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Who is this I see…

The one

Staring back at me

Blurred picture

Such an ordinary fixture

Quite insignificant

A forgotten participant

Nothing more than normal

Always drab and informal

Easily missed

Does she even exist?

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 16, 2016

Photo found at: pinterest.com

Discover Challenge – Identity

Man of God…


The strength of your heart shows in your demeanor
The meaning behind your words always runs deeper

A true man of God your spirit is contagious
And by his love you’ve been made strong and courageous

Your positive energy brings warmth to my heart
Your kind and caring ways set you apart

I could tell from the beginning that you were someone I could trust
I know without a doubt that you would never be unjust

A man of fine character is hard to find these days
And it’s always such a blessing to meet somebody who prays

The compassion you exude is found in so few
The world is a much better place because of you


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: December 8, 2015

Photo credit:  pinterest.com

Featured Writer – Eva


Reflection about life:

What is this gift? Yes gift, because we never ask for. It has been given to us, due to randomness and nature. But there is no notice with it! Plus how complex it is!

Life is a mix of genetics, of a certain periods, of people met, of experiences, of places visited… These are the cards, now let’s play with them. Just take care, there is a limited time for this gift. We don’t know the end, but still… it will end in a moment. How do we know it? Because of previous people who have received similar gifts.

For my part, I have had this gift for 19 years. I played with it and it has been tough. I almost ran out of cards. I don’t know why I didn’t, and especially wonder how I didn’t lose all of my cards during hard times. Luck, perhaps? I don’t really trust luck. To my mind, luck might appear when you are trying to climb the mountain, not when you have given up. So no effort, no luck.

Today, I still own my gift; but strangely it’s like I’ve just received it. I still don’t understand how I should handle it. I’m confused and lost. My cards have evolved in 19 years. But I can’t see what I have in my hands; it’s fuzzy. I can’t distinguish anything clearly, and I wonder who could lift the fog. Nobody seems to have the ability… The fuzziness will never entirely disappear, but it can be subdued.

The truth is, because it’s my own gift, no one else can hold the cards for me.

Moreover, I have to make choices. With which cards do I want to go on? It also means which cards will I leave? So what is the best choice? Well, how can I know without trying…? And actually, is there a best choice, or is it me who needs to make it a good choice? It might be both. A balance of both. Make a good choice and make it be a good choice!  Ok, this lovely gift is so complex, so mysterious, so unknown…

Then what is the aim? Oh I forget, there is no notice.

For more wonderful inspiration from Eva, please visit her blog here.

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Happy New Year!


Well the new year is finally here

A chance to leave the past behind

The perfect time to reflect

And renew our state of mind


It’s a welcome opportunity

For everyone to start life anew

And for each person to remind themselves

Of everything that they’ve been through


For there’s strength in each of us knowing

What we’ve been able to accomplish thus far

So never give up on your dreams

And always remember to wish on a shooting star


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: favim.com



Reminiscing about the day
I first learned to ride my bike
I remember laughing
With never-ending joyous delight
Thinking back to the time
When I drew my first portrait
Mom praised my work
And made me feel important
Then there was my very first poem
As terrible as it really was
It made me feel amazingly excited
As writing always does
Then there was the first time
I was asked by a cute boy to go steady
I really wanted to say yes
But knew in my heart that I just wasn’t ready
Then there was my first dance
Which was a complete and horrible disaster
Dancing is surely something
I’d still really like to master
My first kiss at sixteen
Couldn’t have been more romantic
On a hill under a moonlit sky
With fireworks made it perfect
Then there was the first time
I saw snow fall gloriously from the sky
I was eighteen that day
And couldn’t help but sigh
My first year of college
I was anxious and very uncertain
It didn’t help my anxiety at all
Being pestered by boys who were flirting
Then there was the Army
My first day of basic was quite amusing
Not so great for me though
Since I was the one they were abusing
Then there was the most memorable day of all
When I held and looked upon my very first child
All I could bring myself to do that day
Was sit there in complete bewilderment and smile
All of these wonderful thoughts
I completely cherish and so vividly remember
And I have no doubt in my mind
That I will continue remembering them forever

Written by, Michelle Cook



Photo credit: redefiningcuriosity.blogspot.com