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Pleading eyes…



Your eyes they pleaded in earnest with me

To forget about the sordid past

The look was so forlorn and wearisome

Such that my heart seemed to break at last


I felt I had betrayed you

With the truth my heart and soul had spilled out

And I walked away feeling regretful

Fraught with unease and plagued by doubt


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Realignment of a broken heart



Such a beautiful soul

Extremely willing and free

Eager to proclaim his love

As he got down on one knee


Yet her poor fragile heart

Remained broken apart

The pieces lay scattered

Like a crushed work of art


Though she tried to say yes

She was unable to speak

Though she knew that without him

Her life would be bleak


She sought inner strength

Which she carried deep within

And tried in earnest to explain

Not knowing where to begin


And as he held out his hand

Seeking the warmth of hers

His bright smile faded

As he listened to her words


Dismayed by the rejection

Of his one true love

He looked to the heavens

Seeking answers from above


And as his heartfelt pleas

For a response were sent

He sat there in anguish

With a look of regret


She quietly carried

Herself far away

Unsure of her actions

Her mind in complete disarray


She desperately wondered

If she had made the right choice

This really should have been

A day to rejoice


Still completely unsure

She desperately needed to know

Her heart had wanted to stay

Yet her head had told her to go


She stayed as far away as she could

Allowing time to pass by

Wondering why her choice

Seemed to only make her cry


The more she thought

The more confused she became

Until one day she found herself

Finally unable to abstain


She had to go back

To the love she had left

So very ill without him

She felt completely bereft


So eventually one day

She knocked on his door

Taken aback by her presence

He nearly landed on the floor


Tears filled his eyes

Waiting a lifetime for this day

It was what he had prayed for

The entire time she was away


He opened his arms wide

To embrace her unexpected return

His heart filled with tremendous relief

Realizing his love had not been spurned


Together they finally became one

Happier than most could ever be

It just took time and patience

For her heart and head to finally agree



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com





“One who hurts one’s soul, hurts their own.” 

~Paper Stars and Blue Honey Poems

Photo credit:  freewallpaperpk.blogspot.com

Diminishing friendship


Inward insecurities
Cause you to pull away
Playing it safe
Has always been the easy way
Grieved by the judgement of others
And what they demand
You protect your heart
From what you cannot understand
A safety net you cling to
Never throwing caution to the wind
And by your disappearing act
No life can really begin
Suffering in silence
You hold the weight of the world inside
Never letting others in
For fear they may reside
It’s a sad life for sure
One full of many regrets
And only causes others to see
How deeply you’re upset
The time has come to decide my friend
If you can open up your heart
Never allowing others inside
Only hinders you from the start
It’s painful I’m sure
To let vulnerability have its way
But letting friends through the door
Is how you ultimately invite them to stay

Written by, Michelle Cook


Photo credit: thequotepedia.com