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I want to be…


I want to be the girl

Who makes you want to live for tomorrow

As you begin each new day

I want to be the difference

Who brings meaning to your life

Whenever you have doubts

I want to be the pages

You look forward to reading

As you sip your morning coffee

I want to be the one

Who causes your heart to skip a beat

Every time we’re together

I want to be the only person

Your heart longs for

When you look up at the stars at night

I want to be the joy

Which fills your life

And cause endless smiles to brighten your face

I want to be the love

Which consumes your heart

Making you feel as if you’re the only person who exists

I want to be your dream

Your wish

Your everything…

Because this is what you are to me  ❤


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: July 7, 2016

Photo credit: pixabay.com



I woke to find

The world remade

As I realized I’d fallen

For his sweet serenade

Now beneath the covers

Wrapped in pure bliss

Anxiously awaiting

Another gentle kiss


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: May 4, 2016

Photo credit:  http://www.favim.com

Writing prompt – by, D. Wallace Peach – I woke to find the world remade.



Who is this I see…

The one

Staring back at me

Blurred picture

Such an ordinary fixture

Quite insignificant

A forgotten participant

Nothing more than normal

Always drab and informal

Easily missed

Does she even exist?

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 16, 2016

Photo found at: pinterest.com

Discover Challenge – Identity

#MidnightMadness – 5/19/2017


The coal black night was dismally cold and damp, and only a flicker of light illuminated the old dusty room.


Now you finish the story… No compty’s please!  Let’s see what you got!  😉

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We’d be free… free just to be.


I wish I had a friend who would pretend with me once more

Masquerading away the day, we’d be silly and free

Free to be a princess, a pirate, or even a superhero

Regardless of whomever we wanted to be

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be five once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would ride bikes with me all day

Riding around the neighborhood, we’d be silly and free

Free to explore the park, the zoo, or even the beach

Regardless of wherever we wanted to go

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be ten once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would spend some time with me

Bumming around together, we’d be silly and free

Free to hang out at the arcade, go bowling, or even catch a movie

Regardless of whatever we decided to do

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be fifteen once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who could understand what I’m going through

Never-ending late night talks, we’d be silly and free

Free to discover who we are, speak honestly, and become forever friends

Regardless of whatever we discovered about each other

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be twenty once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would help me make tough decisions

Coming alongside me, we’d be silly and free

Free to dream, think, and consider the future

Regardless of whatever we planned

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be twenty-five once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would help me be a better parent

Giving me some guidance, we’d be silly and free

Free to learn how to cope, adjust, and love unconditionally

Regardless of whatever we learned

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be thirty once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who could help me fix my marriage

Lending me their shoulder, we’d be silly and free

Free to face problems together, comfort one another, and show compassion

Regardless of whatever we experienced

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be thirty-five once again…

To feel alive again…


I wish I had a friend who would make me feel young again

Through words of reassurance, we’d be silly and free

Free to laugh at ourselves, cry at times, and encourage one another

Regardless of our age

We’d be free

Free just to be

Oh to be forty once again…

To feel alive again…


To be continued when I’m older… ❤



Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 13, 2016

#MidnightMadness – 5/10/2017


If you could only eat a certain color of food for the rest of your life, which color would you choose?

Photo credit: pixabay.com

#MidnightMadness – 5/8/2017


Photo credit: veryfunnypics.eu

Death of a clothes dryer…


Oh the poor dryer just went

It was part of a very nice set

But after fourteen years of nonevent

It finally decided to blow a gasket

The heavy loads it underwent

Caused it to rust and dent

And now I must lament

Over the money that must be spent

For there’s no way to circumvent

A dryer which has gone to this extent

Oh why must life be hell bent

In bringing such discontent

I guess I should reinvent

And make a dryer that’s tough as cement

Then maybe I’ll make a few cents

Out of a rather frustrating event

And if this becomes a reoccurring incident

They’ll have to send me to a convent

Where I’ll be forced to repent

For the bad words I’m about to vent


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: October 25, 2016

Quote found at: jokideo.com

Hanging in there…


Sometimes you just have to say… “Thy will be done!”  ~M

Originally posted: October 5, 2016

Photo credit: fun-in-first.blogspot.com

Prisoner of Life

Depressed Man Sitting On The Bench

She sees how tirelessly

He works every single day

She never feels like he takes

Enough time to play

Life is often short

Which both can clearly see

So she wishes she could rid him

Of his chains and set him free

She notices his brilliant mind

Always hopeful for something more

She feels his frequent pain

As he’s confronted by yet another closed door

He doesn’t even realize

How wonderful he really is

Heart of pure gold

He never stops wanting to give


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 20, 2016

Photo found at: tricialottwilliford.com

Unfathomable Treasures


Ever longing for the calming brilliance

Of the radiant ocherous colored rose

Her inviting sunset complexion

Is always a resplendent sight to behold


Eternally dreaming of the heavenly scent

Given off by the easily blemished ivory gardenia

Her delicate petals loathe the slightest touch

And yet she freely shares her intoxicating scent


Perpetually yearning for the consoling assurance

Of the velvety blushing carnation

Her impeccable celebrated pink ruffles

Are exquisitely formed and everlasting


Infinitely languishing the uniqueness

Of the extraordinary snapdragon

Her sophistication brings inspiration

To those who revel in her individualism


Forever grateful for the abounding beauty

Of the earth and the splendor which she reveals

Her mysterious treasures are abundantly scattered

Enjoyed by all who care enough to acknowledge her


Written by, Michelle Cook

Orginally posted: May 14, 2016

Photo credit:  melissakaecreative14.wordpress.com

Please forgive my futile attempts


Oh I wish I had the time

To read a thousand blogs

Each day

But time

Just sort of escapes me

Not giving me a way


So please forgive

My futile attempts

To keep up with you my friends

Someday I hope

Life slows down

So in me you can depend


Written by, Michelle Cook


*To all my blogging friends,

I want to apologize for my absence on many of your blogs.  I haven’t been able to keep up with my reading and I’m afraid the month of May is going to be more of the same.  I just got back from a week-long personal retreat, and I am finally starting the Whole30 plan tomorrow.  I mentioned it a little bit here.  So I’m afraid my month is mainly going to consist of more reposts, as I will be spending the majority of my time cooking good healthy meals for my family.

I want to thank all of you for being such loyal readers and for always encouraging me with your lovely comments.  I’ve been having a really tough year, and I feel like I’m finally starting to feel happier again and much less overwhelmed and discouraged.  I think I’ve just really needed this time off to find myself again and to realize what is important in my life.

So in the meantime, please forgive me if I miss reading something of yours, and if it’s something you really don’t think I should miss, then please leave me a link to your post in the comments section.  I will be sure to take the time to read it and let you know what I think.

Also, one last thing…

I have received numerous submissions from people who would like to be featured.  If you sent me an email, just know that I haven’t forgotten about you.  I’m not sure when I will begin posting featured writers and artists again, but I think my goal right now is to aim for June.

Much love to all of you and have a very blessed week!  ~M xoxo

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Narrow Escape


Delirious from the injections they continually dosed her with, she lay in a hazy fog in a room not much bigger than the bed she was lying in.  The room was completely bare; all potential threats removed.  Night and day, all she could do was stare at a blank white ceiling and try to imagine herself somewhere else.  Nurses came and went, checking on her every thirty minutes.  Most were uncaring and oblivious of her plight, and yet there was one nurse in particular who seemed especially fond of her.

Tonight she was confronted with a new face.  A surly woman with a tight grey bun marched into the plain room.  The woman looked as if she could do a fair amount of damage when met with any kind of obstinance.  Susanna didn’t dare take such a risk and instead lay there on the bed, willing herself to look as uninterested as possible.  The woman went about her business with military precision and then finally made her way over to Susanna.  Abruptly, the woman announced that she would be moving Susanna back to her original room and told her she would be strip searched and partially sedated during the process.

Without warning the needle was forcefully thrust into her arm, as if she were merely some sort of animal being injected out of obligation.  The nurse then demanded she get up at once and proceeded to shed her of her clothing.  During the grueling ordeal, the nurse stripped Susanna of her dignity as well.  After being thoroughly violated, she was ordered to put on a threadbare robe and given a few seconds alone.  The nurse then headed into the bathroom, to complete the remainder of her tasks.  This brief moment was all Susanna needed, as she realized the door to her room had been left ajar.  Now was her chance to finally escape the confines of this prison, which had held her captive for longer than she could even remember.

In a flash, she flew out of the room and headed for the emergency exit.  The door flung open and the brisk icy cold air met her head-on.  It was the middle of the night and the ground was blanketed with a new fallen snow.  A full moon hovered eerily over the old brick asylum; causing Susanna to shiver more from the fear she was experiencing than from the wintry weather itself.  Her senses told her she should run for her life and yet she stood there for a moment contemplating where she should go.  The hospital was surrounded by a dense forest which was nestled in the valley of a widespread mountain range.  Off in the far distance, Susanna spotted a large clearing atop an imposing hill.  An old boarded up mansion could easily be seen; seated at the top of an icy snowcapped peak.  Without hesitation, she decided to run for the large estate and hoped she would be able to find safe refuge there.

She ran as fast as she could, not even daring to look back.  Yet as she continued her trek through the foreboding forest and eventually up the massive hill, an eerie sensation came over her.  It was as if someone were right next to her and yet when she turned to look, nobody was there.  She felt the strong presence of at least one person, maybe even two; yet none could be seen.  The drugs were starting to take full effect and she began to feel dizzy and disoriented.  Trying her best to shake off the feeling that she was being followed, she neared the grand house and realized for the first time just how enormous the place really was.

The mansion looked to be hundreds of years old and because of its current decrepit condition, the thought of going inside filled her with panic and dread.  With no other choice, she continued up the icy slope, hoping to find a way inside.  The house was built in such a way, that it teetered on the edge of a cliff with its backside almost level with the peak of the hill; thus Susanna was able to easily climb onto the snow-laden roof.  She then proceeded to a small window, where she was able to peel away one of the boarded up shutters which led to the attic.  She then slid herself down, into what appeared to be a child’s playroom.

The room was dimly lit and to her great surprise, a little blond boy was standing at a small table, playing with his train set.  He wore blue knickers and suspenders to match and looked up inquisitively at Susanna.  She motioned for him to keep quiet and his blue eyes smiled back at her.  He seemed pleased by her presence and yet the next thing she knew, the little boy suddenly vanished into thin air.  Startled by his sudden disappearance, Susanna began to look for a place to hide.  During her thorough exploration of the large room, she was able to find a small wall panel hidden behind a chair.

Susanna immediately pried off the wooden panel to explore what was behind it.  It appeared to be nothing but an old storage area.  The vacant space appeared to be too small a place to hide in.  She began pressing against the boxes which were blocking her way, and realized that what looked like a small confined area, was actually an opening to a much larger room.  Thus, the boxes were easily pushed aside, and Susanna then crawled quickly into the dark dusty space.

After carefully setting the panel door back into place and pushing the boxes up against the opening, she crawled as far back into the room as she could.  As her eyes began to adjust, she noticed a large pile of old ripped up sheets.  She decided to cover herself up as best she could and hope for a positive outcome.  Unfortunately, the sheets didn’t cover her up completely and before she even had a chance to find another place to hide, she heard several people enter the attic.  There were many loud voices talking all at once and echoing footsteps made their way nearer to her hiding place.  After Susanna’s eyes adjusted a little bit more, she noticed another room off to her right.   Since it was far too late to go exploring the other room, she laid as still as she could and waited to see what her fate would be.

It wasn’t long before the wall panel was noticed and the searchers made their way into the dark musty room.  Susanna watched silently as each person crept closer to her.  Once the other room was noticed, most of the searchers headed there; realizing that it was probably a better place for somebody to hide.  There was one person, however, who remained in the room with her.  She could tell by the sheer size of the person’s silhouette that it had to be a man.  Holding her breath for fear of being heard, she said a silent prayer, asking that her presence would go undetected.  The man ventured back toward where Susanna lay; crawling on his hands and knees and feeling his way around in the pitch black room.  She could see his shadowy figure getting closer and heard his breathing becoming strained.

All of a sudden, the man came across Susanna.  She could feel the sensation of his hands, and it was as if he seemed to notice the softness of her body.  Still partially hidden beneath the thin sheet, Susanna couldn’t seem to be still another moment and found herself foolishly adjusting her leg.  She then knew without a doubt that she had been discovered.  The man was now practically on top of her and so she did the only thing that she could think of; she covered his mouth with both of her hands and let out a hushed “Please…” Surprisingly he didn’t utter a single word and instead began to relax his body on top of hers.  After looking at him closer, she realized who the man was.  It was one of the nurses who had taken care of her at the hospital.  He was the only nurse who had ever been kind to her.

Susanna lay there as still as she could; slowly removing her hands, she then stared straight into the man’s eyes.  A look of understanding passed between them and somehow she knew that she could trust him.  As they lay there in the dark, neither dared say a word.  Susanna could hear the others leave one by one, their voices trailing off in the distance; some mentioning the window which she had forgotten to close.  It was quite apparent now, that they knew she was here.  She wondered what would happen to her if she was caught.  She had heard awful tales of those who didn’t cooperate, being taken someplace and never seen or heard from again.  And yet here she was, with at least a small speck of hope, literally laying right on top of her.  She hoped that somehow, they both would escape.

Written by, Michelle Cook

Based on a dream…

Originally posted: May 25, 2016

Gif credit: orrazz.com



Males who’s philosophy

Revolves mostly around sports

As if there’s nothing better to do

Except watch the game of course

This behavior often frustrates me

And leaves me out of sorts

Sorry but I really do loathe

Most of the popular sports

Wouldn’t you rather

Be outdoors hiking away

In a fantastical forest

Where elves sometimes play

Or maybe get completely lost

In a really good book

If you’d only try it once

I’m sure you’d be hooked

This is just my girly rant

For this rather dull day

The only thing I felt like

I really wanted to say

Please don’t be offended

If you’re this kind of guy

I understand you love sports

I just can’t comprehend why


Written by, Michelle Cook

*Please don’t hate me for this…  I give all of you permission to make fun of my mystical forest fantasies and my crazy obsession with books.  Can we still be friends?  And yes, if I was a guy, that would be me in the aquamarine shirt holding the books.  Lol…  😉

Originally posted: June 12, 2016

Photo credit: youtube.com

#MidnightMadness – 4/27/2017


Photo credit: pixabay.com