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Ask Him…


“Wishes are just prayers that we’re too afraid to ask God for.” ~M

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Worlds of wonder…


“We as writers create worlds of wonder, as the ink spills forth from our pens. All of which remains nonexistent, if we choose not to write.” ~M


So keep writing!  😉

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He never fails me…


“The Lord never fails me. His purpose is always so much greater than my own.” ~M

Originally posted: November 20, 2015

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Hanging in there…


Sometimes you just have to say… “Thy will be done!”  ~M

Originally posted: October 5, 2016

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All it takes is a little faith

french-alps-sunset-1280x720“In faith, we allow ourselves a chance to reach the summit; whereas otherwise, we would never even breach the foot of the mountain.”  ~M

Originally posted: October 17, 2015

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“Sometimes there’s really nothing more you can do, when everything you’ve feared in your heart is true.”  ~M

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“Don’t ever be so overcommitted to something that you pass up the opportunity for something better.” ~M

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Giving into love…


“Giving into love is a risky proposition, but worth every moment when you’re in it.”  ~M

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Worry not, but when…


“Be worried not, if I’m distraught.  Be worried when, I don’t write again.”  ~M

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Never gone…


“Even when people try to vanish from our lives without a trace.  Our hearts and minds still hold them and they’ll never be erased.”  ~M

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Unspoken Revelation


“Sometimes a lack of words reveals so much more than spoken words ever could.”  ~M

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With every painful moment…



“Think about it… with every painful moment in your life, you became stronger and more prepared for the next hurdle.  By now, you’ve accomplished more than you thought you ever could, and by enduring those pain filled moments, you have gained great confidence.  So at this point in your life, you should now be able to do almost anything, because once you’ve survived enough pain in your life, everything else becomes easier.”  ~M




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Life giving words…


Words offer life giving breath and carry musical notes of loving affirmations, when expressed in complete sincerity.  ~M

Don’t give up on your dreams…


“Being content doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dreams. Just remember to focus on the things that really matter, as you pursue those dreams.” ~M