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Angel wings


Fluttering softly

To the ground

Wings of angels

Make no sound

But carefree laughter

Of her child

Carries a thought

She hasn’t had in awhile

For the memories of joy

Suddenly enrapture

Bringing a genuine smile

One she’s been after

And pleasantly the day

Now drifts along

With the music in her heart

Of a long lost song


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Spring Frolic



Calm and gentle blows the breeze

Lovers walk amongst the trees

Blue skies smile down from above

Radiating sunshine on those in love

Perfume splendor fills the air

Blossoming beauties wave their fair

Children scamper to and fro

Gaily laughing off they go

Cheerful pleasantries fill the day

As we go on our merry way

Days like this are never a bore

And leave us wanting all the more


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: March 20, 2016

Photo found at: pinterest.com

Sweet beautiful rain


Rain sweet beautiful rain

Never go away

Tickle my tongue

As I dance and play


Keep me inspired

As only you can

Such a miraculous gift

In God’s wondrous plan


Sing me your lovely tune

As I snuggle into bed

Never leave me

Want your song in my head


Whisper your wonders

While I drift off to sleep

Cradle me with your lullaby

I’m yours forever to keep


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

#MidnightMadness – 4/15/2017


Poet’s Ambition

I wish that I could

stop and play

With rhyming words

all through the day

By, Charles S. Smead  (1909 – 1972)

*Written by my Great Uncle Charlie, may his words live on…

The gift of rain


Pitter patter

Goes the rain

Upon the roof

And down the drain


Showers greet us

At the door

A dismal day

Now something more


Puddles form

Along the street

Children rush

To stomp their feet


Shrieks of laughter

Fill the air

As people dance

Without a care


Such a sight

To behold

Everyone gathered

Young and old


Memories are bliss

When we don’t refrain

From playing in

The gift of rain



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at: Pinterest.com



Sometimes a deluge
Other times a drizzle
Makes my hair
Often want to frizzle

Storms are my thing
Whether monsoon or sprinkle
The downside is
I usually have to tinkle

Drencher or mist
I’ll take either one
For playing in puddles
Is my kind of fun

Written by, Michelle Cook


Per hubby’s request… a poem he can understand!  Lol… 😉

Photo credit: photobucket.com