glistening aura….

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